Bridesmaid's $2K 'limit' reached for friend's 'cheap bridezilla' wedding

16:30 20.08.2023

In a recent post on the Wedding Shaming Reddit community, a frustrated woman, identified as "arncat91," opened up about her experiences as a bridesmaid for a close friend who she described as a "mild bridezilla." The woman shared her concerns about the escalating costs associated with the wedding and the bride's demanding requests.

The bridesmaid explained that her friend had pressured her fiance into proposing before he had finished his bachelor's degree, even resorting to issuing ultimatums. The bride, who adheres to traditional religious beliefs, also decided to wait until marriage to live together with her future husband. The bridesmaid expressed her annoyance, mentioning that the bride's affluent parents were also contributing to her frustration.

The financial burden became apparent to the bridesmaid when she discovered the exorbitant costs of the bachelorette weekend, which amounted to $1,000. Although she accepted the expense due to the expensive location, she was further surprised to learn that she was also required to cover the catering for the bridal shower along with a gift. The breaking point for the bridesmaid, however, came when the bride announced her desire for a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for the wedding day, which would cost an additional $300.

The bridesmaid expressed her concerns about the costs and the impracticality of the requested hairstyle for her short hair. She even suggested an alternative hairstyle, but the bride dismissed it, as it would not fit the desired uniform look. Adding insult to injury, the bride also informed the bridesmaids that they would not be wearing the same dress and that no plus-ones were allowed at the wedding. Furthermore, guests were expected to bring their own alcohol.

Feeling overwhelmed by the increasing expenses, the bridesmaid admitted that if she was required to pay for professional hair and makeup, she would drop out of the wedding altogether. She estimated that she would ultimately spend a total of $2,000 on the wedding. The post gained significant attention, receiving over 650 reactions and 140 comments at the time of publication.

Commenters on the Reddit post didn't hold back their opinions on the bride's demands. Some urged the bridesmaid to back out of the wedding, suggesting that she return the dress if possible. Others advised her to be honest with the bride about her financial limitations and warned against taking on additional responsibilities during the event. Many commenters deemed the bride a full-fledged bridezilla and questioned the authenticity of her friendship.

In an attempt to provide insight into the situation, Fox News Digital sought input from a New York City-based psychologist. Additionally, they reached out to the original poster, "arncat91," for further details. The overwhelming sentiment from commenters was that the bridesmaid should prioritize her own financial well-being and not let her friendship be exploited.

This story raises the question of how much is too much to spend as a bridesmaid, sparking a lively discussion among commenters. The financial strain faced by the bridesmaid serves as a reminder that wedding costs can quickly escalate, and boundaries should be established to maintain healthy friendships and financial stability.

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