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06/22  04:05  Where abortion laws stand in every state a year after the Supreme Court overturned Roe
06/19  04:03  More than 1 million dropped from Medicaid as states start post-pandemic purge of rolls
06/22  04:02  A year after fall of Roe, 25 million women live in states with abortion bans or tighter restrictions
06/16  14:24  Donald Trump's relentless attacks on special counsel Jack Smith
06/22  06:23  1 year since Roe v. Wade was overturned: Abortion in the US told in graphics
06/02  11:51  Who voted against the debt ceiling bill in Congress, and who voted for it?
06/15  15:55  Here are the 15 most destructive hurricanes in U.S. history - and pictures of the devastation
06/15  13:46  Ron DeSantis wasn't always a COVID rebel: Looking back at the Florida governor's initial pandemic response
06/22  05:21  Tornado strikes Texas town, destroying homes and businesses
06/16  05:00  Juneteenth Is Different Out West
06/30  18:03  SCOTUS student loan ruling could be a 'modest headwind' against economic recovery: Economists
06/14  20:28  They Are Trump's Aides and Lawyers. Now They Could Be Trial Witnesses.
06/14  11:49  FDA expands frozen strawberries recall over possible hepatitis A contamination
06/23  06:00  One year after Roe v. Wade's reversal, warnings about abortion become reality
06/17  13:03  Pence vows to fire FBI Director Wray, says 'Trump's policy is the same as Joe Biden's'
06/13  22:30  For Trump, the Show and the Campaign Must Trudge On
06/23  00:16  Victor Wembanyama is the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft, with expectations of stardom
06/24  13:01  Democrats attack 'extreme right-wing' Supreme Court on Dobbs anniversary, vow to 'fight back'
06/14  18:01  In Legal Peril, Trump Tries to Shift the Spotlight to Biden
06/30  16:34  France Splits Into Rival Camps Over Police Shooting of a Teenager
06/30  12:10  NFL players betting on league match-ups puts 'stain on the game,' former Jets safety says
06/14  14:01  Vital Proteins collagen sold at Costco recalled over possible plastic materials
06/11  06:00  What Donald Trump and Reality Winner Have in Common
06/22  05:01  The 25 Most Influential Works of Postwar Queer Literature
06/15  16:28  Does investing in gold still pay off?
06/24  15:45  Ted Cruz calls on House to investigate impeaching Biden over Hunter allegations: 'Direct evidence'
06/24  12:51  Bryan Kohberger case: Idaho judge holds gag order, but narrows scope
06/24  12:58  Kim Kardashian admits to being a member of the mile-high club, says she prefers 'passionate' makeup sex
06/24  15:25  House Democrats refuse to say whether they believe abortion should be permitted up until birth
06/24  09:59  With Reversed Hind Legs and a Loose Tongue, a New Ugly Dog Champion Is Crowned
06/24  11:35  The Hollywood Producer Who Could Bring Down Israel's Netanyahu
06/24  17:44  Harris, Pence continue to differ one year after Dobbs
06/24  18:35  Raiders' Davante Adams assault charge for shoving photographer dismissed
06/24  22:09  Iowa meteorologist resigns after death threats over climate crisis coverage
06/24  21:44  Montana bridge collapse sends tank cars into Yellowstone River
06/24  17:25  Yankees' Aaron Judge reveals torn ligament in injured toe, does not provide timeline for return
06/24  20:02  Qatar sovereign wealth fund buys stake in NBA, NHL, WNBA: Reports
06/24  17:10  Ship That Launched Ill-Fated Titan Submersible Returns to Newfoundland
06/24  07:00  The Real Lesson From the Hunter Biden Saga
06/24  12:29  This City Had Quietly Celebrated Pride Before. In 2023, That Was Not an Option.
