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14:14  Who are the five American prisoners freed in the Iran-US prisoner swap?
18:51  Justin Trudeau accuses India of "credible" link to activist's assassination in Canada
11:25  Biden's son Hunter sues IRS, alleges unlawful release of his taxes
14:38  Five Americans land in Doha after release in US-Iran prisoner swap
16:57  When is the second Republican debate, and who has qualified for it?
09:30  When is the second Republican candidate debate? Start time and how to watch
15:00  How much are last-minute Farm Aid tickets to see Willie Nelson, Neil Young?
11:40  GOP senator latest Republican to throw hat behind Trump for president
03:48  250,000 reward offered in search for killer of California deputy sheriff
16:26  Justin Trudeau Accuses India in a Killing on Canadian Soil
14:27  Biden's son Hunter sues IRS, alleges unlawful release of his taxes
20:08  Canada investigating allegations India involved in assassination of Sikh activist on Canadian soil
10:54  Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy ambush homicide: Person of interest detained
22:57  When is the second Republican primary debate and who is in it?
03:53  F-35 jet reported missing by authorities after pilot ejects during ‘mishap': Officials
10:17  US shutdown looms: Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy faces crucial test
18:40  Canada expels top Indian diplomat amid probe into alleged links to Sikh activist's assassination
17:57  Trump to Woo Striking Union Members in Detroit, Skipping 2nd G.O.P. Debate
16:07  What are last-minute tickets to NYC's Global Citizen Festival going for?
16:24  Person of interest detained in murder probe of Los Angeles sheriff's deputy
02:52  F-35 Fighter Jet Missing After Mishap, Pilot Ejects: Military Seeks Help
10:33  Police Officer Killed in Ambush Outside Sheriff's Station, Suspect Detained
03:10  Military searching for F-35 fighter jet after "mishap" prompts pilot to eject over North Charleston, S.C.
04:22  US military asks for help to find missing F-35 fighter jet after 'mishap' sees pilot eject
10:32  Hunter Biden Sues I.R.S., Saying Disclosures by Agents Violated His Privacy
16:31  A 'person of interest' in fatal shooting of L.A. County Sheriff's deputy is in custody
09:26  Iran releases 5 Americans in prisoner swap
12:42  US House Republicans pitch short-term spending deal as shutdown looms
17:43  How much are tickets to Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival?
07:00  No clear spending deal as Congress inches closer to government shutdown
08:46  U.S. asks for help finding missing F-35 fighter jet after pilot ejects during 'mishap'
08:00  Hunter Biden sues IRS, alleges agents tried to 'target' and 'embarrass' him
13:01  Hunter Biden sues IRS, alleges agents tried to ‘target' and ‘embarrass' him
13:58  Anguished mom of 1-year-old who died of suspected opioid death at Bronx day care speaks out
13:19  Suspect detained in murder investigation of Los Angeles deputy
00:21  California Deputy Sheriff Ambushed and Fatally Shot; $250,000 Reward for Killer's Capture
12:26  Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer ambush homicide: Person of interest detained
11:52  UAW strike against automakers enters third day with no resolution in sight
19:56  Here's how to get last-minute Life Is Beautiful Festival tickets
19:24  Iran-US prisoner swap: How Democrats and Republicans reacted to the deal
14:18  F-35 Jet Is Missing After Pilot Parachutes Free in South Carolina
18:55  Suspected ‘main player' in fentanyl operation at NYC day care where 1-year-old died is being sought by cops
10:33  Five American prisoners safely freed in US-Iran swap, arrive in Doha
16:09  US-Iran prisoner swap 'important first step' but tensions remain: Analysts
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15:07  Police Arrest 29-Year-Old in Ambush Shooting of Los Angeles County Deputy
17:55  Auto industry strike continues as UAW chief Shawn Fain demands "fair share"
09:27  First Thing: US and Iran expected to complete $6bn prisoner swap deal
12:15  Russell Brand faces sexual assault claim dating to 2003, London police say
23:30  State police investigating death of man during Patriots game at Gillette Stadium
20:30  FanDuel Promo Code scores $200 bonus bets for Saints-Panthers, any game
20:16  Bronx day care owner says she had no idea fentanyl was in closet after 1-year-old dies of suspected exposure
13:47  Hunter Biden sues US tax agency over disclosures of personal information
00:22  Chuck Schumer axes Senate dress code following criticism of Fetterman's hoodies: report
19:20  Who are the Democrats running for US president in 2024?
02:21  Mother of missing ex-NFL player Sergio Brown was fatally assaulted
02:15  Russell Brand accuser claims to ‘know the demon underneath' his new public image
20:35  Sen. Bernie Sanders joins United Auto Workers strike in Michigan
09:32  Arrest made in ambush killing of LA Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer
22:59  Trudeau implicates India in activist's assassination, expels top diplomat
17:50  Anyone seen my F-35? US searches for fighter jet after mishap
21:23  What do Louder Than Life Festival tickets cost to see Foo Fighters?
23:40  Trump to skip next Republican debate, give speech to auto workers
12:25  Hunter Biden files lawsuit against IRS alleging privacy violations
11:39  Have you seen this fighter jet? US military launches appeal for lost $80m plane
18:00  Striking Hollywood writers, studios to resume negotiations on Wednesday
21:56  How much are last-minute tickets to see The Eagles in Long Island?
