Mother of missing ex-NFL player Sergio Brown was fatally assaulted

02:21 18.09.2023 - NBC News

Homicide detectives on Sunday were investigating the death of the mother of a former NFL player after both were reporting missing from a Chicago suburb.

Myrtle Brown, 73, was found unresponsive near a creek behind her home Saturday as officers conducted a search for her and son Sergio Brown, 35, formerly of the Buffalo Bills, police in Maywood, Illinois, said.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said by email Sunday night that the elder Brown was killed by "multiple injuries due to assault." It characterized the manner of death as homicide.

Family members who said they couldn't find or contact the two reported them missing earlier Saturday, the Maywood Police Department said in a statement obtained by NBC Chicago.

Officers launched a search but it wasn't until a second round that Myrtle Brown was found, it said.

The statement characterized the police probe as a homicide investigation, but it did not say what led detectives to that determination.

"Currently the Maywood Police Department is attempting to locate Mr. Sergio Brown," the department said.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts was urged to contact authorities.

Brown played a number of positions, including defensive back, free safety, and strong safety.

He played for his high school football team in Maywood before attending the University of Notre Dame as a football player and moving on to a number of NFL teams, including the Indianapolis Colts and the Bills.

In 2016, NFL on Fox announced on Facebook that Brown earned a master's in business administration degree from the University of Miami.

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Ex-NFL player Sergio Brown's mother found dead, while he remains missing

Homicide detectives in Maywood, Illinois, are currently investigating the death of a former NFL player's mother, Myrtle Brown, after both her and her son, Sergio Brown, were reported missing from their Chicago suburb home. The 73-year-old Myrtle Brown was discovered unresponsive near a creek behind her house on Saturday during the police search for her and Sergio Brown, who is a 35-year-old former player for the Buffalo Bills.

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office, Myrtle Brown suffered from "multiple injuries due to assault," leading them to classify her death as a homicide. Family members, who were unable to locate or contact the pair, reported them missing earlier on Saturday, prompting the Maywood Police Department to launch a search operation. Myrtle Brown's body was found during the second round of the search, but the police statement did not provide details about what led them to investigate the case as a homicide.

Currently, Sergio Brown's whereabouts remain unknown, and the Maywood Police Department is requesting assistance from the public in locating him. Sergio Brown, a former NFL player, held various positions during his career, including defensive back, free safety, and strong safety. ..... 

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Sergio Brown and the death of his mother have left the community shocked and searching for answers. Family members express their concern over the unusual silence from Myrtle Brown, describing her as someone who would always answer her phone and respond to messages. Sheila Simmons, Myrtle Brown's sister, revealed that she had last spoken to her on September 14, just days after her birthday on September 8. Simmons received a phone call at around 3 a.m. on the day they were reported missing, alerting her to their disappearance.

Simmons immediately went to Myrtle Brown's home in Maywood and noticed that things were out of place. The family is eager to uncover the truth about what happened to their loved ones and find closure. Sergio Brown, a respected former Notre Dame football standout and a Maywood native, began his professional career in 2010 when he signed with the New England Patriots as an undrafted free agent. He went on to play seven seasons in the NFL for the Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills, before his last season in 2016.

Ex-NFL player Sergio Brown missing, mother found dead in Illinois creek, officials say

Sergio Brown a 7-year NFL veteran; homicide investigation launched.

A former NFL player is missing and his mother is dead as police in Illinois launched an investigation over the weekend into the mysterious circumstances.

Family members of Sergio Brown and his mother, Myrtle, contacted authorities on Saturday to say they couldn't find or make contact with either person, Maywood police said. A missing persons search was started and 73-year-old Myrtle Brown was found dead in a creek near her home, according to FOX 59.

Authorities were investigating Myrtle Brown's death as a homicide.

Sheila Simmons, the sister of Myrtle Brown, told WGN-TV that she last talked to her on Sept. 14 and that the woman just celebrated her birthday on Sept. 8. Simmons said she received a phone call around 3 a.m. local time that her sister and nephew were missing.

