NJ Governor Murphy: No more migrants for us, says DHS

20:06 01.09.2023

The Biden administration is facing pressure from New York and other states as the migrant crisis continues to overwhelm the sanctuary city. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has stated that his state cannot take any migrants from New York City, including at suggested locations such as the Atlantic City International Airport. Murphy cited the need for an enormous amount of federal support and resources that go beyond what the state can afford. He also acknowledged that migrants have already come to New Jersey, likely from New York or other locations. These comments from Murphy, a longtime ally of President Biden, come as the White House considers using the Atlantic City airport as a makeshift shelter.

The potential plan has faced criticism from Republican Representative Jeff Van Drew, who pledged to fight against it. Van Drew argued that the situation at the southern border is affecting the entire country and called the plan the wrong approach. The migrant crisis has become controversial, even among Democrats, as politicians fear backlash from suburban households. In New York, the crisis has created tension between leaders in Albany and New York City. Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul have expressed dissatisfaction with each other's handling of the crisis but agree that the federal government needs to do more.

Since the spring of 2022, over 107,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City, leading city officials to scramble to provide housing as required by the right-to-shelter law. As of August 30, nearly 60,000 asylum seekers remained in the city's care. Recognizing the magnitude of the crisis, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent an assessment team of experts to evaluate New York City's migrant operations. The team made several recommendations to the city, including increasing information collection at intake centers, improving overall communication, focusing more on case management and legal services, and providing more information on work authorization and asylum applications.

However, Mayor Adams expressed coolness towards these recommendations, arguing that simply opening new spaces is not a sustainable solution. He emphasized the need for a national plan that addresses the root causes of the issue, rather than relying on individual cities to find spaces or wait for work authorizations. In response to the crisis, DHS announced the launch of a national campaign to help work-eligible migrants obtain employment authorization.

As the Biden administration grapples with the resettlement of migrants, the political difficulties are becoming increasingly apparent. Democratic-run states, including New York, have called for greater work authorization, federal emergency declarations, and increased federal funding. The DHS expert team's recommendations to New York City highlight the need for immigration reform and the urgency of addressing a broken system. However, the comments from Governor Murphy reflect the challenges of providing the necessary support and resources to accommodate the influx of migrants.

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