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08/21  14:55  Paradise turned deadly: The tragic transformation
08/19  16:10  Maui wildfire devastates town, community seeks healing and recovery
08/17  03:54  Political leaders address pressing issues: Letters to the Editor - Aug. 13, 2023
08/19  08:41  Horrifically graphic video shows 5 students brutally murdered by Mexican cartel
08/22  23:38  NYC architect struck by hit-and-run driver in Midtown says 7 pedestrian victims lucky to be alive
08/23  05:03  The Secret to the Greenest Pesto
08/22  05:01  Can You Get Out of Poverty Without Having to Beg?
08/22  05:01  A Writer Scrutinizes Privilege, Starting With His Own
08/22  21:53  Chanel Lewis' conviction for killing Queens jogger Karina Vetrano should be scrapped over ‘racial dragnet': lawyers
08/22  22:49  NYCHA bounces Bronx tenant president after accusing her of abusing staff through doing petty tasks, wearing ‘revealing pink nightgown'
08/23  06:45  Man shoots through door at would-be burglars posing as maintenance workers: video
08/23  06:10  'BTK Killer' Dennis Rader's former property searched in connection to cold cases
08/22  20:41  7-year-old boy attacked by bear in Westchester County
08/22  22:12  21 people - including at least 4 kids - killed in Long Island crashes so far this month
08/20  17:28  Overlooked No More: Robert M. Budd, Whose Newsstand Was Unlike Any Other
08/21  05:00  The Armed Is One of Punk's Biggest, Oddest Mysteries. That's Changing.
08/23  06:40  Teenager saved from stranded Pakistan cable car describes "miracle" rescue: "Tears were in our eyes"
08/23  07:09  Drug cartels are sharply increasing use of bomb-dropping drones, Mexican army says
08/23  05:35  Hawaii officials plead for DNA samples from families of people missing after deadly wildfires
08/23  06:15  Bulls' Lonzo Ball rips Stephen A. Smith for bad injury report: 'Who are your sources, bro?'
08/23  07:28  Tim Scott relishes debate 'contrast opportunity' to present conservative 'commonsense solutions'
08/23  06:18  Former police chief who once led Gilgo Beach probe charged with soliciting sex from undercover ranger at Long Island park
08/23  07:15  Michigan man suing Olive Garden, claiming he found rat's foot in bowl of soup
08/23  10:12  US wildland firefighter pay threatened by Republican feud in Congress
08/23  10:06  With lei, Maui locals weave together grief, thankfulness, and hope
08/23  11:05  As Republicans debate, Biden campaign, Trump, RFK Jr to target voters off stage
08/23  10:03  In Trump's absence, DeSantis seen as 'punching bag' in first Republican debate
08/23  10:14  First Thing: Donald Trump to turn himself in at Fulton county jail
08/22  23:43  Chris Russo rants about NFL Sunday Ticket's switch to YouTube TV: ‘It's impossible!'
08/23  01:38  Democrat lawmakers defend character of Republican official facing investigation related to Trump-Georgia case
08/23  01:25  Pete Alonso gets hit by Braves' Bryce Elder after taunting him earlier in season
08/23  02:48  Mets can't capitalize on solid Tylor Megill, strong bullpen in loss to Braves
08/23  00:27  Florida brawl erupts at chicken wing restaurant after women intentionally clog toilet: cops
08/23  01:25  Woman nearly killed when spear smashes through windshield as she drove on Texas highway
08/23  01:52  Missing California woman found dead; suspect arrested in shooting, kidnapping: cops
08/23  05:16  Cuba LLWS coach Joe Perez goes missing during country's first tournament appearance
08/23  09:18  Houston woman charged with killing landlord, hiding body, collecting rent from other tenants
08/23  03:00  Airline passenger who helped save man from fentanyl overdose calls for planes to be equipped with Narcan
08/23  04:00  Washington Post pretends to defend 'democracy' but here's what news outlet really means
08/23  04:16  Texas school district's school resource officers will split time between campuses because of police shortage
08/23  09:20  When is the first Republican candidate debate? Date, start time and where to watch
08/23  10:03  All the indictment charges Donald Trump is facing
08/23  08:04  16 dead after bus crashes with trailer in central Mexico
08/23  05:00  The Trump-Free Debate That's All About Trump
08/23  05:00  Hospital exec says White race should be made to feel uncomfortable about its 'Whiteness': 'Dangerous'
08/23  06:00  IRS whistleblower flames Garland, Weiss: Special counsel needed to 'investigate the investigation'
08/22  20:20  'Friends' writer claims stars were 'unhappy' to be tied to 'tired old show': They'd 'deliberately tank' jokes
08/22  10:10  DeSantis, Ramaswamy to stand center stage at first GOP presidential debate
08/23  06:43  PGA Tour star Jon Rahm reveals golfers hear fans talk about gambling: 'It's very, very present'
08/23  06:00  DeSantis to make case at debate for his 'proven conservative record': top aide
08/23  06:00  Extreme weight loss: Celebs Post Malone, Jessica Simpson, Chris Pratt reveal how they did it
08/23  09:30  Trump's plan to skip debate shields him from legal exposure
08/23  09:00  In a first, New Orleans priest accused of abusing minors admits wrongdoing
08/23  10:00  Fury at Michigan officials charged in 2020 false electors scheme: 'This isn't who we are'
08/23  10:00  South-east Asian countries demand Denver museum return looted artefacts
08/23  10:00  Meet the California firefighter 'super commuters' traveling 2,000 miles for work
08/22  20:26  Trump co-defendents Hall, Eastman surrender to Fulton County authorities in Georgia election case
08/23  06:24  Rays take down signage showing Wander Franco's likeness amid MLB probe into alleged relationship with minors
08/23  09:32  Best debt relief companies 2023
08/23  13:41  Mar-a-Lago witness 'retracted false testimony' to implicate Trump
08/23  08:52  German teen stabs 8-year-old and then sets himself on fire at school, police say
08/23  09:44  Chinese man rides jet ski nearly 200 miles in bid to "smuggle himself into" South Korea, authorities say
08/23  09:13  These are the cheapest places to see Lionel Messi play in the U.S.