15:12  U.S. requests aid in locating missing F-35 fighter jet with ejected pilot
17:20  Person detained in ambush killing of Los Angeles sheriff's deputy
23:09  Death of fan at Patriots game under investigation
17:24  2020 Biden voters in Pennsylvania weigh in on Hunter Biden, Biden impeachment inquiry
14:06  Who Are the US Detainees Released in Prisoner Swap With Iran?
14:39  Russell Brand's book deal halted in wake of sickening sex assault, rape claims: ‘Horribly misled'
21:20  Trump denies wrongdoing after report he wrote to-do lists on classified documents
18:03  Trump blasted online after attack on DeSantis' abortion ban: 'A terrible thing'
01:36  Iran, US Complete Prisoner Swap
21:22  Person of Interest Detained in Ambush Shooting of LA County Deputy
11:11  Sen. Chuck Schumer loosens informal Senate dress code
18:48  What do tickets cost to see the Baltimore Orioles in the MLB postseason?
22:10  Hunter Biden sues IRS, alleges agents tried to 'target' and 'embarrass' him
04:33  Jets' showdown with Patriots will reveal their real identity
21:41  Fentanyl Found Near Nap Mats at Day Care Where Boy Died, Police Say
05:55  Two facing murder charges in death of 1-year-old after possible opioid exposure while in daycare in Bronx
18:34  Comedian Bill Maher postpones 'Real Time' show return as writer talks resume
19:44  Trump chooses speech to auto workers over second GOP debate
06:30  Iranian Official Says Prisoner Exchange With U.S. Is Expected Today
14:36  Teen driver appears to intentionally hit, kill retired police chief in viral video
02:42  Deion Sanders doesn't hide take on college football's best coach: ‘Let me see a mirror'
18:59  'How do you lose an F-35?': US military still searching for missing jet
19:11  What are Republican U.S. presidential candidates saying about the UAW strike?
06:09  Former NFL player Sergio Brown missing as mother found dead in apparent homicide
12:48  Who Are the Detainees Released by the U.S. and Iran?
14:10  First Trial in the Death of Elijah McClain Expected to Start This Week
19:43  Another GOP Senator Joins Trump's Presidential Bandwagon as McCarthy Doubts DeSantis
01:10  Senate Drops Dress Code Requirement After Criticism of Fetterman's Hoodies: Schumer
15:39  LA County Sheriff Luna: DA Gascon assures aggressive prosecution of suspect in deputy's ambush killing
09:49  Speaker McCarthy predicts Trump will be GOP nominee, slams DeSantis as 'not at the same level'
13:35  Alabama high school band director stunned, arrested after telling students to keep playing music, police said
05:19  Russell Brand's alleged victim says BBC car brought her to actor's home as a teen: report
17:53  Trump skipping second GOP debate to give competing speech in Detroit
16:08  Iran frees British climate activist in $6bn US prisoner swap deal
11:51  Kouri Richins, Utah grief book author who allegedly killed hubby, accused of witness tampering
17:26  Save over 50% on this 3-Piece softside luggage set today on Amazon
01:06  Trump reiterates request for Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself from his D.C. Jan. 6 case
15:35  "El Chapo" son Ovidio Guzmán López pleads not guilty to drug and money laundering charges
13:07  Future 'Wheel of Fortune' host Ryan Seacrest hopes Vanna White stays on show amid reported contract dispute
17:33  Prince William praises Americans for two traits as he visits New York for environmental summit
11:46  4 reasons why seniors should buy long-term care insurance
18:30  Hunter Biden lawsuit against IRS a 'frivolous smear' to discourage more whistleblowers, attorney says
15:50  This 276-piece first aid kit for your car is over 40% off on Amazon
05:45  Today's Top News: A Rising Spy Battle Between the U.S. and China, and More
16:52  Hunter Biden tries to avoid in-person arraignment in federal gun charges case
21:55  Day-care drug nightmare: Letters to the Editor - Sept. 19, 2023
06:41  Former Colorado officer avoids jail for putting handcuffed woman in police vehicle that was hit by train
16:05  Michigan State informs coach Mel Tucker it intends to fire him amid sexual harassment investigation
21:32  Danish artist ordered to repay museum after submitting blank canvases: 'Take the money and run'
22:59  Debris reportedly found in South Carolina after F-35 stealth fighter jet disappeared
14:47  Shocked driver catches bears raiding Krispy Kreme delivery van: ‘They just kept eating'
18:56  Saints vs. Panthers odds, prediction, pick: Bryce Young struggles on ‘MNF'
08:56  Deion Sanders defends bolting Jackson State for Colorado: 'I finished the task'
13:28  What does Medicare supplemental insurance cover?
