Pete the peacock, adored by Las Vegas neighborhood, fatally shot by bow and arrow

11:27 26.08.2023

Authorities in Las Vegas are investigating the tragic death of a beloved neighborhood peacock named Pete, who was killed with a hunter's bow and arrow. The animal, which had become a cherished pet and fixture in the small gated community, was found by a resident named Felicity Carter on Monday. Heartbroken, she discovered Pete lying against a fence with an arrow protruding from his body.

Immediately taking action, Carter wrapped the injured peacock in a blanket and, with the help of other neighbors, rushed him to a veterinarian specializing in exotic pets. The veterinary staff worked diligently to save Pete's life, even considering the possibility of a blood transfusion from another peacock. Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain, as they discovered that Pete had not been shot once, but twice.

Carter expressed her disbelief and confusion, questioning why someone would commit such a heinous act. Determined to seek justice for Pete, she and the devastated community are pleading for any information that may lead to the apprehension of the perpetrator. The entire neighborhood, including the homeowners association, embraced Pete as their own, and his vibrant presence brought joy to all who encountered him.

Pete's unique personality made him an endearing figure in the neighborhood. Often seen admiring his own reflection in the shiny chrome detailing of parked cars, Pete entertained residents and passersby alike. Even essential service providers, such as the mail courier and landscapers, were familiar with Pete's charismatic swagger. Carter fondly recalled how Pete would confidently strut down the middle of the street, as if he owned the neighborhood.

The circumstances leading to Pete's presence in the community were described as a happy accident. According to Carter, the peacock had showed up unannounced at his owner's doorstep years ago. Intrigued and touched by the unexpected visitor, the resident decided to keep Pete as a pet. As time went on, Pete's popularity grew, with other residents happily contributing to his care and well-being.

Now, the neighborhood is shrouded in grief and a noticeable absence of color without Pete's presence. Carter lamented the loss, stating that the community feels quieter and less vibrant without him around. In an effort to identify the culprit responsible for Pete's untimely demise, the homeowners association has urged residents to review any surveillance footage they may have.

The incident has sparked widespread outrage, as animal cruelty is a misdemeanor offense in Las Vegas, with a potential penalty of up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000. Authorities are working diligently to find those responsible for this senseless act of violence against a defenseless animal, with the hope that justice will be served for Pete and his grieving community.

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