Controversial teacher with Z-cup prosthetic breasts returns to the classroom at new school

03:35 29.08.2023

Controversial Transgender Teacher Sparks Outrage at New School with Giant Prosthetic Breasts

A transgender teacher named Kayla Lemieux has once again stirred up controversy after being photographed strolling through a suburban Toronto neighborhood wearing her Z-cup prosthetic breasts. The image, taken about two weeks ago, has since been circulating among concerned parents who are outraged that she has been hired at a new school, despite being put on leave at her previous school due to security concerns.

Lemieux, who is a shop teacher, was previously employed at Oakville Trafalgar High School until she was placed on paid leave last spring. The presence of her oversized fake breasts, which students described as "clownish," caused a wave of bomb and shooting threats at the school.

Now, Lemieux has been hired at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, prompting the school to warn parents about heightened security measures and potential disruptions. A memo, obtained by the Toronto Sun, was circulated by the school's principal, Tom Fisher, informing parents of the situation and outlining the security protocols that will be implemented.

Parents, however, are not satisfied with these precautions. Celina Close, a parent from Oakville Trafalgar High, expressed her concern, stating, "The problem's just moved somewhere else. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result." Close believes that the bomb threats which plagued her previous school will likely occur again at Nora Frances Henderson.

Close further described the school environment as turning into a circus when Lemieux is present, causing anxiety for parents and students alike. She urged parents at Nora Frances Henderson to brace themselves for a similar situation, saying, "The parents at Nora Frances Henderson should be concerned about their children's safety. The bomb threats will most likely happen again. If they happened here, there's every chance they will happen there."

The memo sent to parents by Principal Fisher did not mention Lemieux by name but referred to her as "an experienced educator" who was "recently the subject of public attention, pertaining to their gender expression while teaching at a school in a different community." It outlined various security measures, such as designated entry and exit doors, locked exterior doors during school hours, and the use of an intercom system for building access.

Lemieux has previously defended her breasts, claiming they are real and not prosthetic. In an interview with The Post, she stated, "I'm not wearing prosthetic breasts. These are real." Lemieux identified herself as intersex rather than transgender and explained that she suffers from gigantomastia, a condition that causes excessive breast growth.

Attempts to reach Lemieux for comment were unsuccessful, and neither Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School nor its school district responded to messages seeking clarification on why Lemieux was hired despite the previous security concerns.

The hiring of Kayla Lemieux at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School has sparked a heated debate among parents and raised questions regarding the safety of the students. As the school prepares for potential protests and disruptions, the controversy surrounding Lemieux's presence in the classroom continues to divide opinions.

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