Texas AG Ken Paxton warns Biden administration after defeating 'sham impeachment': 'Buckle up'

02:01 18.09.2023

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted of all charges on Saturday after a state Senate trial. Paxton's lawyer, Tony Buzbee, criticized the media for attempting to convict his client based on rumor and "innuendo." Buzbee claimed that the case against Paxton fell flat when witnesses were cross-examined, stating that all accusations against the attorney general were false. Paxton had faced allegations of corruption, bribery, and unfitness for office, including accepting a bribe to hire real estate developer Nate Paul, who allegedly employed Paxton's alleged mistress, Laura Olson. Buzbee argued that these allegations were politically motivated and lacked proof, fueled by lobbyists and the "liberal press in Texas."

Buzbee further claimed that George Bush and his associates were involved in attempting to remove Paxton from office, referencing the reactivation of Bush's law license, representation of whistleblowers by a Bush protege, and lobbying efforts by a group affiliated with the Bushes. Buzbee characterized Paxton's acquittal as a victory for Paxton and the grassroots in Texas.

Paxton's alleged mistress, Laura Olson, was deemed unavailable to testify at the impeachment trial. Former chief of staff Katherine Cary, testifying at the trial, mentioned that Paxton's alleged affair had caused issues within his office. Cary stated that she informed Paxton that his personal matters became her concern when they affected his work as attorney general. Buzbee, during cross-examination, questioned the implications of impeaching individuals in Austin for having extramarital affairs.

The impeachment trial required 21 votes for confirmation, but Paxton fell short of the two-thirds majority. Following his acquittal, Paxton wrote a strongly worded letter directed at the White House, criticizing the Biden administration for its alleged involvement in the sham impeachment. Paxton accused the administration of implementing "lawless policies" and vowed to hold President Biden accountable. He warned the administration that its actions would not go unchallenged.

Paxton's letter concluded by expressing the cost to taxpayers, disruption to the attorney general's office, and the lasting impact of the impeachment on the Texas House. He condemned the use of impeachment as a weapon to settle political differences, calling it immoral and corrupt. The letter also promised to challenge the Biden administration's policies and protect the constitutional rights of Texans.

The White House was contacted for a statement but has not responded. Fox News Digital contributed to the report.

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