Kristen Bell shuts down parenting police after being slammed for letting kids drink non-alcoholic beer

20:55 19.08.2023

In a recent episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, actor Dax Shepard and clinical psychologist Dr. Wendy Mogel discussed the importance of setting boundaries with adult children who move back in with their parents. The conversation took an interesting turn when the topic of sex and relationships arose. Mogel emphasized the need for clear rules and boundaries when it comes to adult children having overnight guests. Shepard, who shares two daughters, Delta (10) and Lincoln (8), with his wife Kristen Bell, expressed his discomfort with the idea of strangers staying overnight in his home. He stated, "I'm not going to love seeing some 25-year-old dude in boxers in my kitchen. And yeah, you're totally entitled to that," Mogel responded.

Shepard's comments sparked a debate about where adult children should have intimate relationships if not at home. With a hint of humor, Shepard suggested, "In their car like everyone else did, I guess." This lighthearted remark highlighted the challenges and complexities of navigating boundaries and expectations within a family dynamic.

Interestingly, this discussion about parenting boundaries comes in the wake of Bell's recent appearance on her husband's podcast, where she addressed criticism over allowing their daughters to drink non-alcoholic beer. Bell defended her parenting choices, stating, "It's not your kid, you can think whatever you want." The couple revealed that their daughters had developed a fondness for non-alcoholic beer due to Shepard's habit of drinking it during walks with the children when they were babies. Bell shared an anecdote of her daughter asking a waiter for non-alcoholic beer at a restaurant, leading to some embarrassment. However, Bell stood her ground, asserting that she was not doing anything wrong and that others' judgments were their own problem.

The couple's ability to openly discuss and defend their parenting choices reflects their strong bond and mutual support. Bell commended Shepard for his logical and evidence-based approach to arguments, but acknowledged that people will find something to be angry about regardless. The duo addressed misconceptions about addiction and emphasized their commitment to educating their children about substances and their potential dangers.

It is clear that Bell and Shepard prioritize their children's well-being and strive to create a supportive and accepting home environment. The couple's refusal to conform to societal expectations or bow down to parenting criticism showcases their determination to raise their children in a way that aligns with their values.

As Shepard and Bell continue to navigate the challenges of parenting, it is evident that they approach each situation with love, understanding, and a healthy dose of humor. Their ability to communicate openly and stand up for their choices serves as an inspiration to many parents facing similar challenges.

In summary, Dax Shepard's discussion about setting boundaries for adult children with Dr. Wendy Mogel on his podcast sparked a conversation about relationships and intimacy within the family home. Meanwhile, Kristen Bell defended her parenting choices regarding her daughters' consumption of non-alcoholic beer, emphasizing that it's ultimately their decision as parents. Together, the couple displays a strong commitment to their family's well-being and a determination to raise their children on their own terms.

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