Teen who suffered loss of leg in accident is called 'lazy child' on train, ordered to 'get up' from seat

00:03 11.09.2023

A 16-year-old girl recently shared a personal story on Reddit that quickly gained attention and sparked a massive response on social media. The young woman, who goes by the username "Swimming-Contact6122," revealed that she lost her left leg in an accident a few years ago. However, thanks to her family's financial stability, she has been able to use a highly advanced prosthetic leg that seamlessly blends with her other leg when she wears long trousers. Despite this, she admitted to being self-conscious about showing her prosthetic and usually opts for covering it up.

In her post on the subreddit known as AITA ("Am I the a-hole?"), the teen explained that she can perform various activities without any issues, such as walking, running, and climbing stairs. However, sudden changes in movement, particularly on trains and buses, can throw off her balance. It was during one of these instances that she encountered a difficult situation.

She described how she had taken a seat reserved for disabled, elderly, and pregnant individuals on a busy train. As there were no other available seats, she chose to sit there. However, a woman approached her and insisted that she vacate the seat because she needed it. The teenager apologized but explained that she, too, required the seat due to her disability.

The woman became argumentative, asserting that the seat was intended for the elderly and that the teenager was just a lazy child capable of standing. The train conductor was called over and also demanded that the girl give up her seat. Fed up with being treated poorly, the teenager decided to reveal her prosthetic leg by rolling up her trouser leg. This action left the woman embarrassed and mumbling before she exited the train at the next station.

Seeking validation and opinions from others, the teenager asked if she had handled the situation in the right way. She mentioned that discussing her prosthetic leg was a sensitive topic for her and made her self-conscious, which was why she usually concealed it by wearing long trousers.

Reddit users flooded the post with support and understanding. One commenter earned 16,000 upvotes for stating that the girl had handled the situation more gracefully than most would have. They emphasized that everyone is different and would have responded differently. Another person shared a similar experience of a friend in college who faced discrimination due to an invisible disability.

Many commenters emphasized that individuals should not have to disclose their disabilities or prove their need for accommodations. They criticized the woman and the train conductor for their inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. Some expressed sympathy for the teenager, offering heartfelt apologies for the incident.

The overwhelming response to the girl's story highlights the importance of raising awareness about invisible disabilities and the challenges faced by individuals who have them. It also serves as a reminder for society to be more understanding and considerate when it comes to disability accommodations.

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