06/21  18:09  The kit Titanic sub rescuers are pinning their hopes on
06/24  14:02  Stymied by Congress, Biden Seeks to Rally Voters on Abortion
06/24  16:01  'The Impossible Became Possible': The Women Celebrating a Year Without Roe
06/24  21:35  Eight is Enough actor Adam Rich died of fentanyl effects, autopsy report says
06/24  21:06  Teen in jail for Michigan high school shooting showing 'disturbing behavior'
06/24  18:37  2 killed, 15 hurt after fight at large Michigan street party leads to gunshots
06/24  02:17  H. Lee Sarokin, judge who freed 'Hurricane' Carter, dies at 94
06/24  18:24  Kevin Durant invades Twitter chat, rips fans discussing his ranking: 'How y'all consume the game is trash'
06/24  15:34  Kamala Harris ridiculed for post on Roe anniversary as she recounts rage, need to 'let it all out' emotionally
06/24  20:53  California library using robots to help teach children with autism
06/23  18:58  Detroit, NAACP unveil MLK statue on 60th anniversary of "I Have a Dream" speech in Detroit
06/23  18:10  "A model for pride": Local rabbi becomes 1st gay man to lead prominent Minnesota synagogue
06/25  00:15  Scooter, a Chinese crested, is crowned World's Ugliest Dog
06/24  21:01  Montana bridge collapse sends train cars into Yellowstone River, prompting federal response
06/24  20:55  James Webb Space Telescope diminishes possibility of life on distant exoplanet
06/24  18:47  Victor Wembanyama Buzz Has San Antonio Businesses Eager to Cash In
06/21  18:41  Oscars' Best Picture Hopefuls Must Spend More Time in Theaters
06/24  15:24  OceanGate Titanic sub: Royal Canadian Mounted Police not ruling out possible criminal investigation
06/24  21:11  M?Âtley Cr??e's Nikki Sixx on daughter Ruby, 3, joining the band's world tour: 'Get to be a dad and a rock star'
06/25  01:14  Train carrying hazardous materials derails and bridge collapses into Montana river
06/23  05:00  When Does Anxiety Become a Problem?
06/24  05:00  Why Hunter, Britain's Best Known Wellie, Fell From Grace
06/22  13:10  You Don't Have to Wait for Peak Tomato
06/23  14:00  The Majesty of the Cure's Live Show
06/23  05:01  For Mire Lee, Rising Art Star, It All Comes Down to Guts
06/22  05:00  The Rather Surreal World of Barbie's Body Double
06/24  20:17  'Leading scholar' at Harvard accused of fabricating findings in famous study on honesty: report
06/21  11:00  A Quick and Easy Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie
06/24  13:11  The B.Q.E. Wasn't Built for Delivery Trucks. Its Cracks Are Showing.
06/24  19:32  Dominican basketball player who previously blamed COVID vaccine for rare heart condition dies of heart attack
06/24  14:05  TikTok Is Our DJ Now. It's Playing a Lot of Meghan Trainor.
06/23  11:28  Suddenly, It Looks Like We're in a Golden Age for Medicine
06/24  13:02  What to know about the FTC taking on Amazon Prime
06/24  12:57  Classical learning schools grow across US in latest push to challenge public school dominance
06/24  12:54  Train derails into Yellowstone River, prompting federal response
06/23  21:53  What happens during a catastrophic implosion? Titan submersible occupants likely died instantly
06/24  11:31  Former Disney Channel star claims to have been 'fired' by network for coming out, deemed 'unsafe' around kids
06/24  13:41  Sons of Titan sub crewmember Hamish Harding remember adventurer as 'loving father'
06/24  16:23  Montana legislators receive suspicious packages with white powder
06/23  19:08  How much did Titan search cost? US Coast Guard's bill alone will be in the millions, experts say
06/24  05:00  Tiny Bundles of Hope: Critically Endangered Turtles Hatch in Myanmar
06/22  12:55  Bronx D.A. Candidates Debate Crime, Rikers and Incarceration
06/24  05:00  The Race to Prevent 'the Worst Case Scenario for Machine Learning'
06/23  18:47  'The Bear' Season 2 Puts a Little Optimism on the Menu
06/24  11:32  Cause of death for Adam Rich, former "Eight is Enough" child star, ruled as fentanyl
06/24  16:21  Doctors urge 'Macon Bacon' baseball team change its name: 'You wouldn't have Team Asbestos'
06/22  07:00  Joe Biden must now publish US intelligence on Wuhan Covid leak
06/24  15:27  Three Texas police officers charged with murder after fatally shooting woman
06/24  08:00  Florida police dismantle squatters' booby-trapped 'meth island'
06/24  10:58  Pentagon silent on whether it notified families of Titanic submersible implosion after initial detection
06/24  05:00  Top 10 Hardest and Easiest Spelling Bee Words, June 17-23
06/24  11:13  Harvard Scholar Who Studies Honesty Is Accused of Fabricating Findings
06/24  12:19  Active shooter reported in Weirton, West Virginia; police on the scene
06/24  08:00  Hunter Biden investigation 'integrity' undermined if just half of IRS whistleblowers' claims are true: Turley
06/24  17:01  Train derailment on Montana bridge sends multiple rail cars into the Yellowstone River
