Today's Top News: A Rising Spy Battle Between the U.S. and China, and More

05:45 18.09.2023 - The New York Times

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On Today's Episode:

In Risky Hunt for Secrets, U.S. and China Expand Global Spy Operations, with Julian E. Barnes

Battle Over Electric Vehicles Is Central to Auto Strike, with Jack Ewing

The 'Forever' Glaciers of America's West Aren't Forever Anymore, with Somini Sengupta

By Lulu Garcia-Navarro

Produced by Eli Cohen, Robert Jimison, Emily Lang and Ian Stewart

Edited by Jarrard Cole, Jessica Metzger, Tracy Mumford and Eve Troeh

/ Monday, September 18, 2023, 5:45 AM /

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Today's Top News: The Effect of an Auto Strike, and More



On Today's Episode:

Economic Impact of an Auto Strike Could Be Felt Nationwide, withSantul Nerkar

Putin and Kim Find Common Ground in Hostility Toward the West, with Paul Sonne

A Fugitive's Capture Brings Relief to a Corner of Pennsylvania, with Campbell Robertson

Hosted by Annie Correal


Escalating Spy Battle Between U.S. and China Dominates Today's Headlines

In a world where news is constantly evolving, The New York Times Audio app emerges as a reliable source of journalism and storytelling. Catering to the needs of Times news subscribers on iOS, this app delivers an immersive experience filled with news, depth, and serendipity. Not only does it house a multitude of captivating stories, but it also offers a weekly newsletter for those seeking to stay informed.

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On today's episode of The Headlines, Karoun Demirjian delves into the political turbulence surrounding Speaker McCarthy's decision to decline hosting a House Forum for Zelensky. This move by McCarthy comes amidst mounting Republican rifts, highlighting the complexity of the situation.

Meanwhile, Ivan Nechepurenko sheds light on the recent events in Azerbaijan as it reclaims an Armenian enclave, causing a significant shift in the region's political dynamics. This development raises questions about the future of the involved nations and their relationships with one another.

Additionally, Glenn Thrush explores Attorney General Garland's refusal to disclose details about the Hunter Biden inquiry, effectively rebuffing Republican efforts to uncover more about this ongoing investigation. The decision to keep such information under wraps adds another layer of intrigue to the political landscape.

Behind the scenes, the production team of Eli Cohen, Robert Jimison, Emily Lang, and Ian Stewart works tirelessly to ensure the seamless delivery of these stories. The meticulous editing by Jarrard Cole, Jessica Metzger, and Tracy Mumford ensures that every episode maintains the highest quality standards.

In an entirely separate segment, Julian E. Barnes examines the risky world of global spy operations where the United States and China engage in a dangerous hunt for secrets. This behind-the-scenes exploration reveals the covert activities that shape international relations and security.

Furthermore, Jack Ewing explores the central role of the battle over electric vehicles in the ongoing auto strike. This clash highlights the growing importance of sustainable transportation and its impact on labor disputes.

Lastly, Somini Sengupta brings attention to the alarming reality that America's forever glaciers in the West are no longer eternal. As climate change continues to ravage the planet, these natural wonders face an uncertain future, raising concerns about the long-term consequences of global warming.

With such a diverse range of stories, The New York Times Audio app delivers a comprehensive news experience that caters to the varied interests of its listeners. Lulu Garcia-Navarro's dedication to providing thought-provoking content ensures that the app remains a go-to destination for those seeking a deeper understanding of the world around them.

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Today's Top News: McCarthy Won't Host Forum for Zelensky, and More



Speaker McCarthy Declines to Host House Forum for Zelensky Amid Republican Rifts, with Karoun Demirjian

Azerbaijan Reclaims Armenian Enclave, Shifting Region's Political Dynamics, with Ivan Nechepurenko

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