Sheryl Crow admits moving from Los Angeles to Tennessee 'saved my life'

09:47 18.09.2023 - FOX News, Caroline Thayer

'If It Makes You Happy' singer lives in Nashville with her two sons.

Musician Sheryl Crow says her decision to soak up the sun away from Los Angeles and embrace a more country lifestyle in Tennessee ultimately saved her life.

Performing at the 2023 Sea.Hear.Now Music Festival in New Jersey over the weekend, the Grammy Award winner empathized with those in her audience going through difficult times.

"I know how hard it is for especially young people - and I don't know if anybody was pained by struggles like I did when I was young - but these are some tricky waters to navigate now," she shared.

"I'll just tell you that, for me, getting out in nature really saved my life," she said before playing " Cross Creek Road," per People magazine.

"So, I moved to Nashville and I bought a farm," the 61-year-old shared. "I sat in the trees and just asked God to give me some answers - and I wound up writing this song."

Crow picked up her bags and moved to the music hub in 2003, telling Rolling Stone, "I completely relate to Nashville because I have a lot of friends there who are also in the music business??¦ But not only that, I just relate to the people. I relate to the friendliness and down-homeness. I feel a relaxation that comes over my body that I usually don't feel when I'm in New York or L.A."

She told the New York Times that she bought her farm only two weeks after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I didn't feel like I had roots anywhere," she shared of the move.

Crow, who adopted her sons Wyatt and Levi in 2007 and 2010, respectively, also noted that Tennessee is the ideal place for her to raise her children - away from the cameras.

"It's great to have my kids grow up with the mentality that they live in a community, they owe their good fortune to helping other people, there are no paparazzi there."

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