06/24  14:58  Elon Musk outlines major upgrades before next launch of Super Heavy rocket
06/21  21:01  Sir Keir Starmer won't freeze out Mandelson over Epstein friendship
06/24  19:38  Montana bridge collapses causing train carrying toxic materials to fall into river
06/24  18:06  A group promoting healthy food choices asked a Georgia baseball team to change its name. Here's how the Macon Bacon responded
06/24  18:11  Girlfriend of dentist who killed his wife on their African safari is sentenced to 17 years in prison
06/24  20:11  'A year of trauma': Democrats issue call to action as US marks Roe reversal anniversary
06/24  15:06  Montana Republicans are third state legislators to receive letters with mysterious white powder
06/24  14:39  Happy Gilmore hears from Adam Sandler after Ball State commitment: 'Pulling for you'
06/24  15:28  Princess Kate Middleton, Prince William, King Charles show off dazzling Royal Ascot hats
06/24  15:44  Rays' Wander Franco returns to lineup after two-game benching for not 'being the best teammate'
06/24  16:28  BMI measurement deemed 'racist' in new medical report: 'This is politics, not medicine'
06/24  07:00  The Real Lesson From the Hunter Biden Saga
06/24  07:00  Go Ahead. Debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
06/21  21:51  'We have hope', say rescuers, as they search area where noises were heard
06/24  14:14  Baltimore woman, an immigrant from Cuba, is one step closer to sainthood
06/24  13:57  Thunderstorms will bring flood, tornado risk over the Midwest, Northeast
06/24  14:16  2 dead, 15 injured after shooting at Michigan party
06/24  13:00  Taylor Swift fans without tickets 'discouraged' from gathering at venue as concertgoers flood in for tour
06/24  20:11  Donald Tusk accuses Poland of secret open-border policy
06/24  10:59  Republicans Serve Up Red Meat for a Reason
06/21  21:17  British billionaire's family accuse OceanGate of taking 'too long' to raise alarm
06/23  11:00  Secrets and Systems, Lost in the Video Age
06/23  15:05  How to Turn Your Chatbot Into a Life Coach
06/24  08:00  Extreme Travel Is Inspiring New Types of Insurance
06/25  01:19  Trump says 'vital' federal role remains for regulating abortion
06/25  09:51  Freight train that derailed into Yellowstone River as bridge collapsed was hauling hot asphalt, molten sulfur
06/25  09:00  Was raid on Iran opposition group tied to possible new Biden-Tehran nuclear talks?
06/25  10:00  Former Planned Parenthood clinic director celebrates Roe v. Wade reversal one year later: 'Day of remembrance'
06/25  09:14  A second Titanic tragedy: The failure of OceanGate's Titan
06/25  10:07  Paige Spiranac rips 'hypocrisy' of online reaction from women to shirtless baseball players dancing
06/25  03:00  Ahead of New York Pride Parade, Worries About L.G.B.T.Q. Rights
06/25  09:25  He Tried to Save a Friend. They Charged Him With Murder.
06/25  03:00  He Was Handcuffed and Hospitalized. Now He's on Track for Housing.
06/24  05:00  Saudi Arabia Wants Tourists. It Didn't Expect Christians.
06/25  05:00  Here's a Look at the Water Crises That Might Be Coming to You Soon
06/25  09:51  Paul Simon on his hearing loss, and performing live again: "I haven't given up hope"
06/25  09:31  Tom Brokaw's "Never Give Up": A prairie family history, and a personal credo
06/23  15:00  My Friend Has Become Obese. Should I Intervene?
06/25  06:00  The Pittsburgh Gunman Didn't Just Kill 11 Jews. He Killed a Minyan.
06/25  08:48  Hollywood Tycoon Testifies in Netanyahu's Corruption Trial
06/25  08:40  'We're having a fetus!' Pro-life ad campaign challenges perception of unborn babies
06/24  05:00  John Williams on 'Indiana Jones' and His Favorite Scores
06/22  05:00  How Hokusai's Art Crashed Over the Modern World
06/25  09:23  The secret world of owls
06/25  13:26  US retailers targeted with bomb threats, seeking bitcoin and gift cards, Wall Street Journal reports
06/24  05:52  Judge agrees to narrow but not lift gag order in University of Idaho student slayings case
06/25  05:00  What Financial Planning Looks Like for L.G.B.T.Q. People
06/25  05:00  A.I.'s Use in Elections Sets Off a Scramble for Guardrails
06/24  05:11  Long heritage of Native Hawaiian gender-fluidity showcased in Las Vegas drag show
06/25  15:06  A man and his stepson die after hiking in Big Bend National Park in 119-degree heat
06/24  15:00  Ex-Alabama basketball player seeks dismissal of capital murder charges
06/24  14:03  Three San Antonio police officers are charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a woman
06/24  13:24  Fentanyl ruled as the cause of death for Adam Rich, former 'Eight is Enough' child star
06/25  16:01  Kansas City shooting leaves three people dead and five injured
06/25  15:51  San Antonio airport worker dies after being 'ingested' into airplane engine in apparent freak accident

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