College student blames parents for dating woes and height insecurities

16:13 15.09.2023

In a recent social media post that has garnered considerable attention, a 20-year-old male, who goes by the username "Southern_Bed_1402" on the AITA subreddit, expressed his frustration and blame towards his parents for his perceived shortcomings. According to the individual, he stands at a height of 5'3" and believes that his parents' decision to forgo hormone-stabilizing shots during his adolescence is the cause of his short stature.

The young man explained that when he was 11 or 12 years old, his doctor informed his family that his pituitary gland was malfunctioning and could result in unpredictable growth patterns. The options presented were either the complete cessation of growth hormone production, leading to short stature, or an overproduction of growth hormone, potentially resulting in a height of 6'3" or taller. To mitigate the uncertainty, the doctor recommended hormone-stabilizing shots that would ensure normal growth. However, despite his willingness to undergo the shots and secure an average height, the young man's parents opted against the treatment, believing he had a chance to become significantly taller naturally.

As a consequence, the individual ceased growing early and found himself at a height of 5'3". Compounding his frustration, the young man's parents and siblings frequently make jokes about his height and lack of a girlfriend. These constant jabs reached a boiling point when his family visited him at college, prompting him to shout at them, blaming them for his predicament. While his mother burst into tears, his father lashed out, accusing him of being an "a-hole."

The young man turned to the AITA subreddit seeking validation for his feelings and questioning whether he was in the wrong for expressing his anger towards his parents. The post gained significant traction, with approximately 4,500 reactions and 2,700 shares by concerned individuals. Fox News Digital reached out to the original poster for further comment, but no response was received.

Commenters on the post displayed a mix of sympathy and advice. Many individuals expressed their empathy for the original poster and assured him that height should not be a decisive factor in relationships. They encouraged him to focus on the things he can control and not let his height define him. However, some commenters also pointed out that while his parents' decision may have been misguided, he should not solely blame them for his lack of a romantic partner.

A psychologist was consulted by Fox News Digital to provide insight into the situation. While their response was not available, it can be assumed that they offered guidance on coping with feelings of inadequacy and working towards self-acceptance. Additionally, the psychologist may have highlighted the inherent advantages the young man possesses, such as the potential for a more muscular appearance due to his smaller stature.

Despite the sympathetic responses, some commenters emphasized the need for the young man to accept and celebrate himself, recognizing that his height does not define his worth. They encouraged him to channel his energy into positive outlets and embrace his unique attributes.

Ultimately, this social media post highlights the complex emotions and insecurities that can arise from external factors beyond one's control. It serves as a reminder that self-acceptance and a focus on personal growth are essential in navigating such challenges.

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