Family files lawsuit alleging Peloton bike caused man's death by severing artery

14:16 07.09.2023

In a tragic incident that has raised concerns about the safety of Peloton equipment, Johanna Furtado has filed a lawsuit claiming that her son, Ryan Furtado, was killed by a Peloton bike. According to the lawsuit, Ryan, a 32-year-old New York City man, was exercising on his Peloton bike when the equipment fell on him and severed his carotid artery, resulting in his death. The incident occurred in January 2023 while Ryan was completing a core workout that required him to dismount from the bike and perform exercises on the floor.

The lawsuit alleges that when Ryan attempted to rise from the floor, he used the bike to assist him, but the equipment allegedly "spun around and impacted him on his neck and face, severing his carotid artery in his neck, killing him instantly." The New York Police Department found Ryan with the bike still resting on his neck and face. The lawsuit, filed in March in New York Supreme Court, seeks damages for various non-economic damages, medical expenses, and the cost of past and future medical and psychiatric care.

This incident comes amid previous safety concerns surrounding Peloton equipment. Earlier this year, Peloton recalled 2.2 million bikes with seat posts that could break off during use, as well as treadmills that caused injuries to children and resulted in one fatality. Johanna Furtado alleges that Peloton failed to adequately warn users about the risks associated with their equipment and did not properly test the bike's stability during certain exercises.

According to the lawsuit, the bike included only one warning label, located on the front right leg. Johanna Furtado argues that more warning labels should have been placed on the stem and base of the bike to adequately inform users about potential injuries that could occur while using the bike to pull oneself up from the floor during a workout.

In response to the lawsuit, Peloton expressed its condolences to the Furtado family and emphasized that the health and safety of its members are a top priority. Peloton maintains that the accident was a result of Ryan's own negligence or the negligence of other parties, for which Peloton is not responsible.

Ryan Furtado, originally from Maui, graduated from the University of Redlands and worked as a senior customer success manager for Demandbase, a sales and marketing company. His sudden death in Brooklyn, New York, where his life was flourishing, has left his family and friends devastated. Ryan is remembered for his kind heart, witty humor, and zest for life, which will be deeply missed.

This lawsuit highlights the ongoing concerns about the safety of Peloton equipment and raises questions about the effectiveness of the company's warning labels and testing procedures. Peloton's exercise equipment has faced multiple recalls in recent years, posing potential financial and reputational risks to the company. Shares of Peloton were down about 3% following the news of the lawsuit.

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