Coach Joe Kennedy resigns to support family amid alleged mistreatment

02:47 10.09.2023

Former assistant football coach Joe Kennedy, known for his legal battle to say a prayer on the high school football field in Bremerton, Washington, has announced his resignation. Kennedy appeared on "Fox & Friends" to discuss the reasons behind his decision, citing alleged retaliation from the school district that fired him eight years ago and forced to rehire him after his Supreme Court victory. Kennedy explained that he decided to quit after the first game of the season this year due to family health issues in Florida. Kennedy recently returned to coaching at Bremerton High School after winning his First Amendment case in 2022. However, he claims that the school district did not support him as much as he expected. Kennedy's attorney, Hiram Sasser, revealed that they are investigating the alleged retaliation, including being banned from team activities and meetings. Kennedy stated that retiring at this time felt like the right thing to do after fighting for eight years, and he feels proud of his accomplishments. He also mentioned that he is considering a potential ministry role in the future. Kennedy believes that he can continue advocating for constitutional freedom and religious liberty outside of the school system. He plans to work on helping people understand and embrace the historic ruling of his case. Kennedy expressed gratitude for the support he received from family, friends, and millions of Americans throughout his legal battle. In his resignation statement, Kennedy mentioned that his book, "Average Joe," will be released in October. He also expressed his fondness for Bremerton, stating that it will always be home to him. Kennedy lost his coaching job in 2015 due to his practice of saying a silent prayer on the football field and fought a legal battle that reached the Supreme Court. On his first day back as a coach, Kennedy took a knee and gave thanks to God for the opportunity to practice his faith. He now plans to pray about his next career move beyond the football field, aiming to be a light in the world.

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