State police investigating death of man during Patriots game at Gillette Stadium

23:30 18.09.2023 - NBC News, Doha Madani

Massachusetts State Police and a county district attorney's office are investigating the death of a man in the final quarter of Sunday night's New England Patriots game against the Miami Dolphins.

The 53-year-old was in 300-level seating inside Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., when he had an apparent "medical event" before 11 p.m., according to a statement from state police Monday.

He was transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital by emergency medical technicians, where he was pronounced dead.

He was identified as Dale Mooney by the Norfolk District Attorney's Office in a statement Monday.

The Norfolk District Attorney's Office is also investigating the death as part of "normal protocol," the prosecutor's office said.

"The matter remains under active investigation. The District Attorney's Office has been informed that the autopsy is not scheduled to be conducted today," the statement said. "There are no charges in place at this time."

A spokesperson for the Patriots did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

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Death of fan at Patriots game under investigation

FOXBORO - The death of a Patriots fan during a game at Gillette Stadium on Sunday is under investigation by State Police and the Norfolk District Attorney's office. The man who died has been identified as 53-year-old Dale Mooney of Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Mooney's wife said he was a great dad with a big heart and wouldn't do anything to hurt anyone.

A witness said taunting between fans suddenly turned violent. "It is sad and unfortunate," said witness Joe Kilmartin.

Mooney, a father of two sons and lifelong Patriots fan died after an incident at the place he loved to cheer on his team.

Officials say the season ticket holder had a "medical incident", but witnesses say it started with a fight.

"It was kind of rowdy because you don't realize that somebody is about to die," Kilmartin said.

The Pats were trying to make a comeback in the fourth quarter, when witnesses say the victim and a Miami Dolphins fan had been exchanging words a few rows behind them in a 300s section.

"By the fourth quarter it had just kind of come to blows," Kilmartin said.

Joe Kilmartin says he recorded video of some verbal confrontations then the victim is violently knocked unconscious. The video is too graphic to show.

"Then you saw a fan deliver two punches to the victim, a Dolphins fan, he was wearing a Dolphins jersey, and the victim just kind of slumped over at that point in his seat," Kilmartin said.

Another witness, who did not want to be identified, also described an altercation.

"At one point one came down to the other one's row and it got more physical, just pushing and shoving, grabbing jerseys or whatever, but I only saw one punch, but I definitely saw the punch and the gentleman was knocked out in one punch, it was a pretty vicious punch," the witness said.

At least three first responders tried to revive him for 10 minutes.

"Usually after 30 seconds they're going to wake up and he just didn't move and about two minutes went by and I think that's when everyone figured out that there was an issue," Kilmartin said.

Dale Mooney was rushed to an Attleboro hospital, but he was pronounced dead.

"He kind of looked lifeless leaving, it was definitely sad, nobody goes to the game to witness a fight like that," Kilmartin said.

Massachusetts State Police said investigators are looking into "facts and circumstances of the man's death, including the sequence of events prior to the medical incident."

An autopsy is expected to be performed to determine Mooney's cause of death. No charges have been filed.

"It's such a senseless way and it could have been avoided by all parties," Kilmartin said.

Patriots' fan dead after altercation at Gillette Stadium did not sustain 'traumatic injury,' autopsy finds

Preliminary results into Dale Mooney's death identified 'a medical issue'.

The New England Patriots fan who died after being involved in an altercation during Sunday night's game against the Miami Dolphins suffered from a "medical issue" when he collapsed at Gillette Stadium, officials revealed Wednesday morning.

The Norfolk District Attorney's Office released details of the preliminary autopsy report that "did not suggest traumatic injury" in 53-year-old Dale Mooney's death.

Several videos of the apparent altercation involving Mooney and Dolphins fans have been circulating online.

"Our investigation has included numerous law enforcement interviews and the examination of multiple angles of video capturing the scuffle prior to Mr. Dale Mooney's collapse during the Sunday night game at Gillette Stadium," Wednesday's statement read.

"Preliminary autopsy results did not suggest traumatic injury, but did identify a medical issue."

