US pro-birth conference exposed for ties to far-right eugenicists

05:48 04.09.2023

The controversial Natal conference, set to take place on December 1st at the upscale Line Hotel in Austin, Texas, has sparked outrage and concern due to its unsettling promotion on far-right podcast circuits, as well as its alarming lineup of self-described eugenicists and racist internet personalities.

The event, which claims to focus on boosting global birth rates, has raised eyebrows and drawn sharp criticism for its association with individuals who espouse dangerous ideologies. The conference's website ominously warns of an impending global population decline, stating that economic systems reliant on growth will collapse if action is not taken. However, it is the speakers and their controversial beliefs that have caused the most contention.

While the conference attempts to frame its mission as a solution to an impending demographic crisis, the presence of self-described eugenicists and racist figures has ignited a firestorm of backlash from concerned citizens and activists alike. The involvement of these individuals has overshadowed any legitimate concerns surrounding declining birth rates and instead has raised serious questions about the ideological underpinnings of the event.

The decision to hold the conference in Austin, a liberal enclave within the typically conservative state of Texas, has only added to the controversy surrounding the event. With Austin being known as a progressive hub, the choice of the Line Hotel as the venue has been met with disbelief and disappointment from locals who are concerned about the hotel's association with such divisive and harmful ideologies.

The conference has quickly become a lightning rod for the age problem that neither US political party seems willing to address. As birth rates decline across the globe, the consequences for economies and social systems are becoming increasingly evident. Despite this, the issue has largely been ignored within mainstream political discourse, leaving concerned citizens searching for answers.

Critics of the conference argue that its focus on boosting birth rates is merely a Trojan horse for the promotion of racist and eugenicist ideologies. They condemn the inclusion of internet personalities and media figures who have a track record of spreading hate and promoting discriminatory policies. Many activists and organizations are calling for a boycott of the event, urging the Line Hotel to reconsider its decision to host the conference.

As news of the Natal conference spreads, the organizers face mounting pressure to address the concerns surrounding the event. Activists are demanding a transparent and thorough explanation for the inclusion of self-described eugenicists and racist figures within the conference's lineup. The controversy surrounding the event serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle to tackle systemic issues such as declining birth rates and the rise of divisive ideologies.

In response to the uproar, the Line Hotel has yet to issue a statement regarding its decision to host the conference. Concerned citizens hope that the hotel will take their grievances seriously and reconsider its association with an event that promotes such harmful and discriminatory beliefs. As the conference date approaches, the debate surrounding the Natal conference is likely to intensify, shining a spotlight on the age problem that both US political parties have thus far been reluctant to address.

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