Today's Top News: A Court Order on Texas' Rio Grande Barrier, and More

06:31 11.09.2023

In today's edition of The New York Times Audio, hosted by Annie Correal, we bring you a compilation of the biggest stories of the day from reporters across the newsroom and around the world.

First up, Vivian Yee takes us to the quake-battered mountains of Morocco, where many residents are left to fend for themselves in the aftermath of natural disasters. Despite the challenges they face, these resilient Moroccans show great strength and determination.

Moving on, Katie Rogers explores the deepening ties between President Biden and Vietnam as China's ambitions continue to grow. Biden's efforts to strengthen relationships in the region aim to counterbalance the influence of both Putin and Xi.

Meanwhile, Tripp Mickle delves into the smartphone industry and highlights the expanding dominance of the iPhone. As the industry as a whole experiences a slowdown, Apple's flagship product continues to solidify its market position.

Next, our host Katrin Bennhold brings us intriguing stories from the G20 summit. In an attempt to fill the hole left by Putin and Xi, President Biden seeks to establish new alliances and partnerships on the international stage.

Moving closer to home, Miriam Jordan sheds light on how Florida's immigration law enacted by Governor DeSantis may affect hurricane cleanup efforts. The law's implications could have significant consequences for the state's ability to effectively respond to natural disasters.

Anton Troianovski takes us into a high-stakes scramble for the empire left behind after the death of Prigozhin. With the power vacuum created by his passing, different factions compete to seize control and maintain their influence.

In Texas, J. David Goodman reports on a judge's order to move a barrier that was placed in the middle of the Rio Grande. This development has significant implications for border control and the ongoing immigration debate.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg sheds light on the impact of restrictive abortion laws in red states, driving obstetricians away and resulting in a decline in quality maternity care for women. This highlights the consequences of such legislation on women's healthcare.

Lastly, Sarah Hurtes explores the experiences of women in Spanish soccer, where they face issues such as bedtime check-ins and verbal abuse. This important investigation sheds light on the challenges and discrimination that women face in the sport.

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