03:08  Tens of thousands rally in New York demanding end to fossil fuels
15:00  Sam Bankman-Fried is getting ADHD medication in Brooklyn jail, filing shows
16:38  Billionaire GOP donor Ken Griffin says he's ‘on sidelines' of primary in apparent DeSantis snub
19:00  Minneapolis police suffer from historically low staffing shortages: 'Not sustainable'
17:10  Black bear sighting in tree at Disney World triggers closures at Magic Kingdom
20:00  Monday Night Football' picks: Steelers-Browns, Saints-Panthers player props
13:03  Russell Brand Cancels Comedy Dates After Sexual Assault Allegations
21:45  bet365 Bonus Code NYPNEWS: Bet $1, Get $365 in NJ, Ohio, VA, Iowa, CO & Kentucky
04:57  Trump's Brazen Abortion Flip-Flopping Is Actually Smart Politics
09:28  AOC joins thousands in New York climate change march with furious message for Biden
06:00  The Ozempic Era of Weight Loss
23:20  Family of NYC tot who died after inhaling fentanyl at day care hires attorney; siblings now afraid to go to school, dad says
17:55  Kristen Bell warned Russell Brand she'd ‘sock him' if he tried anything on ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall'
22:35  Fentanyl addicts overrun NYC neighborhood where 1-year-old boy died at drugged-up day care, shocking residents
19:24  78-year-old arrested after Florida neighbor shot and killed while trimming trees
01:36  Air Force releases most detailed images yet of secretive $700M Raider nuclear stealth bomber
13:20  Bill Belichick likened to ‘toddler' with challenge flag toss in Patriots loss
16:37  Hunter Biden sues IRS for 'assault' to confidentiality after tax affairs disclosure
04:02  Heroes, zeros from Jets' loss to Cowboys: CeeDee Lamb shredded the secondary
08:38  9 teens escape during riot at Pennsylvania juvenile detention center: police report
06:53  Former NFL player Sergio Brown missing after mother found dead
07:15  World War I-era plane flips onto its roof as pilot tries to land near Massachusetts museum
06:04  Patriots' Bill Belichick delights fans with demeanor as he slams challenge flag onto ground
04:44  9 juveniles escape from Pennsylvania detention center after riot, authorities say
11:17  Migrants cheer as they pack into train heading to the US from Mexico: video
01:31  Zach Wilson made Jets' reality without Aaron Rodgers clear
18:18  Giants' Saquon Barkley expected to be out several weeks after suffering ankle injury: reports
21:23  NYC comptroller threatens to yank Mayor Adams' emergency-contract powers on migrants
14:32  UAW's Shawn Fain says he's fighting against "poverty wages" and "greedy CEOs." Here's what to know.
16:29  The shadow candidate set to overturn American politics
14:35  Florida man shoots, kills neighbor who was trimming trees over property line, officials say
10:09  Kouri Richins Accused of Witness Tampering in Bombshell Jail Cell Letter
12:07  Halle Berry says Drake used her photo without permission for 'Slime You Out'
05:58  Deion Sanders names the best college football coach right now, expresses admiration for Nick Saban
14:25  Jeffrey Dahmer's former classmate on learning of the killer's crimes: 'I couldn't fathom what I was reading'
16:56  Russell Brand joked onstage he ‘raped someone once' - 10 years before investigation
15:51  Over 58K pounds of raw ground beef recalled in multiple states
21:01  Netanyahu talks to Elon Musk in California about anti-Semitism on X
18:50  Zach Wilson-led Jets home underdogs to winless Patriots in Week 3
09:29  Rep. Jennifer Wexton won't seek reelection due to new diagnosis: "There is no 'getting better'"
00:30  Giants turned another hopeless start into win that might've saved their season
17:04  Last-minute ticket prices for Willie Nelson, Neil Young at Farm Aid revealed
17:54  Iran Frees 5 Americans in Historic Prisoner Exchange
15:24  Brother of missing ex-NFL player implores him to 'please come home'
05:00  Congressional Biden ally dismisses Republicans' impeachment strategy
15:55  United Auto Workers strike could drive up new and used car prices, cause parts shortage
14:38  Bill Maher Reverses Decision to Restart Show
04:46  Giants' refusal to panic spearheaded their incredible comeback
13:54  Utah children's book author who allegedly poisoned husband accused of asking brother to falsely testify
23:45  Adams administration drops scores of lawsuits against upstate NY towns refusing migrants
18:14  Of course Joe Biden backs the auto unions. His green policies made a strike inevitable
23:19  Fetterman wins Senate dress-code battle - and beclowns the institution
20:46  Verizon didn't solicit bids before inking Google search engine deal, executive testifies
18:44  Thousands of minks freed from Pennsylvania fur farm in daring act of vandalism
20:53  Saquon Barkley has ‘ordinary' ankle sprain in Giants sigh of relief
04:07  Heroes, zeros from Giants' win vs. Cardinals: Saquon Barkley was at heart of comeback
02:36  Mayor Adams says soaring cost of migrant crisis ‘is going to hurt low-income New Yorkers'
14:23  Clorox products in short supply after cyberattack wreaks havoc on operations
12:31  Jets, Cowboys fans fight in bloody brawl at AT&T Stadium
07:00  Dear Abby: My wife is obsessed with crossword puzzles
23:58  Steelers force Browns to crumble in fourth quarter to pick up first win of season
21:44  Browns star Nick Chubb suffers gruesome leg injury, broadcast avoids replay
16:48  Hunter Biden suing IRS is like 'screaming at an approaching storm': Turley
10:02  Dem Rep Jennifer Wexton will not seek re-election after 'Parkinson's on steroids' diagnosis
16:43  Illinois woman arrested for allegedly battering four Chicago cops: police
09:50  Former Colorado police officer gets probation after detaining a woman in a car that was hit by a train
06:58  Indiana AG sues state hospital for violating privacy of girl who traveled from Ohio for abortion
17:20  Two women charged after allegedly tossing baby ‘like a toy' outside bar
14:55  Indiana attorney general sues hospital over doctor talking publicly about 10-year-old rape victim's abortion
05:12  Delphi Suspect Richard Allen's Defense: Teens Were 'Ritualistically Sacrificed' By White Nationalists
15:50  3 smart money moves to make in September
03:24  Jets Week 2 report card: Everything went wrong
01:34  Giants Week 2 report card: Total turnaround vs. Cardinals
06:16  Deion Sanders doesn't hide take on college football's best coach: 'Let me see a mirror'
22:13  Phil Mickelson won't be betting on NFL this year: ‘Crossed a line' into addiction
05:52  Breece Hall, Sauce Gardner can't hide their Jets frustration after loss to Cowboys
00:40  Takeo Spikes blasts Bills for horrible seating accommodations: ‘In timeout'
12:29  Striking Autoworkers Are Cool to Biden's Embrace
14:11  Nathaniel Hackett's puzzling Micah Parsons strategy crippled Jets offense
12:33  Benjamin Netanyahu and Elon Musk Meet, as Both Seek to Shrug Off Criticism
14:18  Bear sighting in tree at Disney World triggers closures at Magic Kingdom
07:23  World War I-era plane flips on its roof while trying to land at Massachusetts museum
09:41  Tens of thousands rally in New York demanding end to fossil fuels
16:38  Family of 80-year-old man executed on NYC street by bike-pedaling gunman speaks: ‘Justice will be served'
05:25  Massive riot at Pennsylvania detention center leads to escape of 9 juveniles
09:43  Best pet insurance companies for dogs 2023
11:00  Daniel Jones impressed Giants teammates with comeback win: ‘Main guy leading the charge'
17:55  Phil Mickelson Says Gambling Addiction 'Isn't Any Fun at All'
19:12  Man found alive after faking drowning in Mississippi River to dodge heinous charges in North Carolina
20:33  Michigan State to Fire Coach Mel Tucker Amid Sexual Harassment Probe
21:13  JESSE WATTERS: What if Joe Biden wasn't paid in cash?
