Women jailed for sadistic torture and death of friend's pet parrot

19:03 04.09.2023

In a shocking case that has horrified animal lovers across the United Kingdom, two women have been convicted and sentenced to months in prison for the cruel torture and killing of a friend's beloved African grey parrot named Sparky. Tracy Dixon, 47, and Nicola Bradley, 35, were found guilty of sadistically torturing the parrot until it met its untimely demise.

The despicable incident took place in the city of Carlisle in July of this year. The two women, accompanied by their friend and Sparky's owner, Paul Crooks, went out for a night of drinking on July 30. Upon their return to Crooks' home at approximately 5:30 a.m., the women continued their drinking spree while Crooks retired to bed. Little did he know the horrors that would be inflicted upon his beloved pet while he slept.

It was later discovered that the women sprayed shaving cream over Sparky's cage, disregarding Crooks' instructions to leave the bird alone. Unbeknownst to him, they continued their malicious acts of cruelty throughout the day. When Crooks returned home later that day, he was met with a heartbreaking sight - his cherished parrot lifeless, and the women wearing his clothing.

Prosecutors revealed that Dixon and Bradley subjected Sparky to a horrifying array of torturous acts. They covered the defenseless bird with cleaning products, gloss paint, and furniture and metal polish. They also callously struck the helpless animal with a tea towel. In a chilling twist, the women were alleged to have attempted to feed Sparky to Crooks' dog before ultimately throwing her into a dryer that had been switched on.

Tragically, when the women opened the dryer door, they found Sparky gasping for her final breaths. It was at this moment that one of the women cruelly snapped the bird's neck, ending her suffering. The sheer brutality of the crime left the presiding judge, Richard Archer, shocked and appalled. "The way in which suffering was caused to that animal is shocking," he declared during the trial.

Throughout the proceedings, both Dixon and Bradley denied causing unnecessary suffering to the innocent parrot. Instead, they pointed fingers at each other, attempting to evade responsibility for their heinous actions. However, their attempts to shift blame were ultimately unsuccessful, and they were each sentenced to 25 months in prison. In addition, their ownership of animals has been permanently banned.

The repercussions of this senseless act extend beyond the courtroom. African grey parrots, like Sparky, are currently facing risks of extinction due to poaching, according to the Zoological Society of London. This heartbreaking reality only intensifies the outcry against the cruelty inflicted upon Sparky by Dixon and Bradley.

As for Paul Crooks, he continues to mourn the loss of his beloved bird. Sparky was not just a pet but also a source of joy and entertainment for him and his friends. The parrot would delight them with renditions of "God Save the Queen" and theme songs from popular TV shows like Coronation Street and "Emmerdale." Crooks has suffered from panic attacks and sleepless nights since Sparky's tragic death. "The house is so quiet without her now, and she's been a huge miss," he lamented.

This shocking case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of treating all living creatures with kindness and respect. It is a tragic example of the consequences that can arise when individuals abandon their moral compass and engage in acts of cruelty. The memory of Sparky, the innocent parrot whose life was cut short by unfathomable cruelty, will not be forgotten.

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