Woman's 'delusion' leads to riches after quitting job for social media fame

00:07 03.09.2023

A 25-year-old woman from Adelaide, Australia, has recently made headlines after claiming that being delusional is the secret to her happiness and financial success. Romanee Virgara, a former logistics manager, decided to quit her job in February 2023 to pursue her dream of becoming a business coach and public figure. In an interview with SWNS, a British news service, Virgara revealed that she had always known she was destined to be a business owner and influencer, and believing in her delusions was the key to achieving her goals.

To kickstart her new career, Virgara invested roughly $6,000 of her savings in business training and turned to social media to grow her audience. She referred to herself as "delulu," a term she coined to describe her delusional mindset, and treated content creation as her full-time job. By consistently showing up on social media as if she were speaking to thousands of people, Virgara quickly gained a loyal following. She began sharing tips on how to make money through side hustles and offered one-on-one business coaching sessions to her followers.

According to Virgara, her social media success has allowed her to earn over $57,000 in just eight months. With her eyes set on becoming a seven-figure business owner, she attributes her achievements to her unwavering belief in her own success. She admitted to SWNS that she took actions as if she were already a thriving business owner, such as test-driving her dream car, a Ford Ranger, even when she only had a little over $500 in her bank account. Six months later, she was able to put down a deposit on the car she had envisioned.

For Virgara, the monetary gain is not the only reward she has experienced. She also revealed that her delusional mindset has brought about a significant self-transformation, leading to a sense of pride and trust in herself. She expressed her passion for inspiring others and always believed that she had a lot to offer the world.

In addition to her financial success, Virgara has amassed over 20,000 followers on TikTok, where she continues to share her tips for success. These include budgeting money, manifesting desires through speaking them into existence, and dreaming big. Fox News Digital reached out to Virgara for further comment, demonstrating the growing interest in her unique approach to achieving success through delusion.

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