Pete Alonso's historic homers secure series win for Mets

19:57 03.09.2023

In a thrilling 6-3 victory against the Seattle Mariners on Sunday, Pete Alonso continued his historic season by hitting his 40th and 41st home runs of the year. This marked the third time in his first five seasons that Alonso has reached the 40-home run mark, a feat accomplished by only four other players in MLB history. Ralph Kiner holds the record with four such seasons. Alonso's power at the plate has made him the greatest power hitter in Mets history, surpassing the likes of Mike Piazza and Darryl Strawberry. With his two home runs on Sunday, Alonso now has three 40-homer seasons as a Met, while every other player in franchise history combined has achieved that mark only three times.

Alonso's first home run of the game was a rocket that left his bat at 115.6 mph, marking his 18th home run of the season with an exit velocity of at least 110 mph. Only Shohei Ohtani has hit more such home runs in 2023. Along with his power display, Alonso also contributed a run-scoring single, bringing his season RBI total to 100 for the third time in his career. Only David Wright has achieved this feat more times as a Met, with four 100-RBI seasons.

Alonso's incredible power numbers have solidified his place in Mets history, and he shows no signs of slowing down. His next home run will give him the second-most in a season for a Met, behind only his MLB rookie record of 53 homers in 2019. As Alonso continues to etch his name in the record books, the question arises: will he remain a Met long-term?

The Mets, a non-contending team this season, have already acknowledged that next year's club will have lower World Series-winning odds. This has led to speculation about Alonso's future with the team. To date, attempts to reach a long-term extension with Alonso have not been successful, and the Mets had him on the trade market at the deadline. It is likely they will explore trade options again this offseason, setting a high price for his departure. However, Alonso's impressive power and fan popularity may complicate matters for team owner Steve Cohen, who has yet to approve a high-priced extension for the slugger.

While Cohen has shown a keen business sense, he also values the connection to the fan base. Retiring Darryl Strawberry's number reflects this sentiment, as it acknowledges the fans' desire to see Alonso remain a lifetime Met. In contrast, Strawberry left the Mets after the 1990 season due to off-field issues. Alonso, on the other hand, is described as a player who constantly seeks to improve and is admired for his toughness and durability.

Alonso's power has made him a constant presence in the Mets record book, surpassing franchise legends like Piazza and Strawberry in terms of home runs and RBIs. His swing, combined with his incredible strength, allows him to launch balls that would be doubles for most players. For Alonso, they simply never come down.

As the Mets' season winds down, Alonso's power numbers continue to impress. While the team's focus may shift to a youth movement in the final month, fans are still encouraged to witness Alonso's historic season. With each home run and record-breaking performance, the question of whether Alonso will secure a long-term deal with the Mets looms larger. As the offseason approaches, all eyes will be on Cohen's decision and the future of the greatest power hitter in Mets history.

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