Brian Kelly's LSU Collapses: Win Guarantee Backfires

12:32 04.09.2023

In an unexpected turn of events, LSU head coach Brian Kelly was left questioning the capabilities of his football team after a devastating 45-24 loss to the Florida State Seminoles in their season opener. Just days before the game, Kelly confidently stated on "The Brian Kelly Show" that the Tigers would "beat the heck out of Florida State." However, his prediction backfired as FSU mounted a comeback, scoring 31 unanswered points to take control of the game.

After the disappointing defeat, Kelly took full responsibility for the team's performance, admitting that it was a failure from both a coaching and player standpoint. He acknowledged that adversity had struck, and it was the team's first real test to address. Despite the setback, Kelly expressed confidence in his players and coaches, believing that they would rally and rise to the challenge.

The loss marked a significant milestone for LSU, as it was their largest defeat as a ranked team in a season opener since the AP poll era began in 1936. The Seminoles' quarterback, Jordan Travis, proved to be a formidable force, dominating the Tigers with 342 passing yards and five total touchdowns. Wide receiver Keon Coleman also made a significant impact, contributing 122 receiving yards and three touchdowns.

LSU's struggles were evident right from the beginning, as the Tigers squandered four opportunities to score from the one-yard line during their opening drive. Quarterback Jayden Daniels was repeatedly denied, including a fourth-and-goal attempt in the second quarter. Kelly expressed frustration with the team's mentality, stating that they seemed to believe they were a powerhouse like the two-time national champion Georgia Bulldogs. He emphasized the need to play the game with the right mindset and acknowledged that there were areas for improvement.

Looking ahead, LSU will have a chance to bounce back in their home opener against Grambling. The upcoming game is expected to be less challenging compared to the matchup against Florida State. However, Kelly and his team will need to regroup, refocus, and address the issues that surfaced during their season opener.

On the other side, the Florida State Seminoles celebrated their seventh consecutive victory, extending back to the previous season. Head coach Brian Kelly's confidence and bold predictions were met with a resounding defeat. He commended the Seminoles on their outstanding performance and admitted that they were the better team that night. Kelly took full responsibility for his team's shortcomings and emphasized the need for his players to redouble their efforts and focus on the details in practice.

Prior to the game, LSU was ranked as the fifth-best team in the country, reflecting their successful 10-win season under Kelly's leadership. However, the loss to Florida State raised doubts about the team's potential and raised questions about its readiness for the new season.

Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis delivered an exceptional performance, throwing for 342 yards and four touchdowns, with three of them being caught by wide receiver Keon Coleman. The Seminoles' victory also extended their winning streak to seven games, dating back to the previous season where they won their final six games in 2022.

Overall, the shocking loss leaves LSU in a vulnerable position, requiring them to reassess their strategies and make necessary adjustments as they look to recover from this setback. The defeat serves as a wake-up call for the team and a reminder that no opponent should be underestimated.

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