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New Year's Day

Everything related to New Year holiday in the USA.

New Year's Day - is the first day of the year - 1 January.

01.10.2023 00:33
Remembering Kellie Pickler's Late Husband: Private Ceremony Honors Kyle Jacobs
In a heartfelt tribute, Kellie Pickler's late husband, Kyle Jacobs, was honored at a private memorial service held at Franklin First United Methodist Church in Franklin, Tennessee. The three-hour celebration of life took place on August 21 and was attended by hundreds of mourners who gathered to pa...

30.09.2023 19:54
Kellie Pickler's late husband Kyle Jacobs remembered at private celebration of life service
Kellie Pickler's late husband Kyle Jacobs died by suicide at the age of 49 in February. Kellie Picker's late husband Kyle Jacobs was honored at a private memorial service last month after the musician's death by suicide at the age of 49 in February. The three-hour celebration of life, held Aug. 21...

29.09.2023 10:00
How to watch Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs game
The Alabama Crimson Tide are packing up for their first SEC road game of the 2023 NCAA college football season when they face the Mississippi State Bulldogs this Saturday. Coming off a Week 4 victory over the Ole Miss Rebels, a strong second half surged the Tide forward thanks to the team's strong...

27.09.2023 19:07
Costco sells out of 1-ounce gold bars as Bob Menendez faces fed probe over gold stash
Costco said it has been selling out of its one-ounce gold bars online - even as New Jersey Sen. Bob Mendendez faces a federal probe for allegedly accepting more than $150,000 in gold bars among other gifts in exchange for handing out political favors and helping the Egyptian government. "I've gotte...

25.09.2023 16:48
Defiant Sen. Bob Menendez claims he hid cash ‘because of Cuban history' (he was born in NY)
Sen. Bob Menendez on Monday denounced efforts to prosecute him on federal bribery charges , saying he kept the piles of cash that federal agents found at his home and that allegedly link him to the crimes - because he is the son of Cuban immigrants. "For 30 years, I have withdrawn thousands of doll...

21.09.2023 09:28
The Underground Historians Keeping the Truth Alive in China
In 1959, a group of university students in the northwestern Chinese city of Tianshui embarked on a quixotic plan. China was in the midst of the Great Famine, a catastrophe caused by government policies that would kill as many as 45 million. These young people had witnessed farmers starving to death...

15.09.2023 01:09
Biden claims to group of rabbis that he was ‘raised in synagogues in my state'
WASHINGTON - President Biden told a group of rabbis on Thursday that he was "raised in the synagogues" of Delaware - after previously claiming to have been raised by the state's then-tiny Puerto Rican community. "I, you might say, was raised in the synagogues of my state. You think I'm kidding, I'm...

13.09.2023 05:00
This Is the Particular Brilliance of Rosh Hashana
Celebrating a new year - as Jews the world over will do this week, when Rosh Hashana begins on Friday at sunset - is all about making changes. It's a time for new beginnings, for wiping the slate clean and starting over from scratch. In that spirit, on Rosh Hashana Jews say prayers and listen to re...

03.09.2023 07:30
How to watch the LSU vs. Florida State football game today
It's on, college football fans. The 2023 NCAA college football season is coming in hot with one of the biggest matchups of the season, and it's just Week 1. The ultimate grudge match re-match, the LSU Tigers face the Florida State Seminoles on Sunday. Led by quarterback Jayden Daniels , who is said...

03.09.2023 06:51
How to watch the 2023 US Open
In a highly anticipated showdown, the LSU Tigers will face off against the Florida State Seminoles in the opening week of the 2023 NCAA college football season. This grudge match re-match is expected to be one of the biggest matchups of the season, showcasing two dynamic dual-threat quarterbacks in...

30.08.2023 21:18
These male monkeys have more same-sex romps than hookups with females: study
These monkeys are going bananas on one another. Same-sex monkeying around is all the rage among the rhesus macaques on Cayo Santiago, a 38-acre island off the coast of Puerto Rico, per a July 2023 study. And the researchers determined that 72% of the 236 male primates enjoy engaging in gay sex. The...