08/23  09:40  Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to surrender in Fulton County Wednesday, source says
08/23  13:06  Rudy Giuliani heads to Georgia to surrender in elections racketeering case
08/23  13:00  'It's a beast': landmark US climate law is too complex, environmental groups say
08/23  13:16  Police: ‘No evidence' of a crime in disappearance of Netflix software engineer Yohanes Kidane
08/23  13:10  Everything you need to know about tonight's GOP primary debate
08/23  12:20  Pakistani children saved from broken cable car thought they were ‘going to die'
08/23  05:00  Lahaina Inferno Began After Firefighters Departed a 'Contained' Scene
08/23  13:01  How Oklahoma's schools superintendent became the state's top culture warrior
08/23  09:27  Lack of DNA samples hinders effort to identify Maui wildfire victims as over 1,000 remain missing
08/23  09:01  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte makes early fall debut for 20th anniversary
08/23  14:35  Oliver Anthony drops new song ‘I want to go home' amid viral success
08/23  14:05  Iran unveils new attack drone capable of bombing Israel 'into the Stone Age'
08/23  13:24  Angry Justin Verlander was best version for Astros since Mets trade
08/23  13:27  US Open Qualifying Round 1 odds, picks: Tennys Sandgren vs. Denis Kudla
08/23  14:00  Twins vs. Brewers prediction: Corbin Burnes will dominate opposite Kenta Maeda
08/23  10:02  Megan Rapinoe rips Spanish FA president over Women's World Cup antics: 'Signals such a deep level of misogyny'
08/23  09:42  Titans' Caleb Farley breaks silence after dad dies in North Carolina home explosion
08/23  09:51  Taliban prevents group of female students from studying abroad in UAE
08/23  09:10  Thailand's ex-PM transferred from prison to hospital in less than a day after returning from exile
08/23  10:03  Fox News AI Newsletter: Teachers go back to school with AI amid cheating concerns
08/23  09:30  Astros' Justin Verlander tells Red Sox manager to 'f- off' in brief spat
08/23  09:35  NCAA champion goalie killed, 3 teammates injured in Minnesota crash
08/23  13:00  Adam Cole's AEW All In opportunity, MJF story success is beyond his ‘wildest dreams'
08/23  12:40  How the Jets' most pressing roster decisions might play out before cutdown day
08/23  11:00  Aaron Rodgers has strong stance on coaching after retirement
08/23  11:30  Isaiah Hodgins using ‘other gifts' to stand out as Giants add sexy weapons
08/23  11:00  Forget mansplaining - transplaining is the woke way for men to talk down to women
08/23  06:00  Ready or Not, Driverless Cars Are Here
08/23  05:00  Damselfish in Distress: Warmer Seas Might Be Clouding Their Brains
08/23  11:45  Mets' DJ Stewart taking advantage of second chance with Buck Showalter
08/23  11:00  Striking actors: We've turned to Cameo, firefighting and even selling Medicare
08/23  11:15  Hard Knocks' shows the Jets thinking behind Dalvin Cook signing
08/23  00:28  Babies, young child exposed to more screen time linked with developmental delays: Study
08/23  11:50  The Yankees memory that informs this decision to start playing for next year
08/23  12:00  Yankees' 2023 focus becomes clear with promotion of top prospects
08/23  12:07  Prince Harry and Meghan $1,200 sightseeing tour led by Thomas Markle's friend axed after outrage
08/23  12:34  Rare spotless giraffe born at Tennessee zoo
08/23  12:00  Grand Canyon flooding prompts over 100 evacuations from hotels and homes near South Rim
08/23  12:55  Don't ‘kiss or snuggle' your turtle amid salmonella outbreak: CDC
08/23  08:00  Headline for NY Times guest essay changed after originally claiming 'Elections are bad for democracy'
08/23  13:17  Mom warns against posting photos of kids online - and its most damaging effects
08/23  12:20  Why this Giants rookie class has a chance to make an outsized impact
08/23  12:30  Shane Burgos looks to make most of second chance in PFL semifinals
08/22  15:11  Republican congressman reveals death of oldest daughter - and the tragic cause: 'We are heartbroken'