"We're going to find out what happened because it's not normal for my sister to not answer her phone, not to respond to text messages. People have been reaching out to her since Friday. No one was able to reach her," Simmons told the station. "Now, I got the call this morning saying that she's missing, so immediately I came out here and find out my sister is dead."


Family members told WGN-TV they hadn't heard from Sergio Brown.


He played seven seasons in the NFL with the Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills. He last played in the league in 2016.

Former NFL player Sergio Brown missing after mother found dead

Authorities are searching for former NFL player Sergio Brown after, they say, his mother's body was found Saturday evening in a creek less than 100 yards from her home.

Police lights and crime scene tape are unfamiliar sights for residents of the Chicago suburb of Maywood.

But Carlos Cortez told CBS New Chicago his "whole block was filled with family and police" Saturday.

Cortez was curious about what was going on. He later learned there was concern surrounding his next-door neighbor, 73-year-old Myrtle Brown, and her son 35-year-old son, a former NFL safety.

"Her family came and knocked on the door and was looking for her cause they put out a police report because she was missing for 72 hours," he said.

Just hours into the Saturday search with no signs of Myrtle or Sergio, police decided to widen the search area.

That's when Maywood Police found Myrtle's body.

On Sunday, the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office identified her cause of death as multiple injuries from assault.

"Myrtle, she was an outstanding woman, and I'm hoping she's in the right place and she's with God. Like I said, I never would've expected this in a million years. You only watch this on TV. And to know this happened next door, it's a tragedy," Cortez said.

While police continue searching for Sergio, neighbors are assisting with a timeline.

Cortez told CBS News Chicago he last saw the two Thursday in person.

Cortez says family members told him Sergio wasn't himself the last few months.

He added that police have been called to the home before.

"I just hope that the family has closure, and I'll be praying for them. I hope the family gets through this. And I'll keep them in mind in my prayers," Cortez said.

Thank you, everyone, for all of your outreach, help, love and condolences. It's a sad but hopeful time, and we will...

Posted by Nick Brown on Sunday, September 17, 2023

Myrtle's son Nick Brown released a statement on Facebook saying his mother always told him tough times don't last and telling his brother Sergio he loves him and wants him to return home.

 ..... After that, he played with the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills until 2016.

Former NFL player Sergio Brown missing as mother found dead in apparent homicide

A former NFL player is missing and his mother was found dead in a suspected homicide after relatives told Illinois authorities they couldn't reach either family member Saturday.

Ex-pro football player Sergio Brown, 35, and his 73-year-old mother Myrtle Brown were reported missing by family Saturday, Maywood police said, according to local reports.

After a search was launched for the pair, Myrtle Brown was found dead near a creek behind her home, authorities said, WGN-TV reported.

Her death was ruled a homicide Sunday by the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office. She reportedly died from multiple injuries tied to an assault, officials said.

Sheila Simmons, the fatal victim's sister, told WGN-TV that she last spoke to her sister Thursday. She was told early Saturday Myrtle and Sergio Brown were missing.


Sergio Brown, a former safety, appeared in 94 games including for the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills. He played in the league from 2010 until 2016.

The Notre Dame alum played his high school ball at Proviso East High School in Maywood, a Chicago suburb.

Nick Brown, Sergio's brother, urged him to come home in a Facebook post, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"I want him to know that I love you and please come home," Nick Brown wrote.

Brother of missing ex-NFL player implores him to 'please come home'

Sergio Brown reported missing after mother was found dead.

The brother of a missing ex-NFL player whose mother was found dead in a creek near her home in Illinois remembered the woman in a heartbreaking Instagram post and implored the former defensive back to come home.

Nick Brown posted a photo of his mother, Myrtle Brown, on his social media account Sunday and thanked those who reached out to him with their support.

"It's a sad but hopeful time, and we will all get through this together," Brown wrote in the caption for the photo of his mother. "Mom always told me, 'tough times don't last' and our last conversation about tough times being temporary is my beacon of hope."

"Mom, thank you for being strong, caring, diligent, fancy, funny, and for saving my art. I won't let you down."

Nick Brown also had a message for his brother, Sergio Brown. The former NFL player was reported missing as police in Maywood launched a homicide investigation into the death of their mother.

