Couple renews wedding vows 164 miles away for grandmother with Alzheimer's

20:22 17.09.2023

A heartwarming story unfolded as newlyweds, Will and Rebecca Heppell, went to great lengths to recreate their wedding ceremony for the sake of Rebecca's 91-year-old grandmother, Peggy Dracup, who suffers from Alzheimer's. The couple, both 26 years old and childhood sweethearts, initially tied the knot in a picturesque ceremony in the Cotswolds last month. However, Peggy was unable to attend due to her condition. Determined to include her in their special day, the couple decided to re-enact their vows in a more intimate setting at the care home where Peggy resides.

The couple, who are both teachers, had met as teenagers and got engaged during a romantic trip to Iceland on their 10th anniversary. When it came time to plan their wedding, they were adamant about ensuring Peggy's presence. Unfortunately, the care home staff at Osborne House in Selby, North Yorkshire, felt that Peggy wouldn't be up for the long journey to the Cotswolds. Undeterred, the couple made arrangements to recreate their entire wedding day in the grounds of the care home, just for Peggy.

The second ceremony, which took place exactly two weeks after the first, was an exact replica in every detail. The couple painstakingly recreated their special day, from the decorations to the first dance, even striking the same pose. Their dedication paid off, as Peggy was able to witness the ceremony and enjoy the moments with the couple. Rebecca expressed her joy at having her grandmother present, saying, "It was a really special day and [it was] great that my grandma could be part of it. She was overjoyed."

Rebecca also mentioned that Peggy's memory isn't great, but she recognized the couple and complemented Rebecca's dress. The bride's sister played a few tunes at the ceremony, knowing Peggy's love for music. The care home staff went above and beyond, creating a magical setting and a spectacular wedding cake adorned with handmade sugar roses.

Will described the experience as "doubly magical" because they were able to relive the original ceremony and share it with Peggy. Helen Harrison, the mother of the bride, expressed her delight at seeing her mother interact with loved ones and be part of the celebration. She praised the staff at Osborne House for their exceptional efforts in creating a beautifully decorated venue and providing a spectacular silver service buffet tea for the reception.

The couple's first wedding took place on August 5, followed by a honeymoon in Kenya and Mauritius. They returned home to recreate the special day on August 29, ensuring Peggy's presence and making it a day never to be forgotten. The couple's commitment and love for their grandmother exemplify the power of family bonds and the efforts we make to include and cherish our loved ones, regardless of their circumstances.

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