Rare spotless giraffe born in Tennessee zoo

05:23 23.08.2023

Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee, recently announced the birth of a rare spotless giraffe. The baby giraffe, born on July 31, is solid brown in color and does not have any spots. According to Fox 8 WJW in Cleveland, Ohio, this giraffe is believed to be the only solid-colored reticulated giraffe in the world. The last recorded birth of a spotless reticulated giraffe was reportedly in 1972 at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

The Brights Zoo team immediately noticed the unique characteristics of the calf upon her birth. Typically, giraffes are born with spots, but this calf was completely spotless. The staff decided to have blood work done on the calf to ensure her health. Fortunately, her blood work came back normal and showed that she was just as healthy as the other giraffes born at the zoo. The calf has already grown to six feet tall and is thriving under the care of her mother.

The birth of this rare spotless giraffe has garnered international attention and has shed light on the conservation efforts for this endangered species. Giraffes, especially reticulated giraffes, are facing significant population declines, with a 40% loss in the wild over the past three decades, according to Tony Bright, founder of Brights Zoo. The coverage of this patternless giraffe will help raise awareness for giraffe conservation and the challenges they face in the wild.

Brights Zoo is now asking for the public's help in naming the spotless giraffe. They have narrowed down the choices to four names: Kipekee, meaning unique; Firyali, meaning "unusual or extraordinary"; Shakiri, meaning "she is most beautiful"; and Jamella, meaning "one of great beauty." Fans of the giraffe can cast their votes on the zoo's Facebook page until Labor Day, September 6th.

The birth of this spotless giraffe is a significant event for both the zoo and the conservation community. Reticulated giraffes are listed as endangered, and the unique characteristics of this calf highlight the importance of protecting and preserving this species. With the international attention it has received, it is hoped that this rare giraffe will bring much-needed awareness to the challenges facing giraffes in the wild.

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