Patriots' Bill Belichick delights fans with demeanor as he slams challenge flag onto ground

06:04 18.09.2023 - FOX News, Ryan Gaydos

Belichick was hoping Rhamondre Stevenson got enough for a 1st down.

It is not often New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick gets NFL fans rolling with laughter, but he achieved that on Sunday night in the third quarter against the Miami Dolphins.

The Patriots were driving and looking for a first down. Patriots running back Rhamondre Stevenson rushed for one yard, but it looked like he may have gotten the first down. The officials on the field ruled that he was short. Belichick waited for a second, but then he got the challenge flag out of his sock.

Belichick slammed the flag down onto the ground - much to the delight of fans and former players who were watching the AFC East matchup and posting about it on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.


Julian Edelman, the former Patriots star, wrote: "All time challenge flag toss."

NFL journalist Annie Agar wrote, "This has no reason being this funny."

The "Bussin' with the Boys Podcast" wrote, "Bill Belichick spiking the challenge flag in the refs face is going to be one of the best memes of the season."

Cris Collinsworth and Mike Tirico both chimed in.

"Shaq would have been proud of that dunk," Collinsworth said.

Tirico added, "The disgusted challenge flag thrown by Bill."

Belichick lost the challenge. The Patriots converted on 4th down but would not have the ball for too much longer. Mac Jones threw an interception to Xavien Howard. The eight-play, 7-yard drive resulted in no points.

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Bill Belichick likened to toddler' with challenge flag toss in Patriots loss

Patriots fans didn't have much to smile about during Sunday's 24-17 loss to the Dolphins, but Bill Belichick inadvertently provided some entertainment in the third quarter.

With New England trailing Miami, 17-3, Patriots running back Rhamondre Stevenson ran on third down but was ruled short of the first down.

Belichick clearly didn't agree and tossed the challenge flag right in front of the official - a move that ignited an onslaught of social media commentary, with some likening the Patriots head coach to a "toddler."

Bill was disgusted ??????
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- NFL (@NFL) September 18, 2023

"When a toddler is all done," a viewer posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A separate X user quipped : " When you don't cut the crust off the toddlers sandwich."

One account remarked how the hurl "might be the sassiest Belichick moment of all time."


Although the Patriots rallied, New England still lost to Miami and dropped to 0-2.

The game ironically ended on an overturned call when lineman Cole Strange was ruled short of a first down after the ball was lateraled back to him by tight end Mike Gesicki.

"Well, not too much to say after that one," Belichick said of the "tough loss" in his postgame press conference.

"But got to learn from it. And, you know, just keep working harder and move on. So, there's really not too much to say."

Quarterback Mac Jones, who is in his third season in New England, completed 31-of-42 passes for 231 yards, one touchdown and an interception.

Much like Belichick, Jones emphasized doing more and moving forward.

"Obviously, it sucks. But, really, when you're close, you just have to do more, I think. Weight room, film, practice. Like, everyone just has to do more," Jones said. "And hopefully, if you do that, I mean, you know you did everything you could do, right? So at that point, some of it's out of your control. Some of it is luck, some of it's other things. But for us, just got to do more."

The Patriots travel to MetLife Stadium next Sunday for another AFC East showdown, this time against the 1-1 Jets.

Belichick's fiery flag toss delights fans, likened to 'toddler' in Patriots loss

In a disappointing 24-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots faced a tough battle on Sunday. However, amidst the gloom, an unexpected source of entertainment emerged in the third quarter. Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, unintentionally provided fans with some amusement during a controversial call.

The play in question occurred when Patriots running back Rhamondre Stevenson attempted to gain a first down on third down. The officials ruled that he fell short, though Belichick vehemently disagreed. In a fit of frustration, the veteran coach threw the challenge flag directly in front of the official. This move instantly sparked a frenzy on social media, with fans and viewers comparing Belichick's behavior to that of a disgruntled toddler.

The incident quickly went viral, with one viewer humorously commenting on X, formerly known as Twitter, "When a toddler is all done. ..... The sheer audacity and sassiness of Belichick's challenge flag toss prompted one account to proclaim it as the "sassiest Belichick moment of all time." Even former Patriots receiver Julian Edelman couldn't resist chiming in, labeling it as the "all-time challenge flag toss."

Despite the excitement generated by Belichick's display, the Patriots ultimately fell short in their comeback attempt and now find themselves with an 0-2 record. ..... 

During his postgame press conference, Belichick expressed his disappointment, referring to it as a "tough loss." He acknowledged the need for the team to learn from the experience, work harder, and move forward. Quarterback Mac Jones, who is in his third season with the Patriots, echoed Belichick's sentiments, emphasizing the importance of doing more and persevering despite the setback.

Looking ahead, the Patriots will face the New York Jets in their next AFC East showdown at MetLife Stadium. This matchup presents an opportunity for New England to bounce back and secure their first win of the season. However, with both teams eager for a victory, the upcoming game promises to be an intense and closely contested affair.

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