Officer races after wanted burglar on borrowed boy's bike

23:06 11.09.2023

In a surprising incident that unfolded in Gosport, England, a police officer borrowed a schoolboy's small bicycle to chase down a suspected burglar. Officer Harriett Taylor of Hampshire Police approached the stunned youngster and asked for permission to borrow his bike, promising to return it afterwards. The boy, in awe of the situation, agreed and watched in amazement as Officer Taylor mounted the small bike and set off in pursuit of the suspect.

Bodycam footage obtained by SWNS, a British news service, captured the incredible sight of the pedal-powered police officer racing after the wanted man. Despite the unconventional choice of transportation, Officer Taylor's determination and quick thinking paid off. The Hampshire Police later praised the boy as a "little hero" and promptly returned his bicycle. To commemorate the extraordinary collaboration, the arresting officer posed for a photo with the young boy.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Saturday night when officers were on patrol in Gosport town center. As they were searching for a wanted man, Officer Taylor spotted the boy on his small bicycle in the White Lion Walk area of the town. Seizing the opportunity, she approached the lad and engaged in a brief conversation to secure the loan of his bike. Recognizing the need for pedal power to assist in capturing the 47-year-old suspect, the officer expressed her gratitude to the boy before stating, "Thank you so much for the generous loan of your bike, young man! You, and your bike, were a great help to us!"

The Hampshire Police jokingly added that the boy could borrow a police car whenever he needed one, further highlighting the lightheartedness of the incident. Online comments about the unique story praised the officer's resourcefulness, with one person stating, "One has to do what one has to do. Great catch!"

The law-abiding citizens of Gosport can be thankful for Officer Taylor's quick thinking and determination that led to the successful arrest of the suspect. In a hilarious video that has since gone viral, Taylor can be seen pedaling down the street on the blue-and-white child's bike, significantly smaller than her. The off-the-chain plan worked to perfection, and the suspect was apprehended on charges of theft, burglary, and shoplifting.

The boy who selflessly lent his bicycle to the officer during the pursuit has received widespread recognition from the Hampshire Police, who hailed him as a "little hero." Officer Taylor, true to her word, returned the bike to the boy and posed for a memorable photo with him. The heartwarming collaboration between the young boy and the dedicated police officer serves as a reminder of the surprising and uplifting moments that can occur even in the midst of a serious criminal investigation.

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