Family of woman killed by prison escapee under 24-hour police watch

05:11 08.09.2023

The family of Deborah Brand??o, who was brutally murdered by escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante, continues to live in fear and under constant police protection. Cavalcante, deemed extremely dangerous, managed to escape from a Pennsylvania prison by scaling a wall and has been on the run for over a week. The terrified loved ones of Brand??o are cooped up in their home, unable to leave due to concerns for their safety. Police have been stationed around their residence 24 hours a day in an effort to provide security.

Brand??o's murder took place in April 2021 when Cavalcante stabbed her 38 times in front of her then 7-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. The motive for the heinous crime was revealed to be Brand??o's intention to turn Cavalcante in to authorities after learning of a murder he committed in Brazil in 2017. District Attorney Deb Ryan expressed the family's fears during a press conference, highlighting their barricaded existence and constant terror. She assured the public that despite their ongoing protection, the family remains deeply concerned for their safety.

Sarah Brand??o, Deborah's sister who now has custody of her two children, spoke of her sleepless nights and constant fear since Cavalcante's escape. She revealed that her sister and Cavalcante were initially friendly neighbors who eventually entered into a relationship. However, as their connection deepened, Cavalcante became increasingly jealous and controlling. Sarah recounted her sister's descriptions of Cavalcante's changing personality, particularly when he drank alcohol, noting his invasive behavior such as going through her phone. Deborah eventually sought a protection order against him after enduring repeated threats. Tragically, Cavalcante took her life approximately a year later.

Sarah now lives in constant fear that Cavalcante may show up at her home while evading the authorities. Her concerns are shared by law enforcement, who have been conducting an extensive search near Longwood Gardens, a botanical garden in the area. The garden has temporarily closed its doors following a reported sighting of the fugitive. A trail camera captured Cavalcante's image on Monday, leading investigators to concentrate their search efforts in an 8- to 10-square-mile area around the gardens. Despite their persistent efforts, law enforcement has yet to apprehend the escaped convict.

The escape itself was caught on prison surveillance video, which was released by authorities. Cavalcante, who measures 5-foot-2, demonstrated his agility by maneuvering between parallel walls to reach the roof, ultimately making his successful escape. Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan expressed outrage at the escape, stating that it should have never happened, and emphasizing the concern and upset shared by the community.

The ongoing search for Cavalcante focuses on heavily wooded areas and nearby waterways where he could potentially be hiding. State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens confirmed that the search has been thorough, with law enforcement paying special attention to trees and bodies of water. The search area spans between eight and ten square miles, bordered by Pennsylvania Route 926, Hillendale Road, Pennsylvania Route 52, and Creek Road.

In an effort to expedite Cavalcante's capture, officials have increased the reward for information leading to his arrest to $20,000. The reward serves as an incentive for the public to come forward with any relevant information that may aid in his apprehension.

As the manhunt for the escaped convict continues, the family of Deborah Brand??o remains in a state of constant fear and uncertainty. Their lives have been upended by the tragic loss of their loved one and the ongoing threat posed by Cavalcante's freedom. The community eagerly awaits his capture, hoping for a resolution that will bring some semblance of peace to Brand??o's grieving family.

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