Beloved corgis honor Queen Elizabeth II in anniversary parade

23:22 04.09.2023

In a heartwarming display of devotion and remembrance, a small gathering of royal enthusiasts and their beloved corgis convened outside Buckingham Palace on Sunday, commemorating the one-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's passing. Approximately 20 British monarchists, accompanied by their loyal corgis, partook in a delightful parade, adorned in regal attire including crowns and tiaras, capturing the essence of the late monarch's adoration for the breed.

Queen Elizabeth II, who famously cherished corgis throughout her life, possessed a remarkable collection of around 30 of these playful canines. Many of her cherished companions traced their lineage back to Susan, a corgi gifted to her on her 18th birthday in 1942. It is a testament to the Queen's unwavering affection for the breed that her legacy continues to be celebrated through these remarkable companions.

Captivating images from the event captured the essence of the day, displaying an array of corgis proudly parading together, their leashes tethered to the palace gates. The joy and love shared between the owners and their furry friends were palpable, as they honored the Queen's devotion to these delightful creatures.

Organizer Agatha Crerer-Gilbert expressed her hope that this corgi parade would become a cherished annual tradition, stating, "I can't see a better way to remember her than through her corgis, through the breed that she loved and cherished through her life." Crerer-Gilbert's sentiment was echoed by the participants, who found solace in the notion that Queen Elizabeth II's legacy lives on through these loyal companions.

Aleksandr Barmin, the proud owner of a corgi named Cinnamon, shared his profound emotions, acknowledging the somber reality of the Queen's passing. "It's a really hard feeling, to be honest... it's really sad that we don't have (the queen) among us anymore," he expressed, his voice filled with genuine sorrow. "But still, Her Majesty the Queen is still in our hearts."

The significance of the corgi parade extended beyond the participants, attracting the attention of both locals and tourists alike. While the traditional changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is a customary spectacle for visitors, the sight of these majestic corgis donning regal outfits added an endearing twist to the experience. The parade served as a vivid testament to the nation's enduring love for Queen Elizabeth II and the extraordinary bond she shared with her beloved corgis.

As the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's passing approaches on September 8th, the nation will stand united in honoring the 96-year-old queen who reigned for an astounding 70 years, holding the title of Britain's longest-reigning sovereign. While the pain of her loss remains, the corgi parade offered a poignant reminder that though she may no longer be physically present, Queen Elizabeth II's spirit lives on, forever entrenched in the hearts of her admirers.

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