23.08.2023 12:33
Ana Walshe case: Investigators react to tip as lawyers wait for vital DNA evidence
Brian Walshe allegedly killed his wife Ana Walshe on New Year's Day in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Accused wife killer Brian Walshe's scheduled court appearance on Wednesday was bumped to November, as lawyers await what could be pivotal DNA results. Several items, including a hacksaw, were sent to an...

17.08.2023 16:48
Kellie Pickler breaks silence after husband's death: 'Darkest time in my life'
The country star and her producer husband, Kyle Jacobs, were married on New Year's Day in 2011. Kellie Pickler has broken her silence six months after her husband Kyle Jacobs' death by suicide. "One of the most beautiful lessons my husband taught me was in a moment of a crisis, if you don't know wh...

13.08.2023 22:39
Giants' Brian Daboll not about to change emotional coaching style
The assistant did something to displease the boss. The boss laid into the subordinate for all to see, caught on one of those omnipresent television cameras that seem to pick up every smile, frown, bead of sweat and nook and cranny of anyone and everyone stalking the sideline. This happened Friday n...

10.08.2023 16:39
Special Counsel Proposes January Date for Trump's Election Interference Trial
The prosecutors overseeing the indictment of former President Donald J. Trump on charges of conspiring to overturn the 2020 election asked a judge on Thursday to set a trial date in the case for early January, laying out an aggressive schedule for the proceeding. In a motion filed to Judge Tanya S....

06.08.2023 11:01
Pence suggests he's willing to testify against Trump in court: 'We'll respond to the call'
Special Counsel Jack Smith may call on Pence to testify. Former Vice President Mike Pence suggested he would be willing to testify against former President Donald Trump in court if he is called upon to do so on Sunday. Pence made the comments during a Sunday appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation," te...

04.08.2023 16:10
Anti-Trump Republican candidates say they see donor bumps when they attack him
A few Republican presidential candidates polling near the middle and back of the primary field say they have found a fundraising sweet spot: Cash flows in when they jab at front-runner Donald Trump, even if their voter support doesn't jump the same way. Former Vice President Mike Pence, former Arka...

04.08.2023 13:27
What Mike Pence has said that could be used in a Donald Trump trial
Former Vice President Mike Pence is a central figure in the indictment accusing former President Donald Trump of crimes for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election - and in a dramatic turn - could also be a witness in a forthcoming trial, while both he and Trump campaign to be the next president....

02.08.2023 14:30
From Right-Hand Man to Critical Witness: Pence at Heart of Trump Prosecution
The third indictment of Donald J. Trump has put Mike Pence at the center of an extraordinary moment in American politics. He is at once Mr. Trump's former vice president and his rival in the race for the Republican nomination. And as Mr. Trump is prosecuted for trying to reverse the 2020 election,...

24.07.2023 03:11
Keys stolen from valet stands at two DC restaurants in separate incidents, valet attacked during confrontation
Keys have been stolen from valet stands in DC on multiple other occasions over the last several months. Investigations are underway in Washington, D.C. , after a valet was beaten and injured, and some customers at two restaurants had their car keys stolen from valet stands in two different incident...

04.07.2023 21:24
July Fourth and Fifth have the most mass shootings of any day of the year
Mass shootings , like the ones that occurred Monday in Philadelphia and Fort Worth , Texas - and over the weekend in Baltimore - are not uncommon around the Fourth of July. The holiday has accounted for the most mass shootings of any other days of the year in nearly a decade, according to a CNN ana...

28.06.2023 08:55
South Korea passes law making all its citizens younger
Some South Koreans were considered 2-year-olds just days after being born. Every person in South Korea is about to get at least one year younger after the government passed legislation ending the country's ancient and unusual way of counting age. New legislation kicks in on Wednesday that adopts th...

09.06.2023 04:12
Mom loses 185 pounds after realizing she was not in any family photos
Maggie Wells woke up on New Year's Day last year with what she described as a "bone-chilling" thought. The 34-year-old mother of three weighed more than 300 pounds and refused, for the most part, to be in any family photographs. She said she realized at that moment that her kids would not have any...

14.06.2020 08:53
What is Juneteenth? The history behind the oldest commemoration of the abolition of slavery in the US
The House of Representatives voted to make Juneteenth a federal holiday in 2021. Juneteenth, observed on June 19 , commemorates the end of all slavery in the United States and is celebrated across the country. It now is on the list of federal holidays in the United States. Here is a dive into the h...

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