02:00  Prince William, Kate Middleton learn from King Charles and Princess Diana's marriage mistakes: author
21:56  Hot Yankees fighting the good fight but likely too little, too late
14:10  Kate Middleton breaks down laughing as she struggles to inflate life vest
00:41  Florida man accused of murder in a squatters' den captured after cops bust him with 'cocaine cookies'
20:34  Norfolk Southern launches home value compensation program after Ohio derailment
05:42  A Key Question in Google's Trial: How Formidable Is Its Data Advantage?
02:22  Broncos' Kareem Jackson to face NFL scrutiny for violent hit that injured Logan Thomas
13:05  Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner apologizes for disparaging Black and female artists
15:14  Police officer left handcuffed suspect in car that was hit by train
12:39  Iran reaps billions in payments by kidnapping Americans, Westerners: report
00:04  Air Force turns to video games to help prepare members for real-life combat
10:00  Boston University staffers speak out against Ibram X. Kendi's center laying off employees: 'Exploitative'
03:25  Jalin Hyatt rewards Giants' trust with game-turning catch: ‘Just throw it'
19:21  Jackson State's Tomekia Reed rips ‘60 Minutes' Deion Sanders feature: ‘Ashamed of yourselves'
21:10  Bear's shocking visit to Disney World forces multiple ride closures
12:53  The best ways to use a CD account
23:37  Daniel Sloss is 'only' comedian to stand up to Russell Brand, support his accusers in bombshell documentary
23:36  Rudy Giuliani sued by longtime former lawyer over alleged unpaid bills
22:38  Starbucks facing lawsuit for fruitless fruit-flavored Refresher drinks
16:07  Bills great Takeo Spikes needles team over seating placement for game vs Raiders
05:00  Bob Odenkirk admits he dismissed ‘cranky conservative' doctor's medical advice
13:18  Grief book author charged with witness tampering in alleged murder case
15:00  Kate Middleton braces for life vest mishap during first royal outing in new military role
18:27  Drake had Halle Berry ‘fixation' before album cover feud: ‘100 percent' would be with her
07:33  'DWTS' pro Sharna Burgess slams Adrian Peterson casting on show after alleged child abuse charges
00:46  Broncos' unreal Hail Mary touchdown can't save them from crushing loss to Commanders
18:05  Halle Berry criticizes Drake for using image of her for single cover: "Not cool"
16:07  Boxing champ's husband dies mid-fight while working as her trainer
13:44  Lauren Boebert beau's bar flooded with bad reviews following ‘Beetlejuice' date
15:11  Bill Maher delays 'Real Time' return as talks with writer resume
23:38  Indiana attorney general faces ethics case over abortion doctor remarks
03:32  Geno Smith complaining to ref Alex Kemp about call sparks hilarious mic'd-up response
00:23  Couple says ‘I do' for second time for grandmother with Alzheimer's at senior home - 164 miles away
17:54  Florida man, 78, guns down neighbor for trimming trees over property line: cops
12:07  RFK Jr's vow to ban fracking met with intense criticism
06:18  Rams' shocking last-second field goal in loss to 49ers delivers brutal bad beat
10:00  Trump found an election strategy that works - so he's sticking to it
19:40  MLB PrizePicks predictions, player picks Sept. 18: Joe Ryan, Bryan Woo
15:56  'Real Housewives' star Shannon Beador arrested for drunken driving
20:53  Marine Corps leader orders safety stand-down of all aircraft after F-35 disappearance
11:30  Cowboys' Micah Parsons shows Jets why he's every team's worst nightmare
08:49  Belichick's fiery flag toss delights fans, likened to 'toddler' in Patriots loss
11:18  ??‹Mark Meadows's Testimony in Georgia Case May Have Done Him No Favors
10:56  Pennsylvania police search for teens who escaped from detention center amid 'riot'
07:58  Migrants enthusiastically board train bound for US from Mexico: video
16:21  Mike Pompeo sounds alarm on Iran prisoner swap: 'Terrified' for Americans abroad
02:19  NYC residents are the victims of legislators' shoplifting policy
12:17  Shaq hilariously helps Los Angeles Port Police arrest suspect in recruitment video
08:30  Black student suspended for his hairstyle, school says it wasn't discrimination
23:49  Trump Denies Wrongdoing in Writing To-Do Lists on Classified Documents
02:36  The tragic results of Biden's deadly open borders policy
19:27  John Fetterman baffles by attacking journalist who defended him
20:16  Jimmy Fallon jokingly scolded Russell Brand for bouncing Katharine McPhee on his lap
20:51  LAURA INGRAHAM: Liberals don't care about crime unless it's committed by those they don't like
14:04  Homeowners have $30 trillion in home equity. Here's how to tap into it.