The District Attorney's Office said the official cause and manner of death "remain undetermined pending further testing."

The Massachusetts State Police said Mooney "suffered an apparent medical event" during the fourth quarter of the Patriots prime time game on Sunday night. Emergency personnel responded to the 300 section of Gillette Stadium.

Mooney was then transported to Sturdy Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead just before midnight.

"We are heartbroken to learn of the tragic passing of Dale Mooney, a lifelong Patriots fans and 30-year season ticket member, who died while attending last Sunday night's Patriots game," Gillette Stadium officials said Tuesday.

"We continue to work with local authorities to assist them with their ongoing investigation. We extend our sincerest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Dale's family and to all those who are mourning his loss."

The Norfolk District Attorney's Office said the investigation into Mooney's death remains "open and ongoing."

Patriots fan fatally punched by Dolphins supporter at Gillette Stadium: witness

A 53-year-old New Hampshire man, Dale Mooney, died after an altercation at the New England Patriots game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday night at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. According to witnesses, Mooney was punched in the face and knocked unconscious by a Dolphins fan. He was initially treated at the scene by EMTs and then rushed to Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro, where he was pronounced dead just before midnight.

The Norfolk District Attorney's Office is currently investigating the incident and has described it as an "apparent medical event." However, a witness named Joey Kilmartin claimed that he saw Mooney being assaulted by a Dolphins fan. Kilmartin stated that the Dolphins fan walked over to Mooney and punched him in the face, causing him to lose consciousness. He added that Mooney never regained consciousness and CPR was performed on him before he was taken to the hospital.

Kilmartin provided video footage of the incident to Foxborough police, which was later published by WCVB. The video shows Mooney approaching other fans on the 300 level of the stadium and getting into a physical altercation with them. Another fan then walked over, and according to Kilmartin, Mooney went unconscious. He described the incident as "hard to watch."

Mooney's wife, Lisa, expressed her shock and numbness over the tragedy. She is seeking answers about what happened and why it escalated to such a violent extent. Lisa described her husband as patient and peaceful, making it even more confusing as to why this incident occurred. She mentioned that her husband had attended the game with three friends who were taunted by other fans.

Gillette Stadium officials expressed their condolences to Mooney's family and stated that they are working with local authorities to assist in the ongoing investigation. The New England Patriots fan had been a season ticket holder for 30 years.

At this time, no charges have been filed in connection with Mooney's death. Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Norfolk DA's Office are conducting the investigation. The autopsy results are pending, and more information is expected to be released soon.

Wife of Patriots fan who died after being punched at game numb,' demands answers

The widow of Dale Mooney, the 53-year-old father of two from New Hampshire who died Sunday after being punched while attending the Patriots-Dolphins game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., is demanding answers.

Mooney died after what has been described as a physical confrontation with a Dolphins fan in the fourth quarter of the "Sunday Night Football" game.

Lisa Mooney, who noted her husband had been a Patriots season ticket holder for 30 years, talked with WCVB in Boston and said she was "numb."

"I just feel numb," she said. "I just can't even believe this is for real."

Lisa Mooney also told the station, "I want to know what happened. What caused this?"

Joey Kilmartin from Nashua, N.H., said he witnessed the altercation.

"The Dolphins fan walks over and clearly punches him in the face," Kilmartin told MassLive. "(He) gets knocked out and you can tell right away he's not OK."

Kilmartin told police Mooney didn't regain consciousness after going down and that EMTs performed CPR before taking him to nearby Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro.

Mooney was pronounced dead shortly before midnight.

Kilmartin gave WCVB video of the encounter, which shows Mooney approaching other fans on the 300 level of the stadium.

"He basically grabbed another fan," Kilmartintold WCVB. "They started tussling around for a few minutes. At one point, another fan walked over. He punched him ?? and the man just went out. It was pretty hard to watch."

Lisa Mooney is left with more questions than answers.

"I just don't understand why people have to go to that extreme. Why can't it just be fun? That's all it's supposed to be, a fun family event," Mooney told WCVB. "It takes a lot to get him mad. He has the patience of a saint. I don't know what happened."

