Coyotes on the Prowl: Massachusetts Authorities Warn Dog Owners of Pet Snatchings

01:40 02.09.2023

Several communities in Massachusetts are on high alert as a string of violent encounters between residents and coyotes have raised concerns for the safety of both humans and their beloved pets. The town of Hopkinton, located approximately 32 miles west of Boston, recently witnessed a horrifying incident where a woman walking her dogs had one of her beloved pets snatched away by a brazen coyote. Similarly, in Milford, not far from Hopkinton, another dog named Guido fell victim to a coyote attack on Pine Island Road just the day before.

These distressing incidents are not isolated cases, as Fall River, a city about 55 miles south of Boston, also experienced a dangerous encounter when a coyote viciously attacked a woman earlier in the week. Additionally, residents of the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain voiced their concerns earlier this month after witnessing a coyote carrying the lifeless body of a small dog.

In response to these alarming events, authorities and animal control officials are urging residents to exercise extreme caution, especially during the optimal hunting times for coyotes, which are at dusk and dawn. Milford animal control officials emphasized the importance of increased vigilance during these periods and advised residents to be more mindful while walking their pets. To further protect themselves, residents of Hopkinton were recommended to carry a walking stick as a precautionary measure.

Expressing their sympathies for the victims, Hopkinton police issued a statement conveying their deep regret for the loss of someone's cherished pet. They recognized the immense emotional impact pets have on families and how their loss can be devastating. The police department emphasized the need for the community to come together and support each other during these trying times.

The rising number of coyote-related incidents in urban and suburban communities of Massachusetts has led to increased frustration and concerns among residents. Nahant, a town in Massachusetts, made a pioneering decision last year by becoming the first in the state to contract with the federal government to address the coyote issue by implementing measures to cull their population. While this controversial initiative may be seen as a drastic step, it demonstrates the severity of the problem and the lengths some communities are willing to go to ensure the safety of their residents and their pets.

As the threat posed by coyotes continues to escalate, it is crucial for residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their furry companions. Cooperation between communities, animal control officials, and law enforcement will be vital in finding a sustainable solution to this persistent issue.

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