Gisele B??ndchen addresses 'very tough' Tom Brady divorce one year later

12:19 19.09.2023

Brazilian supermodel Gisele B??ndchen recently opened up about the impact her divorce from former NFL player Tom Brady had on their family. In an interview with People magazine, B??ndchen revealed that the divorce has been incredibly difficult for her and her children. She described the experience as "a lot - in every area of my life."

B??ndchen also spoke about the additional challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. She shared that she had to homeschool her children and uproot the family to Florida while finalizing the divorce. During this challenging time, B??ndchen also took on the responsibility of caring for her severely ill parents. She admitted that the stress of it all led her to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

However, B??ndchen made the conscious decision to become sober and prioritize her family. She explained that after turning 40, she noticed a significant difference in her well-being when she stopped consuming alcohol. B??ndchen emphasized that what may be socially accepted as healthy might not be suitable for everyone, especially those who demand a lot from their bodies. She also mentioned giving up caffeine as part of her lifestyle changes.

Since becoming sober, B??ndchen has experienced positive changes in her life. She described feeling more clear-headed, sharp, and sleeping better. Despite the difficulties she has faced, B??ndchen remains focused on self-care and being present for her family. She emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one's choices and putting oneself first to be able to care for others.

B??ndchen and Brady officially announced their divorce in separate Instagram posts last October. The couple had been married for 13 years and has two children together, son Benjamin Rein and daughter Vivian Lake. Brady also has an older son named Jack from a previous relationship.

In addition to navigating her divorce and taking care of her parents, B??ndchen has also been focusing on her personal wellness. She shared that exercise, proper nutrition, meditation, and spending time outdoors have been crucial tools in helping her cope with the challenges she has faced. B??ndchen's commitment to her well-being has resulted in positive changes in her physical and mental health.

Recently, B??ndchen made a stunning appearance at a star-studded event during New York Fashion Week. She wore a head-to-toe denim ensemble, showcasing her timeless beauty and impeccable sense of style. The event came shortly after B??ndchen announced that she would be releasing a new cookbook titled "Nourish!" The cookbook features her family's favorite nutritious recipes and self-care rituals.

Despite the difficulties she has endured, B??ndchen and her children have settled into their new home in Miami. She expressed her love for the sunshine and the positive energy she derives from being in nature. B??ndchen emphasized the importance of finding joy and taking care of oneself, even in the midst of challenging times.

Overall, B??ndchen's journey since her divorce from Brady has been one of resilience and personal growth. She has prioritized her family, her well-being, and her career, demonstrating her strength and determination in the face of adversity.

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