Childhood in NYC: Matthew Broderick's Frequent Muggings

09:34 06.09.2023

Matthew Broderick, the actor known for his roles in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Wargames," revealed that he had a tough upbringing in New York City, frequently being targeted by muggers. Speaking on the iHeartPodcast Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi, Broderick shared that he was frequently attacked on the streets near his childhood home near Washington Square North and throughout the city.

Recounting his experiences, Broderick revealed that he was targeted by bullies who wanted his lunch money when he was just 12 years old. "I never had any money! And people constantly wanted [to mug me]," he shared. However, he also mentioned that some experiences were genuinely scary. One incident that stands out in his memory occurred while he was skateboarding in Central Park with a friend. Suddenly, a "massive gang came flying out" and robbed them, with Broderick even getting whacked in the head with a stick. Thankfully, they all survived the ordeal.

Broderick went on to share other intimidating encounters, including threats of having his head put through glass and being aggressively questioned by strangers on the New York trains. He described how people would sit next to him, put their arm around him, and demand to know what was in his pockets and his name. He admitted that during these moments, he would anxiously wait for the train to emerge from the tunnel onto the platform.

Despite these frightening experiences, Broderick explained that back then, his parents weren't as watchful over their children as parents are today. He did mention that a police officer would visit his school and teach them strategies for handling mugging situations. The officer advised the children to always carry some money, as it was best to give it up quickly to escape the situation.

Currently, Broderick has been married to actress Sarah Jessica Parker for 26 years, and they have three children together: James Wilkie, who is now 20, and twin daughters Tabitha and Marion, who are 13 years old.

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