15:09  Marilyn Manson gets community service for blowing his nose on a concert videographer
18:40  White Sox vs. Nationals prediction: Mike Clevinger has edge over Joan Adon
21:00  Take these crucial steps right now to avoid the coming ‘tripledemic,' CDC warns
13:42  IRS plans to hire 3,700 auditors to crack down on wealthy tax dodgers
12:07  Perelman Arts Center Opens in New York and Welcomes the World
18:25  Rolling Stone founder removed from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over black and female artists slur
07:07  Vintage plane mishap at Massachusetts museum leaves aircraft flipped on its roof
16:27  U.S. National Debt Tops $33 Trillion for First Time
15:41  Influencer's American Airlines meltdown: ‘I'm Instagram famous, you f-king bum!'
15:44  Tyreek Hill has a problem with ‘nasty' Patriots fans
22:26  Sherry Pollex, former girlfriend of NASCAR's Martin Truex Jr., dead at 44
17:35  Phil Mickelson shares gambling addiction story to warn bettors during football season: 'I was so distracted'
14:09  'The View' host knocks Kristen Welker's debut 'Meet the Press' interview with Trump: 'Nobody ever wins'
09:40  Rep. Jennifer Wexton bows out of reelection race after devastating Parkinson's diagnosis
19:21  Utah grief author accused of killing husband with fentanyl asked brother to 'testify falsely,' state says
03:00  Mayor Adams's Ability to Freely Spend Money on Migrants May Be Curtailed
15:05  How to protect your Mac from new MetaStealer malware
18:16  Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez file for divorce on same day
20:12  Hundreds of Flying Taxis to Be Made in Ohio, Home of the Wright Brothers and Astronaut Legends
15:29  'The Talk' and 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' cancel premieres last minute, after Drew Barrymore caves to pressure
23:10  Distressing video shows teen pummel cashier as gang of kids swipe candy, vapes
16:05  Dad sues hospital for $642M after witnessing his wife's C-section: ‘It gave me psychotic illness'
15:23  Larry David confronted Elon Musk over his GOP support: ‘Do you want to murder kids in school?'
21:52  NYC to consider removing statues of George Washington, create reparations task force amid budget cuts
13:37  Two pilots killed after planes collide and crash at Nevada airshow
18:40  Instacart Prices I.P.O. at $30 a Share, Raising $660 Million
20:58  Men's dress shirts from Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole are up to 38% off on Amazon
12:46  How gold bars and coins can protect your retirement portfolio
20:59  Watch: Swimmers rescue deadly shark stranded on Florida beach
20:46  Patrick Mahomes' contract restructure from Chiefs makes NFL history
10:26  Nebraska Woman Samantha Al-Rekabi Charged in Tinder Killer Aubrey Trail's Murder-for-Hire Plot to Extort Nurse
06:00  Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack reveals what rocker refuses to do as grandparent: 'Hell no'
09:00  LGBTQ community felt 'betrayal' at Muslim council voting to remove Pride flags from city buildings
13:14  Second model found dead inside DTLA apartment; investigators working to determine connection
16:54  Mothers feel like ‘bad moms' this many times a year: poll
07:25  Dolphins' Mike McDaniel hilariously sprints off field after halftime interview
10:52  White House touts Iran prisoner exchange deal, says Biden is 'making five families whole again'
19:46  Never-before-sold midcentury gem in California lists for $8.8M
19:30  Girl's killer identified more than 50 years after she was abducted in Georgia
20:54  Michigan State Seeks to Fire Football Coach Amid Sexual Harassment Case
09:52  Dad left fuming after daughter returns home from school with disturbing gift
09:34  Anguish in an Immigrant Community After a Sheriff's Deputy Kills 2 Teens
19:19  Billionaire Ray Dalio denies report he will return to Bridgewater
18:12  Sinema joins GOP senators on bill to reverse Biden admin's crackdown on school hunting, archery classes
15:37  Bystanders less likely to give women CPR than men in public, increasing chances of cardiac fatalities: study
12:54  The Queen of West African Recipes Has Entered the Chat
10:00  What happened in New Mexico is a warning to us all
22:55  TJ Watt sets new Steelers record after latest sack vs Browns
05:00  The Republican Party Has Devolved Into a Racket
09:58  Elon Musk takes son Lil X to meet Tayyip Erdogan
05:00  Atlanta pastor warns church's 'silence' on cultural issues will soon lead to 'godless society'
05:00  New Mexico governor's gun order is 'blatantly unconstitutional,' leaves abuse victims vulnerable: Experts
17:03  Property line dispute leads to fatal shooting in Florida
12:48  Dolphins' Tyreek Hill rips Patriots fans over remarks: 'They are real nasty'
17:39  Surprise! Conversations with others in person improved mood more than using a smartphone, study says
17:12  Florida teen attempts to rob bank wearing mask and large pink shower cap: authorities
21:03  Biden protects the bloated bureaucracy over those they serve
05:01  The Google Antitrust Trial Is Really About the Future of A.I.
