Broncos' Kareem Jackson to face NFL scrutiny for violent hit that injured Logan Thomas

02:22 18.09.2023 - New York Post, Christian Arnold

The NFL is planning on looking into the violent hit that Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson laid on Washington Commanders tight end Logan Thomas.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Sunday night that the NFL was planning on reviewing the second-quarter hit to determine if there should be any further punishment.

Jackson came in for the high hit as Thomas was coming across the middle in the end zone.

The play led to Thomas lying on the ground for several minutes before leaving the field with the help of team trainers.

He was ruled out after he was being evaluated for a concussion.

Jackson was penalized for unnecessary roughness and ejected from the game.

Jackson has not made many friends the last few weeks on the field and he's sure to find himself under more scrutiny after this week's hit.

Source: NFL will be reviewing and discussing Monday whether Broncos' safety Kareem Jackson should be disciplined for this hit on Commanders' TE Logan Thomas one week after Jackson was fined $14,189 for his hit on Jakobi Meyers that left the Raiders' WR with a concussion.

- Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 18, 2023

It came a week after he was fined for a hit on Jakobi Meyers of the Las Vegas Raiders that concussed the Vegas wide receiver.

The hit ultimately cost him $14,819, which the league had handed down on Saturday.

Jackson had lowered his head and made contact with Meyers after the wideout made the catch.

"I just want to say I hope he's alright. Obviously we don't play this game to hurt guys. It's a tough sport we play. ... Unfortunately stuff like that happens. Definitely sending my thoughts and prayers to him," Jackson said last week after the incident, according to Parker Gabriel of the Denver Post.

"A lot of times, bang-bang plays, it's just an unfortunate situation. Not really sure if I got him with my shoulder or head-to-head. ... Hopefully he can come back healthy."

The Broncos fell to the Commanders 35-33 in the end despite a last-ditch effort by Denver QB Russell Wilson in the last second of the game.

He was able to pull his team within two on a wild 50-yard pass that ended up in the hands of Brandon Johnson.

The Broncos weren't able to convert on the two-point conversion.

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Broncos' Kareem Jackson ejected after vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Commanders' Logan Thomas

Thomas had 2 catches for 22 yards before injury.

Denver Broncos defensive back Kareem Jackson was ejected from Sunday's game against the Washington Commanders after he delivered a helmet-to-helmet hit on tight end Logan Thomas.

The play occurred with 1:47 left in the half. Sam Howell and the Commanders were looking for a touchdown and trying to avoid going into the locker room down 21-3. On 4th-and-goal, Howell found Thomas for the touchdown.

However, as Thomas came down with the ball, Jackson launched headfirst into Thomas, and the tight end went down. He hung onto the football for the Washington touchdown, but the damage was done.

Thomas eventually came out of the game to be evaluated for a concussion and was later ruled out. Jackson was penalized and later disqualified over the hit.


Denver had a 21-14 lead at the half.

Jackson was criticized last week in the team's game against the Las Vegas Raiders when he leveled a hit on wide receiver Jakobi Meyers, who likewise suffered a concussion. Jackson was reportedly fined $14,819 over the play.

The safety had two tackles against the Commanders before he was tossed. He had four tackles against the Raiders in Week 1. Last year, Jackson played in all 17 games and had a career-high 94 tackles.

Thomas had two catches for 22 yards before he was taken out of the game.

Broncos' Kareem Jackson ejected after vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Commanders' Logan Thomas

NFL to Review Violent Hit on Logan Thomas by Kareem Jackson

In a game between the Denver Broncos and the Washington Commanders, Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson delivered a violent hit on Washington Commanders tight end Logan Thomas that has sparked controversy and raised concerns about player safety. The NFL has announced that they will be reviewing the hit to determine if further punishment is necessary.

The incident occurred in the second quarter when Thomas was coming across the middle in the end zone. Jackson, known for his aggressive style of play, came in with a high hit that left Thomas lying on the ground for several minutes. Team trainers had to assist Thomas in leaving the field, and he was later ruled out after being evaluated for a concussion.

 ..... This is not the first time Jackson has come under scrutiny for his on-field behavior. Just a week prior, he was fined $14,189 for a hit on Jakobi Meyers of the Las Vegas Raiders that left Meyers with a concussion. Jackson's repeated involvement in such incidents has raised questions about his approach to the game and the potential risk he poses to other players.

Following the hit on Meyers, Jackson expressed his concern for the injured player, stating, "I just want to say I hope he's alright. ..... Definitely sending my thoughts and prayers to him." However, the recent hit on Thomas raises doubts about the sincerity of Jackson's remorse.

Despite the controversy surrounding the hit, the game continued, and the Broncos ultimately fell to the Commanders with a close score of 35-33. Denver quarterback Russell Wilson made a valiant last-ditch effort in the final seconds of the game, connecting with Brandon Johnson on a wild 50-yard pass that brought the Broncos within two points. However, they failed to convert on the subsequent two-point conversion, resulting in a loss for the team.

Prior to his injury, Thomas had recorded two catches for 22 yards, contributing to the Commanders' offensive efforts. The hit from Jackson abruptly ended his game and raised concerns about the long-term implications for his health and wellbeing.

The NFL's decision to review the hit reflects the league's commitment to player safety and their dedication to enforcing penalties for dangerous plays. As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen what consequences Jackson may face for his actions. The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing debate surrounding player safety in the NFL and the importance of holding players accountable for their actions on the field.

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