08/23  08:30  Should guests take off shoes when visiting a home if asked? Experts chime in
08/23  11:49  Inside the Boy Scouts of America sex abuse scandal
08/23  10:38  Remember that I love you most
08/23  08:07  Hong Kong court refuses to ban protest song, government now allowed to appeal decision
08/23  07:00  CNN correspondent hails Biden as 'empathizer-in-chief' for Maui visit: 'Said the right things'
08/23  06:47  Pakistani boy rescued from trapped gondola says 'we thought all of us were going to die'
08/23  06:34  PGA Tour golfer Erik Compton arrested after allegedly throwing wife into wall
08/23  05:00  'We Christians are like animals': Pakistani seminary student shares firsthand account of extremist violence
08/22  11:49  Rare spotless giraffe born at Tennessee zoo believed to be only one in the world
08/22  11:07  Virginia school named in honor of Revolutionary War hero announces name change
08/22  14:37  Mayim Bialik replaced by Ken Jennings as 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' host as Hollywood strike continues
08/22  14:52  United Airlines pilot caught on video taking ax to parking lot barrier
08/22  16:48  Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila reveals husband is 'opposite' of 'getting high' persona
08/22  14:53  Man repeatedly stabbed EMT in NYC ambulance after she told him to stop throwing gum wrapper: indictment
08/22  23:36  GREG GUTFELD: Competence is redefined as mean by the most incompetent people alive
08/22  21:21  Three-time MVP Mike Trout returns to lineup amid Angels dwindling playoff hopes
08/22  22:48  In Several California Communities, Recovery Efforts Continue After the Storm
08/22  17:02  Bud Light dethroned as nation's best-selling beer by Modelo after Dylan Mulvaney fiasco
08/22  23:27  For Families of Missing in Maui, Search Grows More Desperate
08/23  03:32  List of possible unaccounted for after Maui fire now 1,000 to 1,100
08/22  23:56  Number of people missing in Maui wildfires still unclear, officials say
08/23  03:40  Everson Pereira ready to do whatever he can to help Yankees win
08/23  01:27  Memphis teen found dead days after grandmother killed by her boyfriend
08/22  20:27  Witness in Trump Documents Case Changed Lawyers, and Then Testimony
08/23  00:07  With Reported Missing in Maui Topping 1,000, Officials Will Release Names
08/23  03:51  Hawaii officials seek families help in identifying remains of wildfire victims
08/22  19:26  Bret Baier speaks with Wisconsin voters ahead of debate
08/22  14:21  Jennifer Aniston is 'so over' cancel culture: 'Is there no redemption?'
08/22  19:56  Vivek Ramaswamy asked if federal agents were on hijacked 9/11 planes
08/22  13:22  Why Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids can't eat with them - even on Christmas
08/22  20:24  Goldman Sachs cancels ‘Summer Fridays,' wants staff in office five days a week
08/22  22:57  UPS workers ratify 5-year contract, averting potentially crippling strike
08/22  22:08  Inside ‘Inside No. 9': How a dark British comedy punked an entire nation
08/22  22:32  Bartering-famous Unregular Pizza to debut third NYC location
08/22  17:18  Gwyneth Paltrow's ‘fat' double from ‘Shallow Hal': I almost starved to death
08/23  02:41  Pennsylvania man, 83, allegedly fatally shot roommate after argument over dog: DA
08/23  02:18  Eight people killed on Moscow sewer tour after being trapped underground during flash flood
08/22  18:03  Central U.S. Swelters Under Heat Dome, Forcing Cancellations and Precautions
08/22  21:28  Canadian Officials Condemn Facebook for News Ban as Wildfires Burn
08/23  01:53  1-year-old left in day care van dies as Nebraska temperatures soar in heat wave
08/23  02:35  As Hilary bore down on one Coachella Valley community, neighbors got to work
08/23  02:14  US imposes new China visa curbs over alleged 'forced assimilation' in Tibet
08/22  18:15  Bear Attack Sends New York Boy to the Hospital

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