David Wells on how to fix Yankees: Send struggling players to minors

03:56 10.09.2023

Former New York Yankees pitcher David Wells made headlines on Saturday during the team's Old Timers' Day event at Yankee Stadium. Wells, who was a member of the Yankees' 1998 World Series-winning team, used the occasion to express his disdain for what he called "woke culture" and criticized major companies like Nike and Bud Light for their involvement in politics and culture.

Sporting a Yankees jersey with a piece of medical tape covering the Nike logo, Wells voiced his frustrations, stating, "We're in a different world... It sucks. That's why everyone should carry a gun." Wells went on to say that if he were still playing in the MLB today, he would have cut a hole in his jersey rather than wear the Nike logo. He expressed his strong dislike for the company, saying, "I hate Nike! They're woke!"

Wells also took aim at Bud Light, stating that he would never drink the beer again due to its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. He criticized companies like Bud Light for involving themselves too much in politics and culture.

In addition to his grievances with Nike and Bud Light, Wells criticized MLB's culture, claiming that it coddles players and places too much blame on managers and general managers. He suggested that teams should be harsher in their treatment of underperforming players, saying, "Send a message... send him [to Triple-A] and let him go sit down and think about it."

Wells' comments seemed to deflect blame from Yankees' general manager Brian Cashman, who has received widespread criticism for the team's struggles this season. The Yankees currently sit in last place in the American League East with a 70-71 record, putting their streak of 30 consecutive winning seasons in jeopardy.

Despite the controversy surrounding Wells' remarks, the focus of the Old Timers' Day event was on former Yankees captain Derek Jeter. Jeter made his long-awaited debut at the event, wearing his iconic number 2 uniform to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1998 World Series championship team.

As the Yankees' postseason chances hang in the balance, Wells' strong opinions and criticisms have certainly added fuel to the ongoing discussions surrounding the team's struggles and the state of baseball culture. Whether his ideas will have any impact on the team's future remains to be seen.

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