Larry David confronted Elon Musk over his GOP support: 船o you want to murder kids in school?'

15:23 18.09.2023 - New York Post, Ariel Zilber

Comedian Larry David reportedly wanted Elon Musk to curb his enthusiasm for the Republican Party.

In a scene that could have easily come from David's HBO's hit show, the irascible Seinfeld co-creator confronted the Tesla boss at super agent Ari Emanuel's star-studded wedding in Saint-Tropez, France last year.

David, an Emanuel client who officiated the nuptials between the talent agent and fashion designer Sarah Staudinger, was seated at a table that included Musk, according to author Walter Isaacson.

In his new biography titled "Elon Musk," Isaacson wrote that David "seemed to be fuming."

According to Isaacson, David asked Musk: "Do you just want to murder kids in schools?"

David appeared to be referencing the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers.

The killings took place just four days before the May 28 wedding.

"No, no," Musk, who was said to be baffled and "annoyed," replied.

"I'm anti-kid murder," the mogul reportedly told David.

"Then how could you vote Republican?" David reportedly asked Musk.

Isaacson wrote that David confirmed to him the details of the reported encounter.

"His tweets about voting Republican because Democrats were the party of division and hate were sticking in my craw," David told Isaacson.

"Even if Uvalde never happened, I probably would have brought it up, because I was angry and offended."

Mass shootings in the US typically ignite a decades-long debate about gun control.

Democrats favor more restrictions on access to guns while Republicans are opposed, citing the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Isaacson wrote in his book that David described his confrontation with Musk to another guest at the wedding - MSNBC Morning Joe co-anchor Joe Scarborough.

According to the author, Scarborough, who was seated at the same table as David and Musk, "found it all pretty amusing."

"I had told Ari I was not a big fan of Elon, so he seated me with him," Scarborough joked.

"Elon stayed pretty quiet," according to the MSNBC host.

Emanuel, who became friendly with Musk after he ordered the 11th-ever produced Tesla Roadster more than a decade ago, told Isaacson that it wasn't his aim to stir up trouble.

"I actually thought that would be a great table," Emanuel is quoted as saying by Isaacson.

David, who has been vocal about pro-Democrat political leanings, isn't shy about letting his views be known to the rich and famous.

In 2021, Page Six was the first to report that David angrily accosted Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz at a Martha's Vineyard grocery store and berated him for his ties to former President Donald Trump.

Musk has historically voted for Democrats, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But last year he stated his intention to switch party allegiances after accusing the Democrats of being "infected with woke mind virus."

Musk has been critical of Democrats' handling of the COVID pandemic and the imposition of lockdown measures as well as what he perceives as political correctness run amok on social media.

In October, Musk completed his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, which he bought and has since rebranded as "X."

Musk bought the company with the aim of allowing nearly unfettered speech.

The Post has sought comment from Musk, David, and Emanuel.

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