Pennsylvania high school QB critical after on-field collapse: 'We need a miracle'

23:18 03.09.2023

A Pennsylvania high school football game took a devastating turn on Friday night when Karns City High School quarterback, Mason Martin, collapsed on the field and had to be rushed to the hospital. The game between Karns City High School and Redbank Valley High School in Butler County was suspended as Martin's health took a turn for the worse.

According to the Butler Eagle, referee Mike Vasbiner noticed something was off when he saw Martin stagger during the third quarter. Concerned, Vasbiner approached the quarterback and asked if he was alright. Martin responded with a firm "No," signaling that something was seriously wrong. Shortly after, Martin collapsed, prompting an immediate response from medical professionals.

Martin was urgently flown by helicopter to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, where the severity of his condition became apparent. KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh reported that Martin suffered a "significant brain bleed as well as a collapsed lung." This shocking news devastated Martin's family and the entire community, who rallied together to support him during this challenging time.

The game was called off, and Redbank Valley was declared the winner as they held a commanding 35-6 lead at the time of the incident. However, the focus was primarily on Martin's well-being and the efforts made to determine the extent of his injuries.

On Sunday, the high school football team shared an update from Martin's mother on their social media platforms. The message revealed that Mason remained in critical condition with minimal change over the last 36 hours and emphasized the desperate need for prayers and a miracle. The extent of the brain damage could not be assessed until the swelling subsided, leaving Martin's loved ones anxiously awaiting any positive news.

In an effort to provide support and solidarity, Karns City Superintendent Eric Ritzert announced that a prayer vigil would be held on Sunday night at Diehl Stadium. Ritzert encouraged the community to gather and offer their prayers and thoughts for Martin's recovery. Counselors would also be present to provide emotional support to those in need.

The incident has shaken the entire community, as Mason Martin was not only a talented athlete but also a beloved member of the school and local community. The overwhelming support and outpouring of prayers demonstrate the deep care and concern for his well-being.

As the community awaits any updates on Martin's condition, the power of unity and faith remains essential. The Karns City community stands together, holding onto hope and praying for a miraculous recovery for their quarterback.

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