Ohio teen who intentionally killed boyfriend in high-speed crash left twisted online tributes to him

09:03 20.08.2023

In a tragic case that has captivated the nation, 19-year-old Mackenzie Shirilla was found guilty on Monday of intentionally crashing her car at 100 mph, resulting in the deaths of her boyfriend, Dominic Russo, 20, and his friend Davion Flanagan, 19. The incident, which occurred in Strongsville, Ohio, in July 2022, has been described as the culmination of an increasingly toxic relationship between Shirilla and Russo.

Throughout the four-day trial, prosecutors presented evidence of the couple's tumultuous relationship, characterized by frequent break-ups and violent threats. Shirilla had reportedly made a threat to crash her car with Russo in it just two weeks prior to the fatal crash. Surveillance footage played in court showed her car accelerating at full capacity with no signs of slowing down before crashing into a building. A certified forensic mechanic testified that the car's event data recorder confirmed that the accelerator pedal was being pushed down with no application of the brake.

Prosecutors argued that Shirilla deliberately crashed the car to end her relationship with Russo. "There is no doubt that this happened because of the relationship with Dominic and the defendant's intent was clearly to end that, and she took everybody that was in the car with her," said Tim Troup of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office.

Now, Shirilla faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, with no eligibility for parole until 32 years. However, despite the heartbreak he has endured, Dominic Russo's father expressed sympathy for Shirilla, stating that he does not want her life to be completely ruined. He referred to her as "a kid" who "did a damn stupid thing."

Shirilla and Russo had been dating for three to four years, during which time Shirilla had lived with Russo at his home. Family members of Russo testified in court about the couple's frequent fights and the threats that were made. Angelo Russo, Dominic's brother, described witnessing negative behavior from Shirilla toward his brother and how this strained their relationship. Christine Russo, Dominic's older sister, revealed that while she did not witness the fights herself, she had heard details from Dominic's friends, leading her to believe that the crash was not entirely surprising given Shirilla's behavior.

Davion Flanagan, the other victim in the crash, was described by his father as an innocent passenger simply looking for a ride home. Prosecutors labeled him as "just a suitcase in the backseat in the defendant's mind."

During the trial, prosecutors highlighted two incidents that they believed demonstrated Shirilla's threatening and violent behavior. In one instance, Shirilla threatened to crash the car with Russo inside during an argument, leading Russo to call his mother for help. Another incident involved Russo recording Shirilla making threats towards him, including damaging his property and demanding entry into his home. Shirilla's defense argued that the situation was not one-sided and that both parties engaged in fights. They also claimed that it could not be determined whether Shirilla intentionally crashed the car.

In the aftermath of Russo's death, Shirilla flooded his online obituary with photos of the couple, expressing her deep sorrow and grief. She posted multiple pictures from their relationship, including prom photos, and shared heartfelt messages about missing him and wishing she had told him how much he meant to her.

When announcing the verdict, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy Margaret Russo delivered a scathing rebuke of Shirilla's actions, calling her "literal hell on wheels." The judge described the crash as "controlled, methodical, deliberate, intentional, and purposeful," stating that it was not a case of reckless driving but rather murder. She emphasized that the video evidence clearly showed Shirilla's purpose and intent in choosing a path of death and destruction on that fateful day.

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