Aaron Rodgers' injury left Peyton Manning in utter disbelief

22:34 11.09.2023

In a devastating turn of events for the Jets, star quarterback Aaron Rodgers left the season-opening game against the Bills with a potentially severe injury. While initial X-rays came back negative, there are concerns that Rodgers may have suffered an Achilles injury. NFL insider Jordan Schultz reported the news, stating that it's unclear if the Achilles is ruptured. The Jets have scheduled an MRI exam for Rodgers on Tuesday to further assess the extent of the injury.

During the halftime show of the "Monday Night Football" broadcast, ESPN's Adam Schefter echoed similar information regarding Rodgers' injury. He emphasized that although the X-rays were negative, it does not rule out the possibility of a more severe injury. Schefter mentioned that there is concern among people in the league, who have not examined Rodgers, that the injury could be either a high ankle sprain or an Achilles injury. He stressed that the Achilles injury is the one that everyone worries about.

Schefter also pointed out that the Jets likely have a good understanding of the nature of Rodgers' injury. The fact that Rodgers is in a boot and has been ruled out for the game raises concerns about the severity of the injury. Additionally, his age, at 39 years old, adds another layer of worry.

The injury occurred during the fifth offensive play of the game when Rodgers was sacked by Bills edge rusher Leonard Floyd. Initially slow to get up, Rodgers went back to the ground in pain after briefly standing. Team trainers rushed to his aid and eventually helped him off the field to the medical tent. He was then transported via cart for X-rays and later appeared in a walking boot. The Jets made the decision to rule him out for the remainder of the game, forcing backup quarterback Zach Wilson to take over.

The shock of Rodgers' injury was palpable, not just among Jets fans but throughout the media as well. During the "Monday Night Football" broadcast, Peyton Manning, who was providing commentary on the "Manningcast," expressed complete disbelief at the sight of Rodgers being carted off after leaving the medical tent. Manning's reaction mirrored the sentiments of Jets fans, as he exclaimed, "Holy... cow" and sat back in his seat, hands on his head. He continued to express his disbelief, stating that he initially thought it was just an ankle injury that could be taped up for Rodgers to return to the game.

Former WFAN midday host and avid Jets fan, Joe Benigno, also shared his disbelief on social media. He took to Twitter to express the pain he felt, exclaiming, "The Pain is real bro, you can't make this up!!"

Jets head coach Robert Saleh provided an update on Rodgers' condition during the live broadcast. He confirmed that Rodgers was dealing with an ankle injury and was undergoing further evaluation. Saleh remained optimistic, mentioning that the team still had a talented group of players who would step up in Rodgers' absence.

As the Jets await the results of Rodgers' MRI exam, the entire organization and fanbase hold their breath, hoping for a positive outcome and a swift recovery for their star quarterback.

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