Peggy Noonan says Biden clinging to power, calls re-election bid 'historical mistake' in scathing column

11:30 18.09.2023 - FOX News, Hanna Panreck

Noonan wrote the president cannot resist 'river of power'.

Peggy Noonan, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, argued President Biden cannot resist the "river of power" and in turn is making a "historical mistake" by remaining in the 2024 race.

Noonan noted multiple instances of media figures calling on the president to suspend his 2024 campaign.

"In insisting on running he is making a historical mistake. Second terms are disaster sites, always now. He isn't up to it; it will cloud what his supporters believe is a fine legacy and allow the Kamala Harris problem to fester and grow. She is proof that profound and generational party dominance in a state tends to yield mediocrity," Noonan wrote.

She also said Vice President Kamala Harris failed to develop "policy mastery."

"Politicians from one-party states never learn broadness," she continued, referring to Harris. "They speak only Party Language to Party Folk. They aren't forced to develop policy mastery, only party dynamics."

She adds that chaos would ensue if the president did step aside, but the Democratic Party would be "newly alive, hungry and loaded for bear."

"The closer the election gets, the less you can imagine Mr. Biden commanding a real re-election drive, one with enough energy and focus, while Mr. Trump, who looks physically worse than Mr. Biden, seems in his brain to be exactly what he was in 2016 and will continue with his mad vigor," she wrote.

Noonan continued to suggest the president can't be talked out of things, such as power, or "glittering prizes," and referred to a conversation the president had while surrounded by friends in Wilmington, Delaware, when his kids were young.

"Lemme tell you something," Biden said to his friends after asking where their young kids would be going to college, according Richard Ben Cramer's famous election book "What It Takes."

"There's a river of power that flows through this country. . . . Some people-most people-don't even know the river is there. But it's there. Some people know about the river, but they can't get in . . . they only stand at the edge. And some people, a few, get to swim in the river. All the time. They get to swim their whole lives . . . in the river of power. And that river flows from the Ivy League," Biden said at the time.

Noonan wrote that his remarks showed "a man who wanted things."

The Washington Post's David Ignatius recently called on the president and vice president to step aside, arguing that he was "too old." It was part of a spate of recent articles from left-leaning voices suggesting Biden should step aside.

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