Surfer's face bitten by shark at popular Florida beach

04:38 13.09.2023

A 38-year-old surfer from South Carolina was attacked by a shark while surfing at New Smyrna Beach in Florida on Tuesday morning. The incident occurred just before 8 a.m. at the inlet, where most shark bites in the area occur. The man was bitten on the right side of his face, between his ear and eye, when he hopped off his board after riding a wave. Veteran surfer Ron Robinson witnessed the aftermath of the attack and saw the injured surfer being taken away in an ambulance.

The victim was immediately transported to Halifax Health trauma center and was released later that evening. Despite the severity of the incident, which left the man with non-life-threatening injuries, he was fortunate to have avoided any fatal consequences. This reflects the overall trend in Volusia County, where shark bites are fairly common but rarely fatal. In fact, there have been seven shark bites in the county this year, but no fatalities in recent memory.

Aerial footage taken later in the day revealed several sharks lurking in the water near the jetty, which is known for generating pristine surfing waves and attracting large schools of bait fish. Locals and experts agree that most shark bites are a result of mistaken identity, with the sharks typically confusing humans in the water for their natural prey. The jetty's abundant food source makes it an attractive hunting ground for these apex predators.

Despite the presence of sharks, local surfers remain undeterred from their favorite pastime. George Franco, a surfer in the area, compared the situation to dealing with bad drivers on a busy highway, stating, "We know they're out there. It's their backyard. You just try not to fall on them." This sentiment is echoed by many surfers who understand the risks associated with their chosen sport.

This incident adds to the recent spate of shark attacks in the area. Over the Labor Day weekend, two other individuals were bitten by sharks at New Smyrna Beach. A 37-year-old woman from Apopka was bitten on her right foot while in shallow waters on Ponce Inlet. Another man in his 30s was bitten on his left hand near the Ponce Inlet Jetty. Both victims escaped with minor injuries and sought medical attention on their own accord.

Officials have not disclosed the specific species of shark involved in any of these attacks. However, the local beach safety authorities are closely monitoring the situation and providing necessary warnings to beachgoers. The incidents highlight the need for caution and awareness when entering the waters of New Smyrna Beach, a renowned surfing destination that unfortunately attracts its fair share of sharks.

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