Nantucket locals 'cracking up' over party doc Scott Burke's drug, 'hooker' arrest - as marina shuns luxury yacht

17:34 10.09.2023

Retired Doctor Arrested on Luxurious Yacht with Drugs, Guns, and Prostitutes

A retired doctor, Scott Anthony Burke, was recently arrested aboard his 82-foot yacht, the Jess Conn, off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The arrest came after authorities received a report of a woman in need of medical assistance, potentially due to a drug overdose, on the yacht. While responding to the call, police discovered a shocking array of illegal substances and weapons on board.

Burke, a 69-year-old married father of two, was able to post $200,000 bail and is now walking free. However, his release has left locals curious about who may still be on the yacht, as it remains anchored in the ritzy Nantucket harbor. Fishermen and marina workers have reported seeing individuals, including two males and a female, on the boat since Burke's arrest. The yacht's top-deck hot tub was recently used, with a towel and cover left nearby, indicating recent activity.

The discovery of drugs and prostitutes on the yacht has been met with amusement by some Nantucket natives, who claim that drug use and illicit activities are common among the island's elite visitors. However, the presence of weapons on board has raised concerns and crossed a line for many locals. Marina workers have even refused to provide services to those on the yacht, making it clear that they want no association with the vessel.

During the police raid, authorities found approximately 43 grams of cocaine and 14 grams of ketamine, as well as a loaded 9mm pistol and a .380 pistol. Loose ammunition was also scattered across a bedroom floor. Burke allegedly confessed to owning the guns and provided information to the police about additional firearms. It is worth noting that Burke does not possess a valid license to carry or firearm identification card.

Burke has been charged with drug and weapons trafficking and pleaded not guilty during his arraignment at Plymouth District Court. Residents of Nantucket have been amused by the situation, finding humor in the doctor's downfall. However, they also recognize the seriousness of the weapons found on the yacht. Many islanders believe that the drugs and illicit activities should remain under wraps to preserve the island's reputation as a luxurious vacation destination.

Burke, who previously ran a spine and rehabilitation clinic in Colorado, retired in 2021 and now resides in the exclusive Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida. His arrest and the subsequent discoveries on his yacht have captured the attention of both locals and the media, highlighting the presence of illegal activities in an otherwise idyllic island community.

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