Abby Lee Miller, 57, admits being attracted to high school football players: 'That's my downfall'

20:14 11.09.2023

Abby Lee Miller, the former star of "Dance Moms," is facing backlash after admitting her attraction to high school football players during an episode of Sofia Franklyn's podcast, "Sofia with an F." In an Instagram video posted on Monday, Miller attempted to "set the record straight" by explaining her preferences and addressing the criticism she had received.

In the video, the 57-year-old Miller acknowledged that she has always been drawn to "hot, athletic, muscular types of guys - the jocks." She further explained that she values certain qualities in a potential partner, including the ability to go out to clubs, gamble in Vegas, and even rent an ADA-compliant, handicapped accessible van. Miller emphasized that these preferences are not solely based on physical appearance but also encompass qualities such as having a business bank account, success, and personal passions.

The controversial comments were initially made during a discussion about Tom Cruise's habit of sending cakes to friends as an annual gift. Miller referenced Cruise's role in the 1983 film "All the Right Moves," in which he portrayed a high school football star. Sofia Franklyn, co-host of the podcast, admitted not having seen the movie. Miller responded by stating, "Oh, that's my downfall. I still like them," referring to high school football players.

Franklyn quickly tried to redirect the conversation, expressing that she herself is attracted to adult "coaches." However, Miller persisted in her preferences, clarifying that she was interested in current high school football players, not those who had already graduated.

The revelation sparked controversy and criticism, prompting media outlets to reach out to both Miller and Franklyn for further comment. Miller took to Instagram to provide additional context, urging those who hadn't seen "All the Right Moves" to watch it in order to fully understand her perspective.

In a surprising turn of events, Miller concluded her video by playfully expressing her interest in a former NFL player, possibly indicating her availability and openness to dating. She mentioned her upcoming high school class reunion in November and expressed hope that a former heartthrob would be in attendance. If not, she jokingly mentioned NFL star Tom Brady as a potential romantic interest.

Abby Lee Miller, a controversial figure in the entertainment industry, has faced numerous challenges in recent years. In 2017, she served an eight-month jail sentence after being found guilty of financial fraud. Following her release from prison in 2018, Miller was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. As a result, she has been using a wheelchair since June 2018. However, Miller announced in 2019 that she was cancer-free.

Despite her legal troubles and health issues, Abby Lee Miller remains a prominent figure in the public eye. Her recent comments have only added to her notoriety and have sparked a heated discussion about appropriate boundaries and social expectations.

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