Passengers flip out on Alaska Airlines flight as sparks fly during rough landing

12:35 26.08.2023

An Alaska Airlines flight made a terrifying landing at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, amid the torrential downpour caused by Tropical Storm Hilary. The incident occurred late Sunday night and was captured on video by a passenger, showing sparks flying into the air as the plane dragged its left wing along the tarmac. The passengers can be heard screaming in fear and disbelief as the pilot fails to slow down the aircraft. A loud crunch is heard as the plane makes contact with the runway, causing even more panic among the passengers. Firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority quickly responded to the scene and helped the 106 passengers and six crew members safely deplane. Miraculously, no one was injured in the incident.

Alaska Airlines officials stated that the plane experienced an issue with its landing gear soon after landing and was unable to taxi to the gate. The Boeing 737 aircraft was parked on a taxiway, where it remains as maintenance and safety teams inspect it. The airline expressed their focus on taking care of the passengers, including retrieving their checked bags, and apologized for the inconvenience caused. They reassured that the safety of their guests and employees is always their primary priority and that their flight crews are extensively trained to manage various scenarios.

The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) also released a statement, detailing their assistance in getting the stranded passengers off the plane safely. They highlighted the joint training between their firefighters and airport staff, which helped in smoothly handling the emergency. The incident occurred as Tropical Storm Hilary wreaked havoc across Southern California, bringing heavy rain and strong winds not seen in the area in 84 years. The storm had already claimed a life in Mexico before hitting the southwestern U.S., forcing states of emergency to be declared in California and Nevada. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offered their assistance to both states.

This incident adds to a recent string of aviation emergencies, as just a week prior, a Southwest Airlines jet had to make an emergency landing in Houston due to a mechanical issue. Video footage showed flames shooting from the plane's engine, but it landed safely, with no injuries reported.

Passengers aboard the Alaska Airlines flight expressed their shock at the experience. Video footage taken by a 16-year-old passenger showed the plane shaking and sparking during the landing. The sudden jolt upon touchdown caused screams and cursing from the passengers. The teen described the shaking as abnormal for turbulence and attributed it to the passing storm. Another passenger praised the pilot for successfully landing under challenging conditions, including high winds, low visibility, and a short runway.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of John Wayne Airport, which has one of the shortest runways in the nation, measuring 5,700 feet. Despite the challenging conditions, the pilot's skillful handling of the situation prevented any injuries. Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines is working to address the issue with the landing gear and ensure the safe retrieval of passenger belongings.

Overall, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of aviation safety and the extensive training undertaken by flight crews to handle emergencies. The passengers on Flight 1288 were fortunate to escape unharmed, thanks to the quick response of the Orange County Fire Authority and the professionalism of the pilot.

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