"My brother Sergio is still missing. ..... 

"People, please don't approach the property, this is still an ongoing investigation by the Maywood Police Department. If you have any information on Sergio's whereabouts please send them to the Maywood Police Department."


Missing ex-NFL player Sergio Brown appears to surface in Mexico with bizarre rant after mom's death ruled homicide

Ex-NFL player Sergio Brown, who went missing after his mother was found dead in a creek near her Illinois home, appears to have surfaced in Mexico in a bizarre video posted to Instagram, claiming he thought his mom was on vacation and that he had been kidnapped by law enforcement.

The 35-year-old former player is believed to no longer be missing Tuesday after he was spotted in a bizarre Instagram Story shared on " intplayerwithapassport," which appears to be a burner account for the player.

In the video, the former New England Patriots player addressed the news that his mother, Myrtle Brown, 73, was found dead near a creek behind her home.

Sergio Brown said he thought his mother was on vacation and that he had been kidnapped by the FBI and the Maywood Police Department.

He also makes several claims of "fake news" before going off on an incoherent rant, during which he accuses the Maywood Police Department and the FBI of kidnapping him twice from his home.

"They kidnapped me twice from home. The Maywood Police Department," he said before his words became muddled and unintelligible.

"It had to be the FBI or the Maywood police," he says to the camera as loud music blares in the background. "I thought my f-kin' momma was on vacation."

The video was allegedly taken and tagged with a location of Mexico City before being deleted and reposted without the location, Deadspin reported. His whereabouts remain unclear.

Even before he and his late mother disappeared, Sergio Brown had been acting out of character for months, their neighbor Carlos Cortez told CBS 2.

Cortez says he last saw the mother and son on Thursday, but police told him they spotted something unusual on a Ring doorbell camera.

"They see him taking out the trash, and they see him have a bonfire where he burned all her clothes," Cortez said.

The abnormal behavior has apparently been typical for Sergio Brown in recent months, Cortez said, adding that he spoke to the slain woman's relatives who said her son had been "out of his mind."

Police are aware of the video purportedly shared by Brown on Tuesday.

"Maywood Police Department detectives are aware of a video that has surfaced on social media in relation to Mr. Sergio Brown, who is still considered a missing person and are also looking into its authenticity," Maywood Police Department public information officer Carmen Rivera told The Post.

Sergio Brown is known for his career in the NFL spanning from 2010 to 2016, when he retired from professional football.


He and his mother were reported missing by family on Saturday, prompting a search throughout the village of Maywood that ended in the discovery of Myrtle Brown's body.

He has not been named a suspect in his mother's death, which has been ruled a homicide.

A rep for Sergio Brown declined to comment when reached by The Post.

The Maywood Police Department is actively investigating the case and has asked anyone with information regarding Sergio Brown's whereabouts to contact its anonymous tip line at 708-450-1787.

Former NFL player Sergio Brown appears to resurface in rambling video as cops probe mother's death as homicide

Brown was reported missing Saturday as police found his mother's body in a creek.

Former NFL player Sergio Brown appeared to resurface on social media Monday, days after he was reported missing following the death of his mother, whose body was found in a creek near her home in Illinois.

Brown appeared to put out a video on an Instagram account named @intplayerwithapassport, even as he has a verified account on the platform already. The former defensive back put out a rambling message as he seemingly was at a vacation resort while speaking to his followers.

"Fake news. Fake news. Fake news," Brown said in the video in which he tagged ESPN. "It has to be the FBI that came into my house on Bob Marley's death day with the 511 haze and gas unwarranted. ..... It had to be the FBI or the Maywood police.

"I thought my f-ing mama was on vacation in Sinaloa. That's f-ing fake news. Get the f- out of my goddamn face. She's retired, and you want to come to me? The FBI had to do it. They have some power to do some s- like that. What the f- is going on? That's fake news."

He then posted another video on Tuesday referencing the movie "Finding Nemo."

Fox News Digital reached out to the Maywood Police Department.


On Sunday, Sergio's brother, Nick, implored him to come home.


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