Man sues Olive Garden alleging a rat's foot was in his minestrone soup

18:08 23.08.2023

An Oakland County man is suing Olive Garden for more than $25,000 after he claims he found a rat's foot in a bowl of minestrone soup at a Detroit branch of the restaurant chain, according to a shocking lawsuit. Thomas Howie, 54, visited the eatery with friends on March 11 and made the stomach-turning discovery while dining near his suburban Detroit home. Howie described feeling something stab him in the mouth and initially thought it might be a needle. However, upon closer inspection, he realized it was a sharp object hooked to the inside of his cheek. He gagged and vomited once he realized it was a hairy rat's foot. Howie reported the incident to the police, who arrived at the scene and witnessed the severed animal foot in a soup bowl that Howie had spit it into. Even the officers were reportedly gagging at the sight. Howie is seeking $25,000 in damages from the chain, claiming that the incident caused him to suffer from nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, and depression in the ensuing months. He also alleged that he can no longer eat meat and no longer dines at restaurants unless he can see the food being prepared.

Howie's friend who was dining with him backed up his version of the incident, stating that they called over the restaurant's manager, who attempted to scoop up the rat's foot from the table. Another employee allegedly approached the table and made a comment about not putting meat in minestrone soup. Howie later went to urgent care to receive a tetanus shot and was prescribed antibiotics and mouthwash to treat his cut and prevent infection.

Olive Garden, however, denies the validity of Howie's claim. A spokesperson for the restaurant's parent company, Darden Restaurants, stated that they have no reason to believe the claim is true. The spokesperson also mentioned that an inspection was conducted shortly after the incident and no violations were found, adding that the branch had never experienced issues with rats. The health department inspection took place two days after the incident and found no evidence of rodents in the restaurant.

Howie's attorney, Daniel Gwinn, expressed confidence in his client's claims, stating that he believes the evidence will prove the incident and Olive Garden's negligence. Gwinn also mentioned that attempts to reach a settlement with Olive Garden have been unsuccessful and that Howie has not received an apology from the restaurant. Olive Garden has requested the rat's foot for forensic examination, but Howie and his attorneys have not provided it yet.

Overall, this shocking incident has left Thomas Howie traumatized and seeking justice for the negligence he believes he experienced at Olive Garden. The case will now proceed to court, where the evidence will be presented and the truth behind this disturbing incident will be determined.

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