Tragic loss: UPS driver collapses and dies in scorching Texas heat

00:51 01.09.2023

A UPS worker in Texas has died after falling ill during a severe heatwave, the company has confirmed. Christopher Begley, 57, had informed UPS management that he wasn't feeling well while delivering packages on August 23, when temperatures reached up to 103 degrees in the Dallas area. He collapsed outside a customer's location and was immediately taken to the hospital. Despite being offered medical attention by UPS, Begley declined, stating that he had recovered and requested to be taken home. Four days later, UPS received word that Begley had been hospitalized and tragically, he died shortly afterward. The exact cause of death is still under investigation.

Begley had been a dedicated UPS driver for 28 years and was assigned to the company's facility in McKinney, a suburb of Dallas. UPS expressed their condolences to Begley's family and friends and stated that they are cooperating with authorities in the investigation. The company also emphasized their commitment to training employees to recognize the symptoms of heat stress and providing immediate assistance when requested.

This incident comes just a month after UPS reached an agreement with the Teamsters Union, which included the installation of air conditioning in their delivery vans. The issue of extreme heat in UPS trucks had been a major concern for union members, as photos taken by drivers last year revealed temperatures as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit. A video of a UPS driver collapsing from heat exhaustion had also sparked public outrage. The new contract, ratified on August 22, aimed to improve working conditions for drivers.

Chris Begley's death highlights the dangers faced by workers during extreme weather conditions. As the investigation continues, his union president, Dave Reeves, has called for a thorough investigation by UPS to provide answers to Begley's family. Reeves believes that Begley's death was connected to the extreme heat and is concerned that he was not immediately taken to the hospital. The Collin County Medical Examiner has been notified, but it is up to the family to decide if an autopsy should be conducted. UPS trucks are expected to be equipped with air conditioning units by 2024.

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