19:00  The Road From Mitt Romney to MAGA
01:51  Border Patrol temporarily separated families this summer, court filing says
23:48  Trump Chooses Striking Union Members Over Second GOP Debate in Detroit
21:20  Airbnb listings in NYC plunge 77% after city crackdown: report
15:17  US representative won't seek reelection after doctors say Parkinson's more serious
11:30  Peggy Noonan says Biden clinging to power, calls re-election bid 'historical mistake' in scathing column
02:39  China Sends Record Number of Military Planes Near Taiwan
12:01  4 huge gold investing red flags to watch for
21:15  Gunman opens fire, robs man of $60K in daylight NYC stick-up
02:01  Texas AG Ken Paxton warns Biden administration after defeating 'sham impeachment': 'Buckle up'
13:18  Elon Musk buys Scottish soccer team after club claims SpaceX stole its logo
18:00  Bill Maher reverses decision to bring back show amid strike negotiations, hopes they 'finally get this done'
19:17  Airport worker found guilty of killing co-worker's boyfriend after she refused to date him
19:43  FBI Echoes Warning on Danger of Artificial Intelligence
19:00  Where Has All the Left-Wing Money Gone?
22:27  Now the WHO demands answers from China on COVID? It's too late
20:10  Quarter of Gen Zers feel urge to check phones after just 15 minutes of driving
19:08  MGM losing up to $8.4M per day as cyberattack paralyzes slot machines, hotels for 8th straight day: analyst
21:58  Numbers never lie: Yankees' playoffs math doesn't add up
10:59  Millions Saw His Paintings on TV. In the Art World, His Work Still Went Unnoticed.
14:36  'Purlie Victorious': Ossie Davis's 'Gospel to Humanity' Returns to Broadway
10:35  A Summer of Singles Events, in Pictures
22:54  More OMNY delays as new MTA vending machines are months late
23:46  GREG GUTFELD: The media act like this was the worst thing to happen in a theater since Lincoln's assassination
21:28  Study on MDMA's use to treat PTSD could send therapy method to FDA for approval by 2024
18:41  Former Missouri police officer sentenced to probation for shooting at fleeing vehicle
17:26  Ramaswamy's trolling of Pence for 'copying' his 'revolutionary ideas' gets called out by X fact check
23:47  Patrick Mahomes gets heartfelt birthday message from wife Brittany: ‘Celebrating you is easy'
21:09  Meghan Markle's father Thomas calls her out for 'cruel' behavior: 'I can actually sue'
20:01  NJ real estate swindler gets 24-month stretch for $400K ripoff
21:56  Influencer Natasha Oakley's California home lists for $1.9M
08:11  Lutheran Pastor's Leaked Confessional Descends Into Unholy Legal War
23:52  My best friend won't come over anymore after I told her not to call my toddler a ‘spoiled brat'
17:40  Man with surfing pet python gets $1,500 fine after going viral
17:52  Mom documents daughter growing up with sweet annual wedding dress photos
18:04  Giant pandas in captivity may be suffering from ‘jet lag': study
16:38  Acquitted by the Texas Senate, Ken Paxton Still Faces Legal Problems
21:06  Republicans ‘wooing' ex-ESPN star Sage Steele to run for Congress
15:02  Hundreds of climate activists shut down Federal Reserve building entrance
15:38  How to recognize rampant fake tech in online marketplaces
20:00  Their babies died when Camp Lejeune's water was poisoned. But justice has been hard to find
16:02  U.S. News' 2024 college ranking boosts public universities
15:53  Woman charged in husband's poisoning death accused of witness tampering while in Utah jail
15:12  Ohio railroad worker crushed to death by remote-controlled train
20:46  Planned Parenthood resumes abortion services in Wisconsin after pause following Roe v. Wade decision
13:02  Military base abruptly cancels 'Sound of Freedom' screening, baffling producer
17:13  Family suffers mystery ailments after stolen car is returned with high traces of meth, fentanyl
11:34  You Won't Lose Weight on Ozempic Forever
05:01  Why Mir??'s Yellows Have Lost Their Brilliance
18:00  Prison escapes in America: How common are they and what's the real risk?
18:00  TikTok alarms employees by mandating use of ‘MyRTO' app to track office attendance
19:53  American sparks uproar over color of Fanta in Italy: ‘I freaked out'
17:07  OSHA investigation finds safety violations in Georgia grain silo fatality
14:35  Wartime letter show Pope Pius XII may have known about Holocaust earlier than previously thought
15:24  California pilots identified in deadly Reno, Nevada air racing crash
18:38  Primarily Haitian migrants force entry into southern Mexican asylum office, seeking documentation
22:28  Chris Olave's incredible catch helps Saints to early divisional victory over Panthers
05:01  After a Stroke, a Writer Loses Mobility but None of His Punch
13:46  The Amber Gleam of Yakgwa, South Korea's 'It' Cookie
17:00  A Second Look at Those Who Came First
00:21  Hilarious Mic'd-Up Moment: NFL Ref's Epic Response to Geno Smith's Protest
16:36  U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly introduces "Cares For Moms Act" in bid to reduce maternal mortality rates
11:00  8 Books to Help You Drink Less, or Quit Altogether
20:29  COVID severity ‘much lower' now - but these 3 symptoms remain: top NYC doc
14:28  A $4 Thrift Store Find That Could Sell for $250,000
19:21  Fort Collins' newest mural "Para Mi Familia" honors Hispanic Heritage Month
05:01  How Do I Deal With a Shoes-Off Home?
