US Military Helicopter Crash off Australia, 20 Marines on Board

02:12 27.08.2023

An aircraft incident involving a U.S. military aircraft has occurred during a multination military exercise in Australia's Northern Territory. The incident took place on Melville Island during Exercise Predators Run 2023, which involves the militaries of the United States, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and East Timor. The aircraft involved is a Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft.

According to the Australian Defense Department, three United States military personnel were injured in the crash and were taken to a hospital for treatment. One of the injured is in critical condition, while the other two are in stable condition. The injured were flown to Royal Darwin Hospital, approximately 60 miles south of Melville Island, by a rescue helicopter operated by CareFlight.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed that all three injured individuals are American. The Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported that the critically injured patient is a US Marine. However, there have been no reports of fatalities in the incident, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Sky News Australia.

The Australian Defence Ministry stated that Australian Defence Force members were not involved in the incident. The ministry emphasized that their focus is on providing support and assistance at this difficult time. Prime Minister Albanese expressed his government's commitment to providing the necessary support in response to the incident.

The exact nature of the incident and the cause of the crash have not been disclosed. The Australian Defence Force and Northern Territory Police are investigating the incident. It is not yet known how many individuals were on board the aircraft and their conditions.

The accident comes just a month after four Australian soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash during bilateral exercises off the coast of Queensland. The incident highlights the risks and dangers associated with military exercises and the importance of safety protocols.

Australia and the United States, as key allies in the Pacific region, have been increasing their military cooperation in response to the growing assertiveness of China. The Predator Run exercises aim to enhance interoperability and coordination among the participating nations' militaries.

The rescue operation is ongoing, and more information will be provided as it becomes available. The focus remains on the incident response and ensuring the safety and well-being of those involved.

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