How Kate, William and Harry paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth on death anniversary

17:52 09.09.2023

Prince Harry was seen leaving St. George's Chapel in Windsor on Friday after paying his respects to Queen Elizabeth on the first anniversary of her death. Body language expert Judi James noted that Harry appeared lonely and isolated at the event, trying to avoid attention as he attended the solemn service alone. James described Harry's body language as furtive, walking quickly out of the chapel in an informal shirt that was undone at the neck. She suggested that his demeanor conveyed a message of a solitary and personal visit to honor his grandmother.

In contrast, Prince William and Princess Kate took part in a more public memorial in South Wales to honor the queen. The couple attended a small private service at St Davids Cathedral, where they laid flowers and offered condolences. James highlighted the contrast between Harry's isolated appearance and the more formal presence of William and Kate, emphasizing the sadness of Harry being unable to share his grief and pay respects with the rest of his family.

Harry attended the Windsor service without Meghan Markle, who stayed behind at their home in California. However, he made a tribute to the queen in his speech at the WellChild Awards, which he attended during his visit to the UK. Harry expressed regret for not being able to attend the awards the previous year due to his grandmother's passing and mentioned that she would have insisted he be present with everyone else. He believed that she was looking down on them, happy to see the community coming together.

Meanwhile, William and Kate posted a tribute on social media to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the queen's death. They shared a carousel of photographs illustrating significant moments in the queen's life, including her Platinum Jubilee and interactions with the royal family. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge expressed their collective longing for the late monarch, remembering her extraordinary life and legacy.

As the royal family adjusts to King Charles as the head of the family and the British Empire, there is a sense of loss and adjustment. An insider revealed that the queen played a vital role in their lives, but they are impressed with how smoothly the transition is progressing despite the occasional challenges. The family gathered at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, their summer vacation home, to remember the queen and reflect on her absence. Balmoral was her favorite place, and her absence will be deeply felt during this time.

Prince Charles also paid tribute to his mother in a pre-recorded speech from Balmoral. He expressed deep gratitude for her long life, devoted service, and the love and support shown to him and his wife during their first year as the new heads of the family. Harry also visited St. George's Chapel for a private visit, and the day before, he gave a touching speech about the queen at the WellChild Awards, regretting his absence the previous year due to his grandmother's passing.

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