Rams' Matthew Stafford having issues with younger teammates, wife reveals

11:16 31.08.2023

In a recent episode of her podcast, Kelly Stafford, wife of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, disclosed that her husband is facing difficulties connecting with the younger players in the locker room. She expressed that the "locker room has changed so significantly" and that Stafford feels like he can't establish a connection with the younger players. According to Kelly, the younger players address him as sir and there seems to be a disconnect between them. Stafford reportedly had a book printed out with the names and faces of each player, in an effort to build relationships and foster chemistry on the field.

Kelly Stafford highlighted the challenges of developing connections in the modern era, where young players are more accustomed to turning to their phones instead of engaging with their teammates. She described the situation as different and "kind of sad." Stafford is determined to find a way to connect with his teammates, especially considering his role as a leader on the team.

Los Angeles Rams General Manager Les Snead dismissed the notion that Stafford is struggling to connect with his team, asserting that it is a non-issue. He emphasized that football buildings, particularly during training camp, foster an intimate workplace environment where relationships are formed. Snead acknowledged that each year brings different phases for players, but he emphasized the importance of chemistry in a highly competitive league.

Head coach Sean McVay also weighed in on the matter, interpreting Kelly Stafford's remarks as a lighthearted jab at her husband. McVay expressed confidence in Stafford's abilities and his relationships with his teammates, stating that it is the least of his concerns.

Matthew Stafford, who is entering his 15th season in the NFL, faced a spinal cord injury that sidelined him towards the end of the previous year. The Rams are set to open their season against the Seattle Seahawks on September 10th.

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