The Massachusetts State Police and Norfolk District Attorney's Office are leading the investigation.

No charges have been filed and an autopsy will happen in the coming days, according to WCVB.

Patriots fan dies after getting punched in the face' by Dolphins supporter at Gillette Stadium: witness

The New Hampshire father of two who died after an incident at Gillette Stadium during the New England Patriots game Sunday had been punched in the face and knocked unconscious by a Miami Dolphins fan, according to a witness.

Dale Mooney, 53, was treated at the scene by EMTs and rushed to a hospital after what had been described as an "apparent medical event," but was pronounced dead shortly before midnight.

A spectator has now claimed that he witnessed a physical altercation between Mooney and a Dolphins fan.


Kilmartin told the news outlet that Mooney also had gotten into a physical confrontation with other fans toward the end of the fourth quarter.

Tragedy: A longtime #Patriots fan died at the game Sunday night after being punched by a #Dolphins fan and hitting his head on the ground, causing him to lose consciousness and never regain it.
The fan, Dale Mooney, was a 30 year season ticket holder who was at the game with his??

- JPAFootball (@jasrifootball) September 19, 2023

He said Mooney never regained consciousness after being punched and that the EMTs performed CPR on him before rushing him to Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro.

"It's an unfortunate situation. I feel bad for the family," said Kilmartin, who described the incident to Foxborough police.

He provided a video of the incident to WCVB, which published images from the clip showing Mooney getting his shirt pulled.

 ..... He punched him .. ..... 

Mooney's wife, Lisa, said she feels numb and is seeking answers about the tragedy.

"I want to know what happened. What caused this?" she told WCVB. ..... 

Lisa said her husband - a father of two and season ticket holder for 30 years - went to the game with three friends who told her they were taunted by other fans.

 ..... I don't know what happened," Lisa told the outlet, adding that her husband had no medical condition that she knew of.

No charges have been filed, though Kilmartin told MassLive that he witnessed cops take one man into custody.


Autopsy results are pending.

Autopsy identifies "medical issue" in death of Patriots fan Dale Mooney at Gillette Stadium

FOXBORO - Investigators say a preliminary autopsy performed following the death of Dale Mooney during Sunday's Patriots game at Gillette Stadium "did not suggest traumatic injury," but did identify a medical issue.

Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey said Wednesday that the investigation into the scuffle is ongoing.


Cell phone video captured the fight. Mooney can be seen in a physical struggle with another man. At least three people can be seen trying to separate them. One of them appears to be a security worker.

The struggle goes on for at least 13 seconds on the video, before the other man is seen throwing at least one quick punch at Mooney. After the punch, Mooney falls over and security workers are able to separate the two men.

The video shows Mooney slumped down in a seat, appearing to be unconscious. That is when the video ends.

Witnesses and anyone with video who has not yet spoken to police are asked to call the Norfolk DA at (781) 830-4990.

Patriots fan dead after apparent altercation with Dolphins fan: reports

Officials said Dale Mooney in apparent 'need of medical attention' during game.

Officials in Massachusetts are investigating after a 53-year-old fan who attended Sunday night's game between the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins died after what witnesses said was an altercation in the stands.

Dale Mooney, a resident of Newmarket, New Hampshire, was rushed to Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro after the Norfolk District Attorney's Office said he appeared to be in "need of medical attention" after an incident in the 300s tier of Gillette Stadium just before 11 p.m. ET.

Foxborough police and fire personnel responded to the area where Mooney was, but he was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital.

"The matter remains under active investigation," the DA's office said in a statement Tuesday. ..... 

Gillette Stadium officials told Fox News Digital in a statement on Tuesday that they are working to assist law enforcement officials in their investigation.


Mooney's wife, Lisa, told Boston 25 that her husband had attended the Week 2 matchup with some friends but had been accosted by some Dolphins fans while in their section.

A witness told MassLive that he saw a Miami fan assault Mooney.


The district attorney's office described the investigation into Mooney's death as "normal protocol." Initial findings from the autopsy report are expected Tuesday.

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