Turkey rescuers preparing complex effort to retrieve ill American from Morca Cave

06:11 07.09.2023

In a dramatic turn of events, rescuers in Turkey are embarking on a complex and daring operation to save an American caver who has been trapped in a cave since Saturday. Mark Dickey, a 40-year-old experienced caver, finds himself trapped inside the treacherous Morca Cave, located approximately 3,400 feet from the entrance. The Turkish Caving Federation, along with the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service, is working tirelessly to orchestrate the rescue mission.

The alarm was raised on Saturday when the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service received a distress call from Dickey, stating that he was suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding and urgently needed assistance. Since then, the caving federation has reported that Dickey's condition has stabilized, the bleeding has ceased, and he is now able to walk with assistance. However, due to the challenging terrain, he requires a stretcher to be safely extracted from the cave complex.

This rescue operation is shaping up to be one of the most intricate and extensive cave rescues ever attempted, involving a staggering 150 rescuers. The caving federation is collaborating closely with the Turkish government's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, which has deployed teams ready for action. In preparation for the rescue effort, rescuers are in the process of setting up rope lines within the cave.

Dickey, who has been an instructor with the National Cave Rescue Commission for a decade, was leading an expedition to explore and map a new passage within the cave when tragedy struck. His loved ones, including his fiancee Jessica, who is also a caver, have expressed relief that his condition is improving. Dickey's parents, Andrew and Deborah Ann Dickey, released a statement acknowledging the gravity of the situation and their gratitude for the ongoing prayers and support.

The Turkish Caving Federation has confirmed that Dickey received units of blood earlier this week, indicating the seriousness of his condition. However, even with his progress, it is estimated that it may still take several days before Dickey can make it to the cave's entrance. The treacherous nature of the Morca Cave, known as the third-deepest in Turkey, adds to the complexity and lengthiness of the rescue operation.

Gretchen Baker, the National Coordinator of the National Cave Rescue Commission, emphasized the challenges that lie ahead, stating that it could take numerous days to fully extract Dickey from the cave due to its technical nature and his distance from the surface. Under ideal conditions, it typically takes an experienced caver around 15 hours to reach the surface from Dickey's current location.

The Morca Cave is nestled within the Taurus Mountains in southern Turkey, offering breathtaking natural beauty but also posing significant risks to explorers. Rescuers remain resolute and determined to ensure Dickey's safe return to the surface, aware that time is of the essence. The international caving community anxiously awaits the outcome of this high-stakes rescue operation.

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