01:09  Actor Bob Odenkirk dismisses 'cranky conservative' doctor's advice
02:01  Celebrities face backlash for promoting illicit, kid-friendly e-cigs
21:21  Bear sighting at Disney World's Magic Kingdom forces closures
22:11  Family demands justice after bike-pedaling gunman executes elderly man on NYC street
23:00  Halle Berry condemns Drake for using her image to promote his new song: 'People you admire disappoint you'
03:46  Facebook Post From Tim Stone Is Weirdest Twist in Alex Murdaugh Case
20:33  Indiana attorney general sues hospital over doctor talking publicly about 10-year-old rape victim's abortion
17:53  Takeo Spikes Slams Bills for 'Timeout' Seating at Game vs Raiders
02:52  Political leaders discuss key issues on "Face the Nation"
03:43  Sharna Burgess criticizes 'DWTS' casting of Adrian Peterson amidst child abuse allegations
12:26  Former Colorado officer avoids jail for putting handcuffed woman in police vehicle that was hit by train
12:05  Review: In Berlin, Opera Scales Up to Fill an Airport Hangar
11:23  Olivia Rodrigo's 'Guts' Is Her Second No. 1 Album
22:56  Ballerina flats are celebs' new It shoes - but do they destroy your feet?
23:25  With politics now ‘The Jerry Springer Show,' what's a voter to do?
15:29  Worst-dressed Sen. John Fetterman strikes blow for elite slobs only
23:18  Flying taxis could take to the skies above NYC as early as 2025 - here's how
17:31  President Pinocchio Joe is a truly terrible liar
21:12  Millionaire Tim Gurner's ‘cult-like' health spa offers ‘bio-hacking' regimen for elite to put brakes on aging
23:39  NYC subway crime sees downturn so far this year, while arrests and summonses soar by 50%: data
19:23  Chicago mayor proposes city-owned grocery stores as Walmart, Whole Foods exits leave ‘food deserts'
20:26  Race to replace Mitt Romney in Utah gains steam as another candidate jumps in: He 'sold us out'
09:27  When Fiji Beats Australia, and It Almost Isn't an Upset
21:39  Richard Burton's London love nest with Elizabeth Taylor hits market for $9.8M
23:14  Youth pastor allegedly tried to kill wife, 5 children before setting home on fire: police
19:34  These 5 jobs put workers at a greater risk of dementia: new research
22:17  NYC casino race could be upended by Las Vegas bookie scandal: sources
19:10  Guards with assault rifles hired to protect Philly cheesesteak joint
22:30  I'm 65 and having the best sex of my life - it keeps me young
18:53  Dramatic video shows massive shark rescued after becoming stranded on Florida beach
21:31  Liam Gallagher's son is his look-alike in new eyebrow-raising photos
19:08  Veteran New York Post crime reporter C.J. Sullivan dies at 66 after lengthy battle with cancer
17:00  'They were laughing': Woman viciously beaten at Seattle-area gas station over cash, cigs and candy
20:03  Man charged with murder for allegedly striking, killing wife with vehicle after argument, authorities say
09:58  Man charged with Buckingham Palace trespass
05:01  With Striking Actors Off-Limits, Directors Get Their Close-Ups
07:10  Iraq's Leader, Heading to U.N., Pitches Himself as Face of Change
09:24  Generac recalls more than 60,000 portable generators over burn risk
08:49  World War I-era plane flips over trying to land near museum in Massachusetts
12:44  9 teens who escaped Pennsylvania juvenile detention center during a riot have all been recaptured
12:11  National Cheeseburger Day deals: 1 cent at Wendy's, McDonald's 50-cent offer
08:00  One big state is taxing the middle-class nationwide to give the wealthy free health care
13:17  10-year-old influencer Yerley Lozada dies in horrific bus collision
13:00  Make your favorite frozen drinks with the Sur La Table blender, $199.99
13:01  Jordan Love attempts sneak without ball in game-changing Packers blunder
13:21  Ibtihaj Muhammad: I showed what Muslim women can do in sport
10:00  Anchorage, Alaska, scrambles to find housing for the homeless as winter approaches
10:31  The Talk Shows Have Labor Pains
09:14  One of America's First Women's Colleges Is Accused of Paying Men More
05:00  Some Businesses Make 'Woke Free' a Selling Point
05:02  An About-Face on Whether the 14th Amendment Bars Trump From Office
09:56  Now Available: 2,000 Rhinos, Free to Good Homes With Plenty of Space
13:46  Leslie Jones claims Chris Rock went to counseling with daughters after Will Smith slap
14:00  Get Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac for just $29.97
13:30  The Post's college football rankings, Heisman watch following Week 3
13:29  I'm a ‘mother' to 13 doll babies - it's preparing me for parenthood
07:33  Stolen ancient treasures found at Australian museum - including artifact likely smuggled out of Italy under piles of pasta
12:00  'You just have to speak up': Gloria Johnson aims to be Tennessee's first Democratic Senator in 28 years
02:00  AI robots capable of carrying out attack on NHS that would cause COVID-like disruption, expert warns
07:03  Truck driver who fatally plunged hundreds of feet from quarry identified as long-time employee
03:29  5 people shot, including 2 juveniles, in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood
05:00  Disney's potential ABC sale could have major ramifications for network's news division, high-paid anchors
02:00  New AI offers 'personal protection' against abductions, criminal threats
  With a New Formula, U.S. NewsRankings Boost Some State Universities
00:40  Yankees' Oswaldo Cabrera picks odd time to test new hitting approach: 'Why not?'
01:53  Jose Quintana's strong 300th career start was ‘kind of bittersweet' for Mets
02:55  Joe, give RFK Jr. Secret Service protection - Hunter isn't the only one who deserves it
05:00  Battle brewing in Texas town over historic Black church as member calls denial of permit a 'real tragedy'
05:00  California law will require judges to consider parents' stance on gender identity in custody battle
07:02  Crews in Turkey search for helicopter that crashed into lake while fighting forest fire
11:40  Why the Giants and Jets raised as many questions as they answered in Week 2
05:00  Alabama Has a Horrible New Way of Killing People on Death Row
05:02  A Photo Can Tell the Truth About a Lie. Or a Lie About the Truth.
10:30  'His vulnerability is being a Democrat': Ohio's Sherrod Brown eyes re-election
10:00  Noah Eagle set to join his father in the family's Nets business
06:00  Your sleep schedule may be upsetting your stomach. Here's how - and what to do about it.
06:14  Mississippi officers justified in deadly shooting after police went to wrong house, jury rules
06:00  Former Special Forces soldier launches campaign in Virginia to flip swing House seat from Democrats
14:08  Irish Grinstead, member of R&B girl group 702, dies at 43
11:15  Another alligator sighting reported on Kiski River near Pittsburgh
13:38  Arkansas school districts reject claims of violating a law over race, sexuality teachings
13:29  'It's a big lie': Max Lucado, pastor and author, admits the startling truth about those who appear 'perfect'
13:28  Alissa Turney's stepfather 'had obsession' despite acquittal in teen's presumed death: report
13:31  Minnesota man acquitted in St. Paul triple homicide case due to insufficient evidence
13:33  Georgia county may increase taxes to expand bus transit system
16:48  A day in the life of the American dream
16:34  Marilyn Manson attends New Hampshire court in makeup resembling Nic Cage's Dracula
12:35  How DeSantis Played Both Sides of the G.O.P. Rift Over the 2020 Election
12:38  Why that restaurant or camp counselor job should be on your resume
12:42  Barbie is nearly in the top 10 highest-grossing films in U.S. after surpassing "The Avengers" at no. 11
16:47  This is how many days per year people spend cleaning, sanitizing their home
17:23  Starbucks reveals glow-in-the-dark cup amid overhaul of iconic version
16:17  Sea ice drops to ‘alarming' levels in the Antarctic: ‘Everyone should be concerned'
14:47  Another deadly Nipah virus outbreak: What are the symptoms?
17:30  Sephora's 2023 holiday sets are here! Gucci, Tarte and more
15:08  These Human-Made Natural Wonders Hide in Plain Sight
14:46  Muslim American Mayor Sues US Government Over Terror Watchlist
10:17  Hunter Biden's texts, emails contradict lawyer's claim that he 'did not share' money from businesses with dad
17:35  WeWork faces $30M lawsuit as DivcoWest demands full payment amid bankruptcy threat
17:49  Katy Perry sells rights to five albums to buyout firm Litmus Music for reported $225M
14:56  Short-term vs. long-term CD rates: Which pays more now?
16:47  Meta hands out perks after mass layoffs including T-shirts, happy hours and office snacks
16:45  Dak Prescott's rumored girlfriend celebrates win over Jets
15:55  Harry Potter' audiobook narrator Stephen Fry says AI was used to steal his voice
15:43  Did Roman Empire TikTok trend begin on Meghan Markle's ‘Suits'?
11:37  Nancy Pelosi, on the 1973 Coup in Chile
11:58  How TikTok Is Reshaping the American Cookbook
09:47  Sheryl Crow admits moving from Los Angeles to Tennessee 'saved my life'
10:00  House Democrat sounds alarm on Beijing's plan to dominate tech sector
10:13  Melinda French Gates calls maternal deaths in childbirth "needless," urges action to save moms, babies
10:37  U.S. woman arrested in Afghanistan among 18 aid workers held for "promoting Christianity," local official says
10:30  NFL legend Donovan McNabb joins OutKick with new video podcast: 'I can't wait to get started'
09:15  Jhumpa Lahiri and Me
05:00  How to Tell if Your A.I. Is Conscious
12:14  School claims no discrimination after Black student suspended for hairstyle
12:00  Smithsonian suspends Latino exhibit after critics call previous version 'disgraceful', 'Marxist'
15:53  Alligator missing half its jaw found in Florida
13:35  MSN calls deceased NBA player ‘useless' in shocking AI-generated headline gaffe
12:31  Savannah to contribute half a million dollars to restore house that hosted an African-American art museum
11:34  UN adds Afghan crisis onto agenda after Taliban bans women and girls from school, public spaces, jobs
11:27  BET co-founder Sheila Johnson says writing new memoir helped her heal: "I've been through a lot"
11:43  New COVID variant BA.2.86 spotted in 10 states, though highly mutated strain remains rare
11:31  Unprecedented images of WWII shipwrecks from Battle of Midway reveal clues about aircraft carriers' "final moments"
02:46  Residents of Rural Utah County Beat Big-Money Ski